On July 8th 2018 BTWN hosted two events.  You may view each of them here on this page or you may subscribe to our youtube channel by clicking – HERE  Be sure to click the “follow” bell to receive an alert when we go live.


Event #1: Formal debate moderated by Tim Hurd of BTWN

Duration: 90 minutes Thesis: “Is Conditional Immortality Biblical?” Date affirms, Alvarado denies CI Definition: “Conditional immortality is the view according to which immortality is ultimately conditioned upon saving faith in Christ, such that the bodies of the unsaved will be reanimated in resurrection but they will die bodily/physically a second time in hell rather than live there forever.”

Format: – 20-minute opening affirmative – 20-minute opening negative – 15-minute cross-exam of negative by affirmative – 15-minute cross-exam of affirmative by negative – 10-minute rebuttal and closing affirmative – 10-minute rebuttal and closing negative

Event #2: Open discussion moderated by Kurt Jaros of Veracity Hill

Duration: 60 minutes Topics: – What is death? – What is unquenchable fire? – Does the atonement refute unending conscious torment?


Podcast versions of these events will be posted – HERE


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