Polemics Report for October 23, 2018. On today’s program, JD discusses Joe Thorn and his assertion that women can preach to men, even on the Lord’s Day assembly. JD explains the *actual* Reformed and Biblical view on the subject.

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  1. A.L. 4 years ago

    These gentlemen are not qualified to teach or preach as they do not know how to handle the scriptures and they do not hold to its absolute authority. Women are not to preach, but to be silent. Whether we agree or not that is what God says and that is the pattern throughout scripture. I agree with JD and have thought myself that women should not teach other women theology as with authority. We can have an equal and mutual discussion and admonishment, but there is no authority. In the context of the local church older women and teach the younger to love their husbands and children not theology. That is what their husbands and pastors are for. Honestly, I think deep down many of us ladies are not content with our role and place. We are looking for some kind of way to teach and have authority. I don’t read books written by women teaching theology nor do I read their blogs. I have a pastor and I have a tiny number of men Iisten to as far sermons. My favorite being Dr. Peter Masters. Anyway, I don’t regard Martha Peace, Nancy Leigh DeMoss Wilgemuth, Michelle Lesley, etc either. It is only cause I do not wish to be taught how to love my husband and kids by a woman I do not know and do not know if she is practicing the things she espouses. Not to mention I sometimes see these ladies speaking publically behind pulpits at women giving the appearance of authority. Ladies it is not our job to teach and Satan is busy looking for ways to trick us into having authority outside of our home over our kids and the earth. We are at worst a Priscilla Shirer or at best a Martha Peace. What ia sadder is that we have men like these two guys encouraging us to go against scripture. What is wrong with these guys? Why do these men follow the 1st Adam and want to relinquish their authority to us ladies? Why do we want to be like Eve and take the authority God did not give us? Isn’t the authority as a mom and subduing the earth enough?

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