1. Carmen 4 years ago

    Tim, what is your contact email?

  2. A.L. 4 years ago

    I suppose Mrs. Spreeman’s husband is in agreement with her book. I wonder why she allowed herself to be interviewed by two men on the subject without her husband present due to the subject matter? I can’t help but think her husband was not protecting her in this situation. I agree with Gael. My husband does have a childhood female friend, but they don’t hangout, talk on the phone, email etcetera. She is a mutual friend of his siblings and she keeps in contact like that with his sister. He sees her if she happens to be at his mom’s home while he is there. They talk and laugh then. Mrs. Spreeman is setting people of for trouble. Women always think they can be buds with men and it be platonic on both ends. Usually someone or both of them catch feelings. As a unbeliever I knew that. When I got married as an unbeliever I cut ties with other men because I had a male friend. My husband. Even when hubs wasn’t being a friend to me I still didn’t have make friends to fill the void. She needs to be quiet and be taught on this subject and receive instruction. If not from her husband (we are all sinners and sometimes blow it. I suspect her husband is wrong and therefore can’t correct her) hopefully her pastor can correct them both and they receive it. Pray for them.

    • K 4 years ago

      I think you meant to refer to Aimee Byrd in your comment, not Amy Spreeman. Two very different ladies. I normally don’t comment on things, but I thought it important as Aimee Byrd’s bad judgement should not be attributed to someone I believe is very wise indeed.

  3. Gael Tino 4 years ago

    Well if my hubby ever decided to have a female “friend”, he’d also have a divorce paper in his hands. Nuff said. Men and women DO NOT need opposite sex “friends”. We christians of all people should have that clear.

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