The Frightening Thing About Leighton Flowers

Here at BTWN we have some of the greatest listeners. We are often encouraged by the feedback we receive.

Sure we have a large amount of God hating skeptics on our youtube channel who comment but we also have many insightful spiritually mature Christian folk who frequently share their thoughts and comments.

Recently Len Pettis joined me for a Google hangout to discuss Leighton Flowers false teaching concerning the Sovereignty of God. Flowers errors are many and this one is extremely troubling as he claims God is not eternally sovereign.

You can watch that engagement below but before you do please take the time to read the following listener feedback from Eric Smith. Eric left this comment after watching the video below.

The frightening thing about Leighton Flowers is the fact that he knows what he is doing. He knows what the Bible says about these doctrines but refuses to believe those verses because he actually does have his own idea of God.

Yet when you deviate from the scriptures to make any point about God, you become a bad theologian and you eventually take away an attribute of God, which now makes God no longer God. That is exactly what Leighton did when he said God’s sovereignty isn’t eternal.

He knows what Isaiah 46:9-11, Psalm 115:3, 135:6-7, Proverbs 16:9, 21:1, Daniel 4:34-35, 5:21, Acts 2:23, Ephesians 1:4-5, Romans 9, and many other verses say. Yet he refuses to believe the context, content, and grammar of these verses, therefore he must (by necessity to cling to his version of “free” will) make these (and other) verses say something different than it says. In doing so, he then takes away an attribute of God, making something or someone more powerful than God.

By his reasoning, grace and mercy aren’t eternal as well since God wasn’t showing grace and mercy upon Himself before He created anything. Do you see where this thinking leads? And also notice that to argue his theological point Leighton Flowers must revert to philosophical argumentation?

He has endorsed or even alluded to open theism and Molinism while using bad analogies with faulty premises. He continually starts with a faulty premise then argues from that perspective.

When I taught apologetics last year at the church I attend, there were two classes on logical fallacies: Many times, just like atheists, Leighton Flowers will start with a faulty, unbiblical premise, then he will argue philosophically from that premise, thinking he is being logical. And he would be if the premise was sound, but he starts with the premise, and not with scripture.

He leans on his own understanding and is spoiled by vain deceit and philosophies after men (after the principles of the world) and he doesn’t trust the Lord. This violates Proverbs 3:5 and Colossians 2:8.

I am seriously afraid for Dr. Leighton Flowers, because his obsession for stamping out Calvinism has led to the most unbiblical views I’ve ever heard.

Unfortunately, many that follow him either are as obsessed as he is or they haven’t fully read and studied what the full counsel of God says about this subject.

This isn’t meant to be an insult, just a fact, because as you read and study the scriptures daily (Acts 17:11, 2 Timothy 2:15), you find that the doctrines of grace and God’s attributes (particularly God’s sovereignty) are all over the Bible. – Listener Feedback – Eric Smith

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  1. Marius 2 months ago

    Thank God for Leighton Flowers.He does a great job of refuting the unbiblical teachings of Calvin.Leighton is biblically absolutely sound.Calvinism misrepresents God but the bible does not.I have great respect for many Calvinist brothers such as John Mcarthur,Justin Peters,R.C. Sproul etc.A certain type of brother becomes a Calvinist ;one with a love for academia and legalism,people who overemphasise “facts“ to a point where love and emotion takes a backseat- a bit cold hearted.They have turned the sovereign love of God into sovereign legalism.Yes,the very thing they accuse “ arminians” of ie. legalism is how they misrepresent God,God as a cold hearted unfair sovereign, a God with very little love for mankind except for elect Calvinists,strangely or maybe not so strangely is that all Calvinists are the “elect“,if you are a Calvinist you are automatically one of the “elect” it has to be as God predetermined your Calvinism.
    I am afraid Calvinists misunderstand sovereignty and the depravity of man ,the two things on which all Calvinism hangs.Thank Dr Flowers for exposing their errors,may God be gracious to us- we need it.

  2. Annie 2 months ago

    I’m just now hearing about Calvinism. A while back, some one told me you could lose your salvation. I never want to be closed minded to something that The LORD may be wanting to show me so I prayed and asked Him to show me the truth and He did. It’s settled in my heart now. Now Calvinism has come up so, I asked the LORD again for His truth and He settled it in my heart.

    • Christy 4 weeks ago

      Leighton Flowers does not believe one can lose salvation. It would be wrong to say that only Calvinists believe in eternal security.
      Leighton Flowers may or may not have a correct understanding on every point of his beliefs, but looking at the wide range of beliefs held by Calvinist and 4 1/2 point Calvinist scholars, it would seem nobody out there has the perfect doctrinal system. That does not mean that all are right or all are wrong. God has seen fit that even the most scholarly Bible teachers do not have an agreement. We need to be respectful of those who are genuine believers and learn what we can from all, being aware that each of us is responsible to God for our own understanding of His Word and how we interpret it. God never says to blindly follow our Pastor’s teachings. The Bereans were commended for searching the Scriptures to see if what Paul taught was accurate. We should do the same and also recognize that just as the santification process is life long, so our understanding of the Scriptures is a lifelong endeavor. God does speak to His own through His Word. “My sheep hear My voice.” Some good advice by a longtime pastor was to tell me that we don’t need to understand some of the more difficult things in scripture. In other words, we can trust God to be good and true to His Word, and grow in our worship of Him, even when we are undecided on some doctrinal issues, or even changing direction on. We are saved through faith in the Lamb of God. “They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony.” We can hold to the basics of the gospel and be strong in the Lord without understanding some of the things hard to understand in Scripture. We have an eternity to learn about our God. “This is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.” John 17:3

  3. Randy 3 months ago

    Flowers affirms that man is saved by grace alone. Everyone who is posting otherwise either hasn’t listened to him or read his writings, or is deliberately misrepresenting him. Flowers also affirms God is omnipotent. There is very little Christian love in some of these posts.

  4. Dean C 3 months ago

    1. Scripture is from God and God cannot lie. (2 Tim. 3:16; Tit. 1:2)
    2. Predestination is of existing saints to adoption/glorification, not sinners to conversion. (Eph. 1:5, 11; Rom. 8:23, 29-30)
    3. Election is to service, calling and purpose, not to salvation. (Isa. 42:1; Acts 9:15; Rom. 11:28)
    4. Adoption is the future redemption of the body, not conversion. (Rom. 8:23, 15-17; Gal. 4:1-6)
    5. Sinners become sons of God through the new birth, not through adoption. (John 1:12-13)
    6. There are two callings: Gospel and vocational, not inward or outward or effectual or ineffectual, etc… (2 Thess. 2:14; Eph. 4:1; Rom. 8:28; 2 Cor. 5:20)
    7. Christ’s life, not his death is what saves. (Rom. 5:10; 1 Cor. 15:17)
    8. Monergism/Synergism is a false dichotomy invented in the 1890s. Many Calvinists are synergists based on their own definitions of these terms.
    9. God is pleased to save those that believe, not cause belief in those he saves. (1 Cor. 1:21; Rom. 10:9-10)
    10. Grace is a ubiquitous reality, not a selective force. (Tit. 2:11-13)
    11. Grace is just fine on its own as found in scripture. Any modifier other than “free,” such as “sovereign,” “irresistible,” or “prevenient” indicates someone is either confused or attempting to confuse. (Rom. 3:24; 5:15; Jn. 1:16; Tit. 2:11-13)

    • Toni Tobi-Lawal 4 weeks ago

      Hello Dean C,
      I just wanted to say a big thank you for your comment ! it has really helped Biblically clarify so many things that are fundamentally wrong with Calvinism .when Calvinism was first preached to me, I straight away felt that it was false, but the person that presented it to me seemed so intelligent and clever using the fancy theological terms that Calvinists love. So I listened and allowed him to preach, and as someone else commented that’s how most people are attracted to Calvinism, they become so obsessed with being wise and having some secret exclusive inside knowledge, everything about Calvinism is so exclusive and for the “elected” alone which is so contrary to a loving and just God that wants to save all who believes. My first response to election was God could choose some people to be like teachers so that people would be able to learn but both teacher and student can equally be saved thus election does not mean salvation and if we were to get technical it was the “jews” that were elected not us today ,but I was a baby christian and didn’t necessarily know all the right terms and your comment has helped me so much!

  5. Mark Rogers 4 months ago

    Every attribute of GOD is Eternal!! He is Who He is

  6. Ross Temple 5 months ago

    God is not at the end of time looking backwards. God is ever present at all time. God predestined rebels for hell and obedient to heaven. Calvinist you always blame God for all evil besmirching God’s good character. Atonement is on all creation. Those that don’t except it are rebels. Now Election is conditional, by trusting God and adhering to His good will, you will make it to the narrow way because God wills it to be that way. God did not make man for hell neither does He have any pleasure in the death of the wicked. Where it says God creates evil the context is calamity. Satan’s kingdom is divided and the wicked take it by force. Man has free choice. God given.

  7. ONP 7 months ago

    This Flowers followers prefer to decrease God’s attributes to exalt human “own freedom” just to blindly follow a person who blatantly hates calvinism just because. He has an agenda against calvinism that is absurd. It is a waste of time and effort but his contempt is so strong. To all those people, please learn how to live with calvinism as you do with everything else that you consider wrong. Good grief!

    • Mark Rogers 4 months ago

      My sentiments exactly. He’s a one-trick pony chasing his tail.

    • Dean C 3 months ago

      The exaltation of human freedom is the Calvinist’s boogeyman (Pelagius), not to mention an ad hominem attack. Augustine was bested by Pelagius in debates (much through written letters) and adopted a man-made philosophy concerning the will of man. He then countered Pelagius’ argument through his own philosophy, not scripture. In this way both Pelagius and Augustine made the same mistake, mistakes that both led to eisegesis and incorrect doctrine. Pleagius created a belief system based on his philosophy of the will of man and so did Augustine, they were just reciprocal. The second premise of Pelagius that Augustine swallowed hook, line and sinker was that faith/belief is a work. Then Augustine was able to defeat Pelagius in the eyes of an audience, we must remember that you can win a debate with wrong ideas. This is exactly what Augustine did. Faith/belief is contrasted from works in the Bible by Paul. It is the opposite of works. Because Augustine accepted this false premise, he had to figure out a way for the sinner to be saved before he believes. There are no verses in the Bible that support this idea. Faith always precedes regeneration when an order is specified, there are verse where this is not made clear, but there are no verses that support regeneration preceding faith.

  8. Kenneth 7 months ago

    Well I wonder if any of ya’ll would be willing to have a one on one live discussion with him. I’ve listened to many of his things to see what he is submitting and I have to say, you have misrepresented him.

    • Mark Rogers 4 months ago

      Please tell me how he is being misrepresented.

      • Marius 2 months ago

        Check out his videos,is all there.

  9. P 11 months ago

    To all who rage against the article, Flowers does pride himself as being a former Calvvinist. He credits himself with the salvation he professes. His god does all for the praise of man’s will.

    The SBC as a whole is apostate and he just manifests what most in the denomination believe and it’s not the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    John 1: 10 He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not.

    11 He came unto his own, and his own received him not.

    12 But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name:

    13 Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.

    • Andanna 10 months ago

      Indeed *MATTHEW 7:19-27* LF & his team will face GOD in HIS wrath!

      • Mark Rogers 7 months ago

        I too am a Calvinist. But I do not believe that we are saved by our theology. There are many things we don’t understand but one thing I do understand is that we are saved by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and His finished work on the Cross. I pray that Leighton Flowers comes to the truth about that which he thinks he best understands,ie- Soteriology. But he, like me, doesn’t have it all right.

        • Marius 2 months ago

          No my friend its exactly what Calvinists believe,saved by your theology.I will say that you just don’t realize it.Calvinism is salvation by works its psuedo -Catholicism-confession,baptism,mass =salvation versus,election,baptism and communion= salvation.

    • Chase Goettler 6 months ago

      I really don’t understand how people can not see the free will of man throughout scripture. Abraham had a choice. Moses had a choice. Even Saul had a choice. Grace is given to us by GOD not of man so long as we believe in Him. Believing is not a work of man. If so then how would you reconcile Romans 4? Abraham’s was righteous because he believed not because of works.

  10. Roger Vincent 2 years ago

    Dr. Flowers plays a dangerous game and his student will suffer for it. Flowers stands for nothing except that he hates Calvinism, and will do what he has to do to disprove Calvinism, even if that means sneaking in open theism, Molinism etc… but claiming he is neither. Because Dr. Flowers won’t stand for anything. His teachings are all over the place, therefore it makes it difficult to pin him down. His teachings are geared towards Calvinism, which is why he ONLY engages Calvinists; therefore he will find himself tied up in all sorts of theological knots when engaging other camps i.e. Mormons, pro gay Christians etc… He knows this which is why doesn’t engage other camps.

    • Andanna 10 months ago

      are there really converted Christians?

      and still believe in their own THAN RELYING ON WHAT GOD Said?! 😢

  11. Colin Nunn 2 years ago

    God will judge you people. May He have mercy on you deceivers.

  12. […] This post is a response to the latest over at BTWN. […]

  13. Elisa 2 years ago

    Disgraceful attack on a humble man of God. BTWN has gone on a witch hunt.

  14. Linda 2 years ago

    This attack on Dr. Flowers is nothing more than a desperate and pathetic attempt to sew discord and bear false witness against a brother in Christ who is drawing attention to the glaring contradictions and false teachings of your particular doctrine. It’s no surprise that he’s being attacked..the clarity that God has gifted him to bring is dismantling this false doctrine, so the followers must react in defense. Dr. Flowers has never, not once, denied any of these scriptures and his view of God’s sovereignty is entirely biblical. Have any of you even read his book?

    Raking Dr. Flowers over the coals, being extremely rude, pharisaical, condescendingly arrogant and spreading lies about him (all the while claiming to be Christians), simply because he has taken a different theological stance on the issue of soteriology is FAR from how we are called to treat one another. This treatment of him by the reformed crowd has been completely inappropriate and disgraceful. “By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.” John 13:35. Dr. Flowers is always extremely kind and able to disagree with others gracefully…unlike his opponents. So..that is very telling in and of itself.

    You are taking his words out of context and attempting to smear him. I hope your followers and others can see through your desperation…for should Dr. Flowers continue to gain credibility, that is a threat to the system of doctrine you’ve built your whole tiny kingdom around. After all, there are SO many wolves out there that are deceiving people and leading them away from the truth. He’s not one of them. Why go after him..unless his ministry is a threat to yours.

    • Z SULC 1 year ago

      Well said – the Calvinistic distortion of the true nature and character of God is nothing short of blasphemous. The monster their doctrine of demons has produced is not the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ .

    • Nathaniel 11 months ago

      @Linda Awesome post! My thoughts exactly. This entire blog post is just one big ad-hominem attack against Dr. Flowers. Notice how he doesn’t address any of Leighton’s arguments? He just claims that his arguments are wrong because he doesn’t start with a Calvinistic interpretation. It’s just a smear campaign that is demonstrably false and untruthful.

  15. Stephen Anderson 2 years ago

    Wow, wrath is not an eternal attribute? God changes?
    You guys ought not be winging this stuff.

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