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Short clip from the October 18th 2018 “Polemics Report.”

I am so very thankful to the drafters and signers of the Dallas Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel. It is needed. Please let nothing that follows this undermine that appreciation.

I – and Pulpit & Pen and VERY few others – have been sounding the alarm bell on The Gospel Coalition, Russell Moore and the ERLC, Tim Keller, Matt Chandler, and the other “woke” Calvinists for the **longest** time. With few exceptions (Phil Johnson being one of them), the list of premier signatories on the Dallas Statement are a list of men who have FOR YEARS either ignored the impending threat to evangelicalism or in some cases publicly rebuked P&P (and myself) for saying then what they have finally affixed their name to now.

It is, as they say, better late than never.

They (I first wrote “we,” and changed it, because I’m innocent of this claim) have overlooked the threat presented by these men because of Position Blindness and being Single Issue Discerners (Google those terms). Because the threat to evangelicalism has come from primarily men associated with Calvinism, they assumed charitably that the culprits could be capable of no great error. In doing so, they have been relegated to signing a statement that is – tragically – a day late and a dollar short.

Had the majority of the initial signatories spoken out boldly and polemically circa 2013-2014, these latte mafia of woke Social Justice Warriors would not have had the momentum to overtake wider evangelicalism to virtually NO resistance except for our small corner of the blogosphere. Instead, arms were laid down and their blitzkrieg was nearly altogether unopposed. The consequences of their delays in action will be insurmountable, if it weren’t for the power of Christ.

I feel like I’ve banged the gong and cranked the siren until my hands bled, while most of the Dallas Statement signers were still doing conferences with and RT’ing these dangerous change agents. Even now, most refuse to treat these enemies of the Gospel as anything but misguided but well-intentioned brothers (and that alone makes me sick).

I say all of this to say “PAY ATTENTION.” For the love of all that is good and pure, BE DISCERNING. God has given you means for ADVANCE NOTICE of these things if only you will listen. Watchmen have been on the wall shouting about the danger to the pure Gospel for years. And now, short of God’s power, it is too late.

The ERLC (and SBC in general), Together for the Gospel, the Gospel Coalition, 9 Marx, Acts29, and major seminaries like SEBTS, SBTS, Westminster Philadelphia, and RTS are “all-in” on a Social Justice movement that is altogether indistinguishable from the social religion that gutted the mainstream denominations only two generations ago. And now, the evangelical world is being swallowed up to the sound of thunderous applause of a thousand limp wrists.

– Posted on FaceBook by Pastor Jordan Hall October 18th, 2018

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  1. lollardnow 4 years ago

    Is this who you really are, JD Hall, Phil Johnson and Dr. John Macarthur ?


    By your best friends you also are known JD Hall, pastor and Rolex of Polemics blogs.

    You called people to repent, now show YOU repent yourself in brokeness and sincerity!

    Or prove that Donald Trump is not just your president, it is the extreme example of how you trump those who dare to speak against YOU
    in truth and uprightness. Only Trump has not such high christians pretentions as you, Phil Johnson and Dr. John Macarthur have.

    Repent for you is get your butt in the pew or be trumped !

  2. lollardnow 4 years ago

    Here is your real problem described, Jordan Hall, who still considers Paul Washer the ‘Whitefield of this age’ and NOT to be touched or be called an enemy of THE CHURCH.

    This weekend I viewed this film together with a brother. If in 2018 these speakers still have a big problem understanding the experimental knowledge of their own total depravity and have to confess that in 2018 after years of THEIR teachingministries the people still have the greatest confusion on the basics of the True Everlasting Gospel (Revelation 14v6-9) than the question may be asked how far they and their fans are away from the Lord Jesus Christ.

    As I saw the movie the impression I got was that Paul Washer was presented as the greatest preacher currently available to preach the gospel.
    Please go and watch these Youtube movies.

    On Dr. John Macarthur and Phil Johnson go and watch these movies.

    Please go and read what the Gospel really is in this book by Dr. John Owen on the nature of protestantism. The puritans are highly recommended by your own topteachers (who in 2018 were not able to get you right on the basic experimental knowledge of total depravity) in puritandocumentary.com


    Brian Chapell, Steve Lawson and Mark Dever in 2017 (the year worldwide 500 years of the Reformation was celebrated) endorsed this commentary on Revelation
    by Richard Philips in which all the fundamental protestant principles against the church of Rome (see book John Owen above) are COMPLETELY MISSING.


    Conclusion: this movie shows that in 2018 your best popular teachers still have to teach themselves and their audience the basics inward experimental knowledge of what it means to be a brokenhearted saved sinner who can glory only in Christ. How far are you all removed from communion with Christ when His Own People like the Reformers and the Puritans who confessed that a Gospel by which Babylon does not fall DOES NOT EXIST (Revelation 14v6-12, 2Thess2v8). Yet all these teachers teach a gospel by which babylon does not fall as they and their people in 2018 do not know what Babylon is in light of the Reformation while having the greatest pretentions of knowing what th Reformation was all about. It shows again that those who think they can see and think they are the lights of the world, are truly those who are the most blind and passed by by the Lord Jesus Christ.

    I advise all of you to go read FOR YOURSELF THE ORIGINAL works of the Reformers, the Puritans, the Covenanters, Jonathan Edwards, John Bunyan and C.H. Spurgeon AND LEAVE ALL THE SPIRITUAL CONFUSION THESE FALSE TEACHERS HAVE BROUGHT IN FAR FAR AWAY FROM YOU.

    I call all these men false teachers because they all in their ministries miss the fundamental protestant principles against the Church from Rome as witnessed and confessed by ALL THE REFORMERS AND ALL THE PURITANS from the exposition of Daniel, 2Thess2 and Revelation, confirmed by THE FACTS of churchhistory and the blood of many may martyrs.


    May the Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on all those of you who have not done the sin against the Holy Ghost !

  3. lollardnow 4 years ago

    Than Jordan Hall, pastor and Rolex of polemics blogs, you know that Dr. John Macarthur presented himself with Dr. Tim Keller at Sing Conference 2018, you also know that most of the speakers at Shepcon 2018 and 2019 are TGC Councilmembers, all this with knowledge of Phil Johnson.

    If you adress Josh Buice of G3 Conference to present himself with SJ TGC members like Mark Dever, David Platt and John Pipier, you also have to adress Dr. John Macarhur on Shepcon 2019 to present himself with SJ TGC members Al Mohler, Mark Dever and Ligon Duncon on the subject of faithful.

    In this currently released movie Paul Washer, Dr. John Macarthur, Nate Pickowitz and Phil Johnson present themselves on the gospel together with SJ TGC Councilmembers Mark Dever, Bryan Chapell, and Julius Kim


    As Phil Johnson is part of this movie, tweeted to go and watch this movie, Phil Johnson also knows exactly who the SJ TGC Councilmembers participating in this movie are.

    Time to pick a team, Jordan !

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