On this episode of Polemics Report, for December 7, 2018, JD discusses Jackie Hill Perry and people feeding the “outrage machine. He explains that the Gospel saves completely and that people sneaking in subversive doctrine are playing the victim, so as to not be criticized. He also explains why MacArthur was right, that Jews and Christians worship the same God, but it doesn’t imply that God accepts worship without belief in Jesus.

Video of this episode:

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  1. Lisa 3 years ago

    Hit the nail on the head with Jackie Hill Perry. I liked her when I first saw her but as I followed her on Instagram I saw the social justice. Also I clearly saw what I consider a hypocrisy in that she was being very racist not only toward whites, but Christian white people. Hit the dump button on that one.

  2. Lisa 3 years ago

    And this year in March 2019 John MacArthur caves to the NAR on stage at the Shepherds Conference.

  3. lollardnow 3 years ago

    Would the filmmakers and all the fans of the teachers in this movie not agree with the following statements of pastor Jordan Hall, Rolex of Polemicsblogs ?

    Paul Washer is ‘the Whitefield of this age’

    Dr. John Macarthur is:’ He’s a legend in his own time. He’s Johnny Mac, JMAC, J MAC DADDY, the Fourteenth Apostle, the Sultan of Soteriology, the…okay, the last few I just made up. The point is, MacArthur is yuuuge.’

    Here is what pastor JD Hall, Rolex of Polemics Blogs, has to say about Jackie Hill-Perrie.
    facebook.com/pulpitandpen/videos/185999409019278/ (minutes 11-20)

    Paul Washer, Justin Peters, Phil Johnson and Dr. John Macarthur have seen nothing before they agreed to participate in this movie on the most important topic of their ministries, namely the Gospel ?

    What else do they not see ?

  4. […] Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:17:15 — 70.7MB) | Embed […]

  5. […] Now, on my “friend’s” group everyone was piling on to her outrage over J.D. Hall’s blunt response while ignoring the blatant heresy proclaimed in Jackie Hill Perry’s tweet. Me being me posted a comment that said pretty much that. Heresy is heresy. I didn’t know what J.D. Hall was trying to say with some his language in his tweet at that time, but I knew and agreed with him that what Perry was saying was not to be defended by orthodox Christians. I was unfriended again about 5 minutes later. Later that evening J.D. Hall went online and explained everything, which made everything very plain for me at least. Here is a link to that. […]

  6. lollardnow 3 years ago

    American Gospel on Vimeo


    So the views of Jackie Hill-Perry on her twitter feed are also the views of Paul Washer and Justin Peters as they both present themselves with Jackie in this movie on the most important issue they both preach about.

    If this were not the case Paul Washer and Justin Peters would have warned.


    twitter.com/justinpetersmin (signer Dallas Statement SJ&G on Social Justice)

    Is this true what is said about Jackie Hill-Perrie in minutes 11-20 ?

    Is it true what is said in this video ?

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