Pastor Greg Locke’s ex-wife recently recorded a video reflecting on their divorce.

Greg Locke is an unrepentant celebrity internet pastor who shamefully traded in his first wife for another.

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  1. Nancy Ferriss 2 years ago

    I am not familiar with this Pastor, or his ministry, but I would say marriage counseling is always a good idea. Possibly if they would have sought out some type of counseling their marriage would not have broken up.

  2. Jill Row 2 years ago

    Christians judging other Christians like this publicly is despicable. Those of you casting stones should repent and pray for forgiveness. Pretty much everyone has done things in their lives they aren’t proud of. To go to a website like this and judge a person they don’t even know is the furthest thing from trying to live a decent Christian life. Take a look at yourselves and your own behavior. Nothing about this is pleasing to the Lord. It is the antithesis of what we are instructed to do. I don’t know anything about Pastor Locke, but the words written by the author of this article and comments of readers here say way more about who’s not following the teachings of the Bible than whatever Pastor Locke did or didn’t do. Basically, all this is like Twitter Christian style. Go take a personal inventory of your on life and try improving that instead of judging strangers and contributing to what is basically gossip on steroids by other Christians no less.

    • Polly Pockets 2 years ago

      First of all, the ex-wife is amazing. She’s selflessly trying to encourage other people through her loss. Second, so we can’t call out people when they’ve done something wrong? Greg Locke has no problem being a judgemental prick. And it’s sad that you would have more compassion for a hateful man than for the woman he wronged. No gracias

    • Paul Harris 2 years ago

      I know your intentions are probably pure admittedly, I didn’t read the comments against the “pastor” in question, but the fact is that this man is, according to scripture, unqualified and unfit to preach. In addition, when the Bible tells us not to judge, it isn’t telling us not to speak out against right and wrong. Otherwise there wouldn’t be clear instructions given for excommunicating from the church those who continually sin. You should probably do a little more research on the subject yourself. I don’t mean to be mean or rude when I say that, but because I believe you have a heart that wants to do God’s will and may be a new Christian who doesn’t know scripture. God Bless.

    • Betty Greenlee 2 years ago

      If you do not know anything about him you should do your research…there are a lot of Chariton’s out there sister.

    • Bonnie 1 year ago

      You clearly do not understand the meaning of “judge” according to scripture. Study Hebrews. It becomes clear.

  3. Larry stone 2 years ago

    Saw him on CNN and his view on the pandemic. This mans success is totally due to him appealing to what people want to hear and then exploiting them. As a Christian, I am broken hearted to see this kind of individual preaching the gospel. He will eventually pay for his blasphemy.

    • Dave 2 years ago

      Well said sir, this man is a disgrace to the church.
      Preachers should stay clear of politics and preach the teachings from the bible like they are supposed to.
      He thinks Trump was the next best thing to Jesus Christ, we both know if Jesus walked in on Trump he’d say that guy isn’t with me.
      What is more sad is seeing all these so called Christians buying into their hate and nonsense and think it is the word of God.
      Like you said this guy is definitely going to pay big time when he dies.
      The other one is Kenneth Copeland worth over 300 million dollars. Another one who preaches hate and all his gullible cult donate all their money to him, he recently asked for more money as needed a better plane. In the UK we would never be duped into making a preacher as rich as that and spew hate in the name of God.

  4. Jeremy 2 years ago

    People who are real, saved believers know – Pastor Locke is a fake.

    He can no longer offer a ministry, he cannot Pastor.

    And he needs to get saved.

    • Lori Taylor 2 years ago

      I’m saved. I’m a real person. I haven’t listened or heard much about him. I see him on twitter every now and again. But people who are also saved shouldn’t judge whether someone else is saved. If I see something he says I disagree with. I’ll call him out. But I’m not going to assume I know what his relationship with God is. Or anyone else’s.

    • Polly Pockets 2 years ago

      Eh if Jeffrey Dahmer and Chris Watts can be Christian, Greg Locke can be Christian.

    • Tanja 2 years ago

      Wow, who are you to judge whether he is saved or not. That is God’s job.

  5. R Sproles 2 years ago

    May God bless her broken heart. May God also bless the other church members and the community as they dealt with sin that destroyed Gods House.
    I hope he has a repentant heart. Those text messages I saw was absolutely the most horrible thing to say to the person he was to love as Christ loved the church.
    If I had not followed this from day one, I would not comment. I will not have the blood on my hands that I made a call like that on either of the parties. I personally went through a church break up over a pastor falling. My pastor I adored so much fell into the same sin. He didn’t treat his wife the way Greg did. I could not imagine my old pastor putting his wife on a bus to send away. May God pierce this man’s heart for repentance. May God also pierce her former friend/church assistants heart for repentance. If he isn’t rehabilitated of his narcissism. She will also experience the same emotional and mental abuse his wife experienced.
    Praise God for families that stood firm in the church and left. Praise God for men wanting to properly lead their families.
    Prayers for this family. These poor children heard all these words we saw and heard. No man should ever degrade his wife, much less in front of his children. That’s what he thought about the way Christ loved the church.
    Woe me!!!!

  6. Jim 2 years ago

    Don’t know anything about this pastor, but the spirit of his ex-wife is horribly vengeful. I learned a long time ago that only forgiveness will heal a broken heart. If she is broken-hearted, get over it and move on. Nothing will ever come from trying to justify yourself in anyone’s eyes. If he did wrong he will answer to it without your words. But presently I would side with him since she has little in the way of a right spirit about the matter.

    • Brady Mayo 2 years ago

      Jim you side with him because of her vengeful spirit. Have you see his spirit. This man is full of hate, shame, pride and fear like no other pastor I have seen. So siding with anyone here is stupid!

      • R Sproles 2 years ago

        I cannot even hear his voice. I wept over this. I cannot imagine her pain.

    • R Sproles 2 years ago

      Wow! You have absolutely no idea what this lady,her children, and church family endured. Before making a statement like that. I would encourage you to do some research on this and pray for repentance. Many families were destroyed by his actions, and lies.

    • Lettie 2 years ago

      You hypocrite! I’m positive this abuse wasn’t a few times…a narcissistic man this did more mental and emotional abuse that physical abuse would have been a blessing over the cruel and evil treatment to will take years and maybe never to heal from this kind of abuse.!

    • Emmanuel Rivera 2 years ago

      I agree she is being somewhat vengeful, however there are qualifications in the office of a pastor. This act alone disqualifies him from being a pastor. The right thing to do would be to step down. The fact that he hasn’t stepped down, shows that he doesn’t honor the Word of God. His congregation is being deceived. Who is to stop another man in his congregation leaving his wife, for the simple reason that he got tired of the marriage?

  7. Thomas Pratt 3 years ago

    Dear Ms. Locke:

    I am so sorry you are going through a painful time in life. Everyone on this earth goes through pain. It could be a death of a child or a spouse. It could be divorce or loss of a beloved family pet member. It could be a career that you spent your life building. It could be rape or sexual abuse, but no matter what it is God is always with you. God will always love you.

    When I was 12 years old, I was sent off to boarding school because I was considered a slow learner. God revealed that opposite was true, that is why he provided me with the tools in life to succeed. Has life been a bed of roses for me? No! However I always felt he was with me.

    I was beaten up daily as a child and was rather scrawny; weak and sickly. I lacked self confidence and my Elementary School teachers all said I was retarded. The truth was, and is that I am not. My IQ scores and test they made me perform in order to be accepted into boarding school said otherwise.

    I did however have a learning problem. I was never very blessed with the ability to understand Math and to this very day have trouble with it.

    I prayed everyday through my early childhood that God would help me. He answered my prayers in so many ways and I still feel his love everyday of my life.

    You know how he blessed me? He gave me two Christian parents who loved me. He gave me grandparents, who were able to be my friends and take me on fishing trips; golfing; camping and on hikes.

    The Lord blessed me with Dogs and cats and rabbits and horses all of whom I loved dearly. They were my dearest and closest friends as a young boy growing up.

    The best piece of advice, which I live with to this very day was given to me by my head master, The Rev. Alec Dunn Pudwell. He said Thomas, I am going to give you the key to success. It is so simple and yet it is very hard and you may find it taxing.

    Here it is: Love the Lord with all your heart. Work as if everything depends on you and pray as if everything depends on God. You will find it an unbeatable combination. I took his advice when I was 12. I am now 60. I am still following his advice.

    Thank you Rev. Pudwell, for all you did for me. Thank you for sharing your secret. I will love you forever! Looking forward to seeing you when God calls me home!

    Thomas PRatt

  8. Page 3 years ago

    This lady is not right

  9. A.L. 4 years ago

    May God heal her broken heart and bless her immensely. May God repay her ex in this life and the next if he continues in his hardness and hatred of his wife. Like many foolish and immoral women who think they can marry a man who was tipping around on his wife and it will work out she will find out the hard way that the man loves himself. When the thrill is gone and they are left with nothing then he will treat her as he did the first and maybe even worse. Men like this turn my stomach and down low hussies give ladies a bad name. Those poor children being dumped by their Dad for an immoral woman. Proverbs is right that a simple man turns into her house and will be reduced to a crust of bread. May those kids not spurn Christ or blame God for the foolishness of their earthly father. Growing up in a fatherless home is the utmost abuse to a child. I grew up in a broken home and have the scars of it, but God is good and merciful. May His mercy be on the jilted wife and abandoned kids.

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