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Earlier this year Leighton Flowers found time to embrace Open Theist Chris Fisher of “God is Open” over their shared distain for the reformed understanding of God.

Open Theism is the heretical teaching that denies the sovereignty, majesty, infinitude, knowledge, existence, and glory of God and exalts man’s free will. The fact that Open Theism is heretical is well established. Even Chris Fisher acknowledges that his Open Theist position has been deemed heretical by all of orthodox christianity.

Leighton embraced  Chris Fisher (the open theist) and conversed about their common ground concerning the character of God.  Both hold to the false teachings that the will of man trumps God’s and that salvation is obtained by an act of man.

Flowers does not hold to open theism however much of his theology alines with it thus the engagement with Chris Fisher was one of agreement rather than debate.

Most concerning and perhaps telling, was the failure of Flowers to share the Gospel with Chris Fisher who is without question lost. 

You can see that engagement here:

So it is with little surprise that Flowers has found common ground with a mormon apologist.  On his Soteriology 101 podcast Flowers agreed with Kwaku El a mormon apologist. Flowers reviewed a discussion that included Dr. James White, Jeff Durbin & Kwaku El.

Leighton and Kwaku reject the truths of scripture that speak of God’s eternal decree. They despise the concept of God being in control of all things. They are repulsed at the biblical teaching that God has decreed, purposed and caused all things to pass. Kwaku & Flowers are united in their understanding of God’s character. Yes, Leighton agreed with a mormons understanding of God.

“My foremost concern today is that on judgement day Leighton Flowers will still be standing with the open theist and LDS adherent.” – BTWN

Flowers agrees with the mormon apologist that the course of historical events have not progressed according to God’s plan. What God desires does not come to pass and the reformed understanding of God is irrational and monstrous.

Watch the debacle:

There are a lot of things to be concerned with about Leighton Flowers.  He wars against reformed theology of any strip. He is one of very few individuals that rejects ALL five points of calvinism. His anti-calvinism seems to drive everything he does. He willingly sets aside the gospel to stand in agreement with the damned. With great pride he stands with hell bound open theists and LDS cult adherents.

But of foremost concern to me today is that on judgement day Leighton Flowers will stand with the open theist and LDS adherent.

Let us all pray for Leighton Flowers.

Listen to BTWN’s Podcast discussion of this article – HERE

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  1. Mark Reynolds 2 years ago

    What you’d expect from this blog, the low IQ bar just slipped another notch with this ludicrous hit piece.

  2. Tim 2 years ago

    With all due respect, your lack of response to the substance of any of his rationale is very disparaging on you. Argument and slander by association is a very low form of logic. Pharisees used it against the Lord Jesus; saying He associated with whores, tax collectors, etc…
    And to be very clear, most of his viewpoints is not in contradiction with orthodox Christianity. Please take the time to examine the oppositions viewpoints before you slander.
    Furthermore, there is no use “praying” for him if you follow the logical conclusions of Calvinism. According to this article, his salvation is highly questionable, and it seems to me that it would be on the part of the divine to extend the regenerative grace needed so he can be one of the enlightened elect (using Calvin logic and supplied definitions). Your “prayers” would not be much more than attempted display of piety and concern.

  3. Chris 4 years ago

    @ Josh: When a professing Christian’s theology and anthropology has more in common with the beliefs of reprobates and heretics than it does with orthodox Christians there is a huge problem. The reprobate and the heretic have minds set on things of the flesh, they cannot and will not accept the truth of God’s revelation, they refuse to acknowledge God for who He truly is. To agree with these people on the nature and character of God is a huge red flag.

    What disturbs me the most about Dr. Flowers are the testimonies he posts. Why do they disturb me? Because they’re not testimonies of lost people being saved, they’re testimonies of people abandoning reformed theology… although judging by the reactions from his anti-reformed followers you’d think it’s the same thing. His war against reformed theology is absolute, it colours every aspect of his ministry which appears to be more focused on converting people out of “Calvinism” and into “Traditonalism” than seeking and saving the lost. It’s cult-like behaviour and is very troubling.

  4. James Lillard 4 years ago

    Leighton flowers disagrees with all five points of the tulip?
    Maybe you’ve never read this from his website…

    Those of us who hold to “The Corporate View of Election” (the most widely held view of Southern Baptist biblical scholars), likewise affirm the Calvinistic doctrine that “those who are truly saved will persevere to the end and cannot lose their salvation.”

  5. Josh 4 years ago

    You’re disgusting attempt at slander is at best nefarious and full of purposely misleading.

    To suggest that a Christian cannot EVER agree with anybody outside of their ilk is VERY calvinist in that John murdered people that disagreed with him after he slandered them too.

    • Tony Ross Jr. 4 years ago

      John Calvin didn’t murder anyone, that is a lie. Though, I agree with you that we can agree with someone in one area while simultaneously not affirming everything they believe.

      • Elizabeth Register 4 years ago

        You can murder someone without doing the actual deed. If you were honest, you would have to say that he set him up and was ready to have him killed next time he came to town. Or do you not know the “rest of the story?”

    • John 4 years ago

      Agreed Josh. John Calvin knew what would happen to him and set him up. With that said, that doesn’t make Calvin’s doctrines wrong. Likewise, Flowers agreement with the mormon on the one topic doesn’t make Flowers wrong. This article is pathetic.

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