A Pastor’s Wife Breaks Free of Beth Moore: A Testimony

The following testimony was submitted to Pulpit & Pen  for publication:

My name is Lauran.  I am a Southern Baptist from Tennessee.  I walked the aisle to accept Jesus at age 5 but I believe I was truly saved 12 years ago at the age of 21.  I am currently the women’s Bible study leader at our church as well as the pastor’s wife.  I have broken free of Beth Moore.

I grew up attending a flagship Southern Baptist Church in Tennessee.  It was and is one of the most vibrant churches in the convention; its former and current pastors have been the President of the Southern Baptist Convention and both served on the Baptist Faith and Message Committee.  At this faithful church, the Bible was proclaimed as God’s inerrant word.  Growing up in a church like that, I was often involved in Bible study.  One of my favorite Bible study authors was Beth Moore.  I was heavily involved in her studies for years.  I have seen her speak live multiple times, done countless numbers of her studies and own tons of her books.  I’ll never forget the day five years ago when my husband informed me that Beth Moore may not be a sound teacher.

My husband had stumbled across the profile on Beth Moore at the Christian Apologetics Research Ministry (CARM) website.  Incredulously, my Baptist husband read Matt Slick’s negative critique of Beth Moore.  He was surprised to see that CARM, one of the most trusted online sources for Christian doctrine, did not recommend participating in Beth Moore studies.  He knew she was the darling of Southern Baptist women’s studies and a best-selling author at LifeWay.  After studying the article, my husband couldn’t help but agree with Slick’s assessment.  The evidence was right there.  Beth Moore was not a sound teacher.  Sheepishly, he informed me that Beth Moore may not be a sound teacher.  I was aghast!

“What?!” I exclaimed.  “No Way! Beth Moore is a godly woman.” I had been growing in my knowledge of the word in leaps and bounds over the past few years.  I had even attended Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary for a degree in Christian education.  It had never been brought up to me in my long Baptist life that Beth Moore, this trusted woman, and leader, might actually be a poor teacher or even a wolf in sheep’s clothing!  I had always just assumed that what she was teaching was biblical. All of the churches I had ever attended had endorsed and done her studies as part of their women’s Bible studies. How could they keep doing her studies if her teaching and actions were unbiblical?!

There was only one way to answer this question.  I had really begun to study the Scripture heavily over the past few years and had really begun thirsting for knowledge and wisdom according to the word.  I had to learn for myself, by studying Beth Moore and comparing her to God’s word, if she was truly a sound teacher or if my husband was on to something.  Every teacher should be compared to the Word to see if she measures up.  I researched Beth Moore for countless hours.  I watched her teaching clips online.  I checked multiple reliable sources, comparing all I found to Scripture.  It led me to a shocking conclusion -Beth was not teaching sound doctrine.

It felt as though I was breaking up with an old friend. Beth Moore and I had to part ways. Some old things I had heard her say over the years kept coming to my mind. I specifically remember the bizarre story that she shares about the handicapped man in the wheelchair. Apparently God “told her” she needed to go and brush the man’s hair. That was the first time I remember hearing about her “special revelations” from God.

A more recent example was when God gave her a vision while sitting on her porch and a message to give to the whole body of Christ; she was supposed to tell the church this message, “my bride is paralyzed by unbelief.”

According to Beth, she is God’s divine instrument and He is giving her extra-biblical revelation to give to the whole church. The errors just continued from there. Aside from all the exegetical errors in her teaching and the extra-biblical revelations, she promotes the dangerous mystical practice of contemplative prayer. She claims Catholicism is part of the Christian church! She has no problem teaching men.  She has even recently aligned herself with Joyce Meyer and Joel Osteen, attending and speaking at conferences at his Lakewood church.

Beth Moore seems to be on a downward slope and she is getting farther and farther away from Scripture.  Let me remind you that there are parts of her teaching are biblically sound.  Additionally, the statement of faith at her church and her Living Proof mission statement make her appear as if she is biblical.  Remember how Satan works.  Just a little bit of false teaching, sprinkled in with a lot of biblical truth, can look good to the masses but it’s ultimate a clever deception.  As Paul told the Galatians, “A little leaven leavens the whole lump.” (Galatians 5:9)

Finding out that one of my favorite Bible study authors was a false teacher was bad enough.  However, what was worse was the reaction I got from others when I shared the news.  When I found out the truth about Beth Moore, I absolutely could not keep it to myself and let other women get swept away in her personality cult and false teachings.  I wanted to obey Paul’s command to the church – “take no part in the unfruitful deeds of darkness but rather expose them.” (Ephesians 5:11)   Yet, many of my Christian friends did not want to listen to my warnings.  I received comments such as “you are hurting the body” and “you are hurting women.”  I was told that I was wrong and judgmental. These comments were not just coming from my local Christian circle of women but even by leaders at very large Southern Baptist churches.  A youth pastor at the flagship church called me divisive!  I wonder if he has even read any Beth Moore books.  Who was I to call out a well-known teacher like Beth Moore?! Almost everyone seemed to immediately jump to Beth’s defense without even checking the facts or looking at Scripture! Even close family and friends were very resistant and offended at the idea that Beth Moore was not a sound teacher. I knew there was no turning back, I had to take a stand even if it meant I was hated and shunned.  That’s part of deciding to follow Jesus.  As the old hymn goes, “No turning back, no turning back.”

If you are a woman who has discovered the truth about Beth Moore and chosen to speak out, be prepared to be shunned by the women and men at your church and possibly even your pastor.  Though it seems more people have recently begun to acknowledge her errors, the vast majority of women are still on the Beth Moore band wagon simply because they have always done her studies at their church.  People don’t like to question what they have always done. Beth Moore has earned her spot at the top of every Christian book store and in every SBC church as part of the ladies’ bible studies.  When tradition is bucked by Scripture, it is never received well; just look at the example of Jesus and the Pharisees!  I feel the teaching commonly accepted by women today is exceptionally bad.  Maybe it’s due to the fact that, as women, we like to connect with people on an emotional level; we like to hear people that touch us and motivate us.  Beth Moore certainly uses her charismatic personality to do just that. She uses her personality to her advantage so that she can connect with women and in turn sweep them away.

I pray if you are a woman reading this article that you will not just take my word for it but will be discerning and seek the Scriptures and “test the spirits” as it says in 1 John 4:1 to see if Beth Moore lines up with God’s word or if she is leading women astray.  If you do, you will soon find she falls far short.  No one is a perfect teacher, but Beth Moore is a bad teacher, and one who claims to be a prophet.

As the women’s bible study leader at our church, I will not allow or promote any Beth Moore studies. We as teachers are held more accountable as to what we present to our sisters in Christ as acceptable, sound doctrine.  My prayer in sharing this testimony with you is that women everywhere would not allow themselves to be swept away by Beth Moore or any other teacher that simply appeals to their emotions but does not conform to every part of Scripture. Let us break free from Beth Moore choose to only sit under those who rightly divide the Word!

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  1. Timothy Meadows 1 week ago

    What a trash site! Calvin heretics

  2. Timothy Meadows 1 week ago

    The Calvinist Thugs of CARM is a trusted source? Please!
    Calvin had 72 people killed because they disagreed with his twisted theology and countless others flogged and fined. History is a bear! Deal with it!

  3. Patrick Deedigan 6 months ago

    Hi Lauren, I would first of all like to commend you for your stance in favor of the Holy Scriptures. If only other believers did the same we would have far less confusion in the Church. The problem as I see it is that such teachers can be so influential that whenever they teach anything in relation to the bible; even though at times what they teach may be at odds with the scriptures, it is possible that they can sway people into accepting such questionable teachings. As believers in the Lord and His trustworthy word we need to realize that celebrity Christian status can be a dangerous thing in that it can provide the evil one with a strategic source to lead such people and their adherents astray, for whenever the evil one gains any ground against biblical Christianity from amongst high profile people such as Beth Moore, its effects can be deadly to say the least. This is where he accomplishes some of his most damaging deceptions and false teachings. So do not be dismayed or alarmed by the attacks that come your way when you stand for the truth of the scriptures Lauren, even the Lord Jesus was attacked many times during His earthly ministry. Remain faithful to your Savior and His word and you will never be put to shame!
    Yours in the Lord Jesus Christ, Pat

  4. Betina 12 months ago

    I see no proof here of Beth being an “unsound teacher.” I mean, I guess if you simply say something enough, that makes it true, right? But I see no proof here. If your first example is her story of brushing the old man’s hair, then you are completely off your rocker. Show me actual things she’s actually said as compared to actual Scripture. Try again, because you have proved nothing in this article.

    • Jill 9 months ago

      it’s YOUR job to go back and research what the author of this article has said, like she suggested. It is not her job to point out every single error to make you believe. If you choose to ignore her request and go do your own research, that’s your choice, that’s ignorance you’ve decided to accept and keep; but whenever someone we “trust” has been accused of heresy or being a false teacher it is OUR job to do our own research to ensure that what the individual making the accusation says is truth. If you expect to have all the evidence laid out at your feet, you are going to be sorely mistaken everytime.

  5. Cathy Kaech 1 year ago

    Thank you for this article. I have attended several Beth Moore studies, but could never “get with her”. There was always a check in my spirit and I could listen to her, but when I came away from the class I always felt something was empty. I think it is very important to reveal her as a bad teacher because she is leading so many women in “flawed” teaching. I was at that time attending a church in Roseburg Oregon that taught primarily Beth Moore studies only…I pray that they got away and into some better teaching since then. Thanks again..

  6. Sheila 1 year ago

    Perhaps people enjoy her bible studys because they grow in Christ while participating in them. Perhaps they enjoy going to those conferences because people are saved and they see God working miracles. Perhaps you are met with resistance because you may not be right, she may be. Many people have felt “led” by God to do certain things. Just because they do not have a large platform to share them from, does not make her wrong. I hope people reading this realize this is just something they have found on the internet. It could have been written by an atheist trying to discredit Beth Moore. Please, please, please do your own research and remember God works though different people many many ways. If YOUR pastor who God had called to lead you, has different ideas than some woman on the internet.(or whoever is writing this) …I think you should really REALLY consider the source of this article and move on.

    • Jill 9 months ago

      I agree. I think we should all consider the source of the articles, DO OUR OWN RESEARCH, and find out for ourselves the truth. As for me, I did my research on Beth Moore LONG ago and realized she is in fact a false teacher, a false prophet, and spreads heresy to all who listen to her. She’s incredibly persuasive and incredibly dangerous. But, I learned that from doing my own research. If you choose to ignore this article b/c you delight in Beth Moore, well, I think that’s foolish. Whenever a teacher of Scripture and the Bible is accused of being a false teacher or spreading heresy it’s incredibly important to do our own research to discover the truth for ourselves; not to discredit the author of the article b/c they appear to have hurt your feelings. Please, research. Don’t just ignore this and sit on your thumbs. Even a broken clock is right twice a day, and sometimes the author of the source is irrelevant b/c they are speaking truth.

  7. Bruce Anders 1 year ago

    Remember the scripture that says you will be measured by the same that which you use to measure?
    It seems to me that every single teacher is going to make some mistakes. And the only teacher who didn’t was Jesus.
    So yes test everything against scripture if it is right and good fine, if not throw it in the fire with the chafe.
    This woman who is now saying that Beth Moore is a false prophet because maybe she has said some things that weren’t perfect is forgetting to use discernment. Unless she repents she will be judged herself with that same measure of perfection.
    Grace is still such a difficult concept for so many people.
    She should extend Beth some of the same grace that God extends to her. If you can’t extend grace you don’t understand grace.

    • Jill 9 months ago

      There’s a difference between “some mistakes” and constantly making errors and speaking against what Scripture says on a regular basis. When someone makes “some mistakes” sure, give them grace; but when there is a pattern and a consistency of Scriptural errors, doctrinal errors, that’s not a mistake–that’s blasphemy, and to hide behind “you’re going to be judged” statements is not only irresponsible (b/c you’ve obviously not done your own research, something the author has implored us all to do), but cowardly.

  8. Missy 1 year ago

    Amen and thank you for this! I’ve never been a fan but felt like I should be. People are always shocked when I decline an invitation to see her or do a bible study.

  9. Missy 1 year ago

    Amen and thank you for this! I’ve never been a fan, but have always felt like I should be. People are stunned when I decline invitations to see her or attend a Bible study.

  10. Bill grumling 1 year ago

    I must say I do not like Beth Moore. I have some ought with Carm though also. I read their statement of faith. It is heavily calvanistic. Let me say I am not an arminianist either. I am both on all 5 points. I believe from my reading that both are in scripture. Now on loss of salvation I do not believe you can lose give up or back your salvation. I believe though we have to ask are/ were those people truly saved. I believe that those who hold to one or the other only are not teaching the full word of God. Now do I say matt and others like him ( J mac, rc sproul, Todd friedel) are not good? No but they should stop calling the kettle black

    • Jill 9 months ago

      great, but what does THIS have to do with the actual article, instead of just the mentioning of the CARM website?

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