In an article posted today in The Washington Post Thabiti Anabwile claims “Overturning Roe v Wade isn’t worth compromising with Trump.”

In a day when Christians should be rejoicing at the prospect of rescuing 3000 babies per day from being murdered in their mother’s womb, divisive race baiter Anabwile instead condemns white evangelical Trump voters.

From the article

Admittedly, I voted for Trump, and almost daily there is a reason to be repulsed by something he says or tweets. Yet I am encouraged by the plethora of conservative policies that the Trump agenda has brought forth.

Deregulation and tax cuts have spurred our economy to growth unforeseen by most economists. Black unemployment is at an all time low (something Anabwile chooses to conveniently ignore, and if he was honest would celebrate).

In New York City, more black babies are murdered by abortion than are born. Planned Parenthood strategically targets minority neighborhoods to fill their clinics and their pockets.

Anabwile rightly hates racism like all Christians. Unfortunately he has his crosshairs on the wrong target.

If Anabwile was truly concerned about racism, and if he was truly a Christian, he would fix his crosshairs on the truly racist Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry as a whole.

From the article

Unfortunate bad company seems to have corrupted what was once the good morals of Anabwile and has exposed him for who he is.

He endorsed Hillary Clinton for president in the campaign season, embraced the compromise of liberal “Christianity.”

He has put down the mantle of the gospel in favor of that of the Marxist social justice movement.

As a church let us all pray for the swift repentance of Thabiti Anabwile.


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  1. Steve Sanders 4 years ago

    Sir I would respectfully submit that you are misrepresenting Pastor Anyabwile. Even in you’re title which states he “laments” the overturning of Roe. That statement is simply untrue. Your presentation lacks context, depth, honesty and, most importantly, Grace towards a professing believer. You ask Anyabwile to repent, I would ask the same of you sir.

    • Chris Nelson 4 years ago

      He is evil, promoting regularly the murder of babies and pushing a false narrative. He needs to repent and trust in Christ.

    • Gary D. 4 years ago

      I agree, as to the statement “He endorsed Hillary Clinton for president in the campaign season, embraced the compromise…” I can say the same of Trump supporters, moral compromise to attain a desired “good” is not a Christian value. That is why Robert Jeffress and other “evangelical” leaders have stooped to defending Trump with quotes like “Evangelicals knew they weren’t electing an altar bo” or ” We elected a Commander-in-Chief not a pastor-in-chief” This is not God-Honoring.

      • Matt 3 years ago

        Donald Trumps past personal life cannot be defended however if a professing Christian can support Hillary Clinton who remains to this day a supporter and defender of abortion up until the day of birth and even beyond I have to question their profession. Hillary not only supported abortion as stated above but also publicly proposed the elimination of both the Helm amendment and the Hyde amendment which would have allowed for taxpayer funding of abortion both in America and around the world. Had Hillary won this election and successfully bypassed the Helms amendment it is estimated that today there would be another 4 million dead babies in Africa alone using our tax dollars. I don’t like Trump’s past sinful sexual encounters however how can you equate 4+ million additional dead children to his sexual promiscuity.

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