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  1. Jan 10 months ago

    Dear Seth Dunn, i listened to your program on modesty. I appreciated alot of what you shared. As a 60+ year old lady, may i share some insights? First, men and women dont think the same. Young women who wear shirts with open sleeves most likely just think they are being stylish. Most women (even my age) dont want to look frumpy or extremely outdated. They are trying to look feminine and stylish. Do you know how difficult it is to pull that off these days with what is available at shops? Very difficult. Anyway they do not realize how men look at women. Most are naive. Even when they are told to be modest or had it explained to them they have trouble understanding. Just like men do not understand how women think. We just assume that men and women think the same but they dont. It took me many years into my marriage to understand this truth. Secondly, modesty begins in the heart and flows out into the life. I found it troubling that in a podcast about modesty during your explanation of the problem of blouses with a neckband, you brought up the offensive and ungodly topic of B____. Modesty is not just clothing Seth. It is also speech and conversation, not to mention thought life. May I suggest learning more about the Lord through scripture, meditating on scripture, spending more time in prayer and forsake learning about the ungodly practices of the world? I would urge you to think about your speech, to remember everything does not warrant being spoken just because it pops into our minds. By bringing this up are you trying to come across as urbane, up-to-date and even cutting edge? If so, then you may understand better the mindset of the young women that want to look fashionable probably for the same reason. I am going out on a limb to say that many people in church these days are not regenerate. Of course there are often visitors as well so we have to take this into account. We need to understand that the young women we see in church may very well be unsaved. They need the gospel, they need prayer, and they need older ladies to come alongside and teach them per Titus 2. You can help too by thinking of them as sisters, in absolute purity, and by making sure your speech and behavior are not stumbling blocks for them. May the Lord bless you. Mrs. Pruett

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