“You really CAN’T use the Bible as evidence when trying to prove the existence of God to an atheist. There is no proof that God wrote the Bible except for what the Bible says. In reality, Man wrote the pages in the book (even though you believe they were written with the help of the Holy Spirit), so to use the Bible as proof that God exists is just suicide to your argument.”

My response: “You really CAN’T use your reasoning as evidence when trying to prove the validity of atheism to a theist. Given the conjunction of naturalism and evolution, there is no epistemological warrant to think that your senses and reasoning are valid. In reality, you can’t know that your cognitive faculties are reliable (even though you assume that they are to argue that they are), so to use your senses and reasoning to justify your senses and reasoning is just suicide to your argument.”

I really wish these guys would think a little before they post stuff.

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  1. Author
    Dustin Segers 4 years ago


    In situations like that, I just “go nuclear” and then move on. Here’s what I mean. When they refuse to justify their claims, immediately contradict everything they say or just make up some nonsense. Example:

    Atheist: “I don’t have to justify my logic, logic is just a feature of the universe.”

    You: “Then you do.”

    Atheist: “No I don’t.”

    You: “Then you do. See, if you don’t have to justify logic or have a worldview that can account for it, then I can contradict you till the cows come home since if you don’t have to be rational, then I don’t either.”

    Your brother,


  2. Adam Moritz 4 years ago

    Agreed. I was in a long conversation online yesterday where a guy either refused to see or could not see the hypocrisy in his claims, since he constantly wanted me to justify what I said I knew, but refused to justify his own knowledge. Honestly, it gets really frustrating.

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