Throwback Thursday, original show description below:

This week’s episode is a review of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Joe Rogan is a stand up comic, UFC commentator, podcast host, former host of Fear Factor and was on a sitcom in the 90’s called “News Radio.”

Joe is not a believer, I don’t think he would necessarily call himself an atheist, but he’s certainly a skeptic. He regularly speaks about religion, and when he speaks about Christianity specifically he often misrepresents what it is that Christians believe, but not because he’s being malicious but rather because he is not educated on what it is Christians actually believe. For example, Joe will say that religious people believe without evidence, and that Christianity and science are at odds. We do our best to correct some of his errors.

Ultimately, we would really like to have Joe Rogan as a guest on the Bible Thumping Wingnut show to have a discussion about Christian beliefs and specifically about the Bible and the transmission of the New Testament. So Joe, if you are reading this and/or listening to this please tweet @Biblethumpingwingnut or @presuppreacher and we would love to have you on (or come on your podcast).

Please tweet this episode @joerogan with the hashtag #JRE so that this episode comes to his attention.


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