“The Lord would speak to Moses face to face as a man speaks with his friend. This is part of contemplative prayer when we sit back and realize it’s just not that we have something to say to God, it’s that God has something to say to us. I want to be in that Tent of Meeting.” -Beth Moore

She doesn’t mean through Scripture. 

True or false?  The Bible commands you to tune in to an inner voice. No. Study Scripture. Meditate on Scripture. Chew on Scripture.

Jesus said: “Blessed are those who hear the word of God and observe it.

When you say, “God is talking to me on the inside,” I must remind you that the Scriptures are sufficient and you’re denying Sola Scriptura.

In Christ the revelation of God has been completed. And when Jesus’ death was finished, when He said “It is finished” and Christ’s substitutionary atonement had happened, and He was raised from the dead. Around that same time since redemption was finished, revelation was soon going to be finished. Completed.

Kevin DeYoung says in his new book that you should read, “Taking God at His Word,” Scripture is enough because the work of Christ is enough. They stand or fall together.

The Son’s redemption and the Son’s revelation must both be sufficient. God does not speak outside of His Word today.


In a recent sermon, Pastor Mike Abendroth discusses the Sufficiency of Scripture & the problem with False Teachers Like Beth Moore who claim to hear from God outside of His Word.

Full Audio Sermon here — http://s3.amazonaws.com/bbcchurch.org…

  1. Stephen Anderson 4 years ago

    God walled off the “Tent of the Meeting” from women. Perhaps He had Beth Moore in mind.

  2. Paul 4 years ago

    “God does not speak outside of His Word today”

    Can you provide one direct Scripture reference that validates this claim?

    And please do not use Hebrews 1. We can agree Jesus is the complete and final revelation of God. But that does not support your above thesis.

    • Stephen Anderson 4 years ago

      to: “Paul”
      “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.” (2Ti 3:16-4:1 NKJ)
      So if the man of God is complete and thoroughly equipped by the Scriptures for every good work, why would he seek to hear God in a secret place where God has not told him to seek Him?
      Beth Moore is little different than Jezebel, turning God’s people to the prophets and priests of Baal, teaching them to commit spiritual fornication with her. Once you open the door to personal, private or new revelation, you no longer can separate truth from error. How exactly do you know it is God speaking? How do you know that God is not giving you over to deception since you are not content with the manna of His sure and certain Scriptures.
      If Beth Moore were a Christian woman, she would be silent as the Scriptures teach.

      • Paul 4 years ago

        Stephen … ummm your response does not answer my question. The article makes this blanket claim: “God does not speak outside of His Word today” … I am simply asking for one direct Scripture citation that supports this proposition. It should not be difficult for those who claim to believe Sola Scriptura.

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