Greg Locke’s First Wife Speaks Out About Divorce

Pastor Greg Locke’s ex-wife recently recorded a video reflecting on their divorce.

Greg Locke is an unrepentant celebrity internet pastor who shamefully traded in his first wife for another.

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  1. Page 4 weeks ago

    This lady is not right

  2. A.L. 10 months ago

    May God heal her broken heart and bless her immensely. May God repay her ex in this life and the next if he continues in his hardness and hatred of his wife. Like many foolish and immoral women who think they can marry a man who was tipping around on his wife and it will work out she will find out the hard way that the man loves himself. When the thrill is gone and they are left with nothing then he will treat her as he did the first and maybe even worse. Men like this turn my stomach and down low hussies give ladies a bad name. Those poor children being dumped by their Dad for an immoral woman. Proverbs is right that a simple man turns into her house and will be reduced to a crust of bread. May those kids not spurn Christ or blame God for the foolishness of their earthly father. Growing up in a fatherless home is the utmost abuse to a child. I grew up in a broken home and have the scars of it, but God is good and merciful. May His mercy be on the jilted wife and abandoned kids.

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