Joe Thorn has a problem with people who say woman should not preach.

Listen to the BTWN Podcast addressing Joe Thorn’s error – HERE

In this clip Joe states that women can preach to men and women audiences from the pulpit during Sunday worship.

Elaborating upon that which Spurgeon spoke, Downgrade happens ordinarily in three different steps:


(1) Someone we like or admire does or says something that is theologically troublesome, and because we like or admire them, we defend them anyway.
(2) Over time, in order to defend the person we like or admire, we end up going beyond a mere defense of the individual, and begin to defend the theologically troublesome thing that they have done or said.
(3) Over time, our defenses of that theologically troublesome word or deed causes us eventually to take part, or perhaps persuades others to take part, in that theologically troublesome word or deed.

When these tendencies are acted upon, it grows into full Downgrade. If put into terms of logic, this would be most akin to the “Appeal to Celebrity” fallacy.  – Source

Watch the full Doctrine and devotion clip here:


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  2. Alvie Perkins 4 years ago

    These two jokers think just because they say it, makes it so. Not one time in the videos did I hear them say God’s Word says this. It all about them.

    • Cory 4 years ago

      I’m going to disagree with this as they said “Biblical” which means God’s word. At least that’s my opinion.

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  4. Cory 4 years ago

    They believe that a woman should not hold office of pastor or elder, which I think is correct and biblical. I think they might be contradicting their point, the main part that might be the issue is the actual preaching during Worship service. Thank you for putting up the full episode as you get the full context of what they are saying.

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