BTWN addresses John MacAurthur’s involvement with T4G,  Leighton Flowers partnership with an Open Theist & much more.

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  1. Gina 4 years ago

    Right on. Should be noted that Grace Church (MacArthur) cancelled hosting T4G at his church because of the direction they are going. Personally I expect MacArthur to get pulled off the stage this year – it’s happened with him before ya know! 🙂

  2. A.L. 4 years ago

    I have been following the WVW complaint as an outsider concerning Mr. Howse’s complaints against whom he refers to as hyper Calvinists concerning Dr. White. His.complaint is not that there was no criticism, but that it was not strong enough. He felt that what he did (Dr. White) and who He was dialoging with (a terrorist sympathizer etc) inside a church (not during worship) warranted a scathing rebuke. He also felt like the articles by P&P about him was a retaliation to him for being so strong against what Dr. White did. Obviously P&P and and I think you take a different position. While P&P said it was unwise what Dr. White did they think Mr. Howse went to far with his assessment of Dr. White. A side kerfluffel was then going between Mr. Howse and Mr. Peters. P&P then published articles questioning Mr. Howse’s character. How he has no home church and has a potty mouth. That is the situation. How it looks from the outside. Mr. Howse is upset not that there was no criticism, but he thinks that due to the status of Dr. White and Dr. MacArthur that they should know better. My perspective is that this internet back and forth needs to stop. It makes you folks look like you can criticize and yet not take it yourselves. I have listened to P&P off and on for about 3yrs. I have seen things exposed that needed to be and seen P&P have heated on air disagreements.with Dr. White about beer and tattoo fund raiser. It was so heated and back and forth with Dr. White that I stopped listening for awhile. P&P spoke out against Dr. White concerning Dr. Michael Brown firmly. They were right in my assessment. This thing with Dr. White and the Imam seemed to be a “meh” and the harshness was for Mr. Howse and not Dr. White. Tattoos and beer church plant fundraiser plus Dr. Brown drew wrath from P&P yet not the dialogue. Okay, fine. Whatever. I think P&P just sees those things as a bigger threat or problem than the interfaith dialogue. That is their view and P&P can have it. Mr. Howse can have his and he should be left to have it. I see P&P as a publication that exposes false teaching, heresy, and goofy stuff within professing Protestant Christendom. I find it a bit tabloidish at times and redumdant. WVW is different. It is about worldviews as it relates to Christian life. It is more about systems, philosophies, etc and how it affects believers in America. I am not dispensational and don’t listen to WVW bible prophecy talks cause I know Dispensational teaching started in the 1800’s and was unheard
    of before. So I can find something negative to say about both of them. Sometimes WVW and P&P happen to be discussing the same topics, but from different angles. I hear what both say. I am weary of this back and forth and think there should be an agree to disagree attitude. No one is being helped by this and it is going confuse people especially young believers. Those not in the way long or who tend to be carried away by such things and not be grounded in their own minds and hearts regarding such issues.

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