Polemics Report episode for August 21, 2018.

JD critiques videos from Steven Furtick claiming that “Jesus cannot override your unbelief” and from Kyle J. Howard criticizing Dr. MacArthur. Then, JD discusses an article on how poor production quality makes a “mediocre church.”

Video of this episode:

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  2. A.L. 4 years ago

    Steven Furtick is a joke. A Hireling for the goats. Same for the dude with the mediocre church nonsense. He is lost so that is the reason for what he is saying. Kyle J. Howard is lost in my opinion. Responses to His nonsense was spot on. My one critique. Making fun of his speech impediment crossed the line. It was not an issue and should not have been honed in on at all. That needs to be righted immediately and publicly on a broadcast or some other public venue. Below the belt and not fitting a minister of the gospel.

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