The following is a screenshot of an iTunes listener’s list of reviews.  Included is a 1 star review of our flagship podcast “The Biblethumpingwingnut Podcast” calling me a “close minded bigot.”  A five star review for a popular Freemasonry App is also shown – “Awesome way to keep in touch with fellow brethren”

At first I wondered what could I have said that would cause this person to leave such a review? BTWN focuses primary on theology and apologetics.  I don’t think I’ve addressed Freemasonry on my podcast ever.  I just couldn’t think what caused this individual to leave such a negative review? And then I remembered.  It’s that Seth Dunn Guy!

Seth is BTWN’s newest podcast partner who wrote:

“An Open and Shut Case: The Inherent Sinfulness of Freemasonry”

Seth is also the guy who was kicked out of his local church for exposing Freemasonry in his local church. Read about what happened:

“Rowland Springs Baptist Church and the Demonic Cult of Freemasonry”

Seth also did an excellent interview with Glen Beck, a former high ranking freemason that gave tremendous insight concerning the freemasons:

“A Top Freemason Speaks Out Against the Craft: An Interview with Former Eminent Grand Commander Glenn Beck”

And then there was that time Seth joined  JD on the Pulpit & Pen Podcast to talk about Freemasons:

“Exposing Freemasony”

So now that I think about it it would be strange for any freemason to leave a positive review on iTunes. No doubt Seth Dunn is the bigot referenced!

Thank you Seth Dunn for all you have done to expose the Freemason cult.

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