BTWN has addressed Clayton Jennings in the past. There is much to be concerned about.
Read about it – HERE

I personally have posted an open letter to Clayton Jennings. you can read it – HERE

I am going to go out on a limb here and make some conclusions based on Clayton Jennings recent behavior.

Clayton is in a personal crisis and in need of an immediate intervention.

What behavior you may ask?

This from his Facebook account.

Clayton Jennings is not ok

This on instagram & facebook

Clayton Jennings

That photo is not photo shopped. Unfortunately Jennings has continued down a path of shameful destructive behavior which has every thoughtful christian concerned.

This is not the first time Clayton Jennings has used obscene hand gestures. Click here to read about “Clayton Jennings Highlights His Genitals and References Obscene Hand Gesture in Latest Video.”

This explanation for this above picture on FaceBook.

This from his FaceBook Feed

This from his instagram story feed.

Clayton Jennings Instagram Story

Note: In the above video Clayton Jennings..

– Falsely claims his family has been attacked.
– Promises To Expose All Who Have Spoken Against Him In The Last Five Years!
– Physically threatens a Pastor repeatedly.
– Uses vulgar language repeatedly.
– Insults a persons physical appearance.
– Lies about the sensitive details of a teenage suicide to discredit a critic.
– Charges his sexual abuse victims (of which he has admitted his guilt) of lying.
– Bullies Seth Dunn calling him mentally disabled.

This from a concerned Jennings fan pleading on FaceBook.

Clayton Jennings attacking a former lover on instagram.

Read more about this – HERE

Another Jennings fan pleading with him on FaceBook.

Another Jennings FaceBook follower encouraging him to take a break.

This from a follower on Facebook.

Most concerning about this is that nobody is attacking Jennings’ family. Nobody has threatened his wife or daughter. The “attacking my family” narrative is a complete fabrication. If you disagree I challenge you to present a thread of evidence to support that claim. Jennings has yet to do so.

FaceBook confusion, Has Clayton Been Hacked?

Of equal concern is that Clayton Jennings has deleted most of his instagram post of him and his wife. No longer will you find the complete history of the Jennings crusade, ministry and family updates. Clayton has deleted all but 27 of his 100’s of Instagram posts. This fact is most concerning.

My conclusion is this and I do only speculate.

Jennings has as expected, fallen upon another difficult time. Most likely his marriage is in crisis due to the exposure of his multiple unrepentant sins by a few internet news outlets.

Clayton Jennings has nothing more to lose. His current attempt to literally beat up and discredit those who have exposed his sin is an attempt to save his family and ultimately his livelihood (ministry).

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  1. Angelina 2 years ago

    Today was the first time I ever heard of Clayton Jennings Or Pastor JD and this is what i have to say. God doesn’t like ugly. God doesn’t like being used for a person own gain or his name used to belittle someone. God doesn’t like hypocrites. Yeah Clayton is a sinner aren’t we all or wait you all are sin free?? Only God can judge. Oh and by the way God loves sinners like Clayton and me..why you ask. Because he uses sinners like us to help reach the unreachable unlike you who make them think that because they have sinned being loved by God is inconceivable. When you judge like you do.. you do the devil’s work by filling people with self doubt. Why? Cause that’s how you keep them coming back to give their money not for God but so you can pick out your new title and grout. Please do yourself a favor and ask Jesus to forgive you. Or wait that’s right you are free of sin.

    • Author
      Tim Hurd 2 years ago

      If only God can judge why are you judging me?

      The fact that you have judged that I should not judge should cause you to evaluate your position.

      Please study scripture for the truth about judging others. Google is your friend.

      God bless

  2. Vanessa 2 years ago

    You are no better than he by writing this blog. The Bible says that if they aren’t against us then leave them alone. It also says to remove the beam from your own eye before you try to remove the more from your brothers. You will be held accountable for the souls that were not saved and the people who did not continue in the faith because of reading your blog. What he needed then and what he and all spiritual leaders need now is prayer. Let God speak to people about who they follow and you stay out of it.

  3. Laurt 3 years ago

    Do you think hes been on benzos???
    I am Christian and did not regularly swear until I took clonazapam… Then I was dropping F bombs all the time. And developed so much anger I became homicidal and suicidal.

    • L 2 years ago

      Maybe but that’s irrelevant. He’s spoken out about pills and his own prescription pill use (benzodiazepines) in several of his spoken word/poetry tracks. I say it is irrelevant because he is simply Hurt.
      If someone threatened MY family in any way or form, I would have tremendous emotion and rage is a normal reaction to feeling threatened. Don’t forget that anger is just sadness (maybe for him more fear-based or mixed with fear) covered up. Is he on coke making him act ‘erratic’? No; he is a human reacting to his personal circumstances, he’s not God and neither are you. He’s very much mortal and how he lives is proof.

  4. Victor Akan 3 years ago

    The only thing more pathetic than this article is your pathetic self

  5. Dr. Oswald Xavier Malone 3 years ago

    Clayton Jennings is more than okay.

    It’s Trump-worshiping, Nazi-coddling, child-raping Evangelical Protestants that need to find Jesus.

    • George 3 years ago

      What amazes me is those like yourself who claim that trump supporters, christians etc are associated with nazism and hate, show the most hate and aggression by their conduct and words.
      True hypocrites of our time.

      • LOCEANA 2 years ago

        The only “Christians” I allow myself to know or be around, are the very FEW who live by their daily faith BY HOW THEY TREAT OTHERS, act & live. Actions trump words.

        Raised in a nondenominational Christian church from infancy to graduating college at a Christian university at age 22 (was raped in 2007 when I was 19 by an 18 year old Christian Freshmen student who I later was informed is the son or grandson of my at the time private university’s DEAN – but no that did not make me leave a church, Jesus, God, faith etc). It’s just one example of that word ‘hypocrite’. Should a “Christian” drug a drunk girl so she can be mentally alert and lucid yet physically paralyzed for non consensual forced sex (rape)? Should a “Christian” post Bible verses and quotes on their personal Instagram/social media for their followers and or family to see only to slander, harass and bully others psychologically and physically for over a decade? Hypocrisy is too common for “Christians”, and when I say something I LIVE IT. I am very spiritual, I am not religious. Just like placing a title of “bisexual” or “female” we ought to focus far less on Roles or titles and focus on the Fact that you and I are the same. (I’m not certain you experience premonitions since you were a child like I have, can stare at a stranger and literally feel their pain (empath), mediumship etc — but we are the same in that no one is better than the other. If I see or hear someone judging another person regardless of what they are saying — I have always and continue to ignore, and meet/greet the “awful” usually a person, whom I never had met before, with open arms 100 percent each time in simply allowing every person a tabula rasa or clean slate (with a stranger you should anyway; you don’t know them and vice verse), and every time each bad mouthed individual person delighted me (has positive traits) and surprised those who tried to Condemn (them).

        Yes this comment is “all over the place” because I have so much stored inside that needs to be released. Hence why I write daily (journaling, poetry, spoken word, music singing and rapping, performing comedy on stage etc).


    • L 2 years ago

      Don’t forget Hilary & Bill Gates or pedophilia and child sacrifices, Hollyweird & human Trafficking

  6. Chris 88 3 years ago

    I’ve been reading about him they are a lot of people saying bad things about him using profanity sexual assaults on church girls blah blah blah if its true that makes me like him even more cause everyone makes mistakes and sins those are the ones Jesus wants the most those are the types of people Jesus hung out with in the streets Jesus flipped over tables and chased people with whips then cast them into HELL is he Jesus NO if people are concerned with his behaviour past present or his future they should come to him in private like the bible says and offer guidance with kindness not negative post on Instagram or Facebook what kinda people are those then ??? Take the log out of your own eye before you look for splinters in others #keepin8it8real#

  7. Lucian Hodoboc 3 years ago

    We are called to love one another and, if we consider that a brother has sinned against us, we should guide one another in private and with kindness (Matthew 18:15). If you think that Mr. Jennings is going through a rough time in his life, reach out to him in private and try to offer him guidance. Pray for discernment and ask The Holy Spirit to guide you. Don’t write this type of articles. They are not helpful. I don’t think God would approve of this type of approach.

  8. C_Shell 4 years ago

    To whom much is given, much will be expected (Luke 12:48).
    I’m just glad that GOD will be the ultimate judge of everyone – and NOTHING will be able to be hidden, no lies twisted to resemble truth!

  9. Penny 4 years ago

    It is SHAMEFUL what has and continues to be done to Clayton and his family. “ALL” of us SIN. Even Evangelists and even Pastors (which he is not). Things he has recently said are not right and he will surely repent {PRIVATELY} but don’t be so quick to condemn this man. He is being lied about and has publically admitted what is true. So let he who has never sinned throw the first stone!!! Pushing Clayton over the edge for years (of sin that he has already repented of years ago) is NOT right!! What is wrong with you people and especially that EVIL JD something that started all this. GOD is surely very disappointed in YOU!!! NOT Clayton for standing up for what is right

  10. Martins 4 years ago

    Clayton has just taken off his sheep’s clothing and I really thank God for that.i was once a follower of his, deceived by the ‘gospel’ he preaches. I saw the warning signs; he seemed both spiritual and carnal at the same time. But now I can see clearly that he is a wolves. I bless the Lord for this expose. May he continue to expose the wolves amongst us that the sheep might be saved

    • Troy Andrew Lee 2 years ago

      You should examine your own life instead of trying to use God to justify your judgement on this poor man

  11. Grant 4 years ago

    What is sad is you could replace the name “JD Hall” on almost every accusation you made against Jennings.

    Bullies people who disagree with him: check
    Belittles the physical appearance of people: check
    Creates a false narrative about people (lying): check
    Publicly displays the faces of people (and their spouses) with whom he disagrees: check
    Has attempted to destroy the business/career of people with whom he disagrees: check
    Promises to “expose” people who speak against him: check
    Falsely claims people close to him have been wrongly attacked: check
    Constantly creates misleading click bait stories to generate traffic: check
    Shows signs of emotional/mental instability: check

    And on and on and on…

    Pot – meet kettle.

  12. krystalsmitherman 4 years ago

    John 8:7
    Instead of praying for someone, you choose to bash. I’m thankful that Jesus is a friend of sinners. I pray for the writers of this article(s) as well as Mr. Jennings and his family.

    • Jesse 4 years ago

      Wrong, as Christians we are to be a light to the world. As Christians we are to hold each other accountable to the word of God, especially, ESPECIALLY leadership personnel. How will we be a light to the world when the light is cloaked in Darkness. The world does not see the light, only the darkness in those situations. Thus it is critical for the rest of the Christian community to collectively rebuke the sin NOT the sinner. Clayton is a man of God going through a difficult time. That does not and will not ever excuse his sin or anyone else’s in difficult times. Like it or not, it is biblical to hold leadership positions to a higher standard for this reason.

  13. […] not been written about at this publication since March of last year. It was yesterday that Jennings unleashed a series of profane and aggressive social media posts addressed not only at Pulpit & Pen and […]

  14. Kimberly 4 years ago

    Romans 16:17-18 –“Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned, and avoid them.”

    Ephesians 5:11~ “Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them. ”

    Romans 16:17-18 –“Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned, and avoid them.”

  15. Gail 4 years ago

    Not sure why people on twitter etc are “concerned” for his downhill slide, and now exploding when he may of never even been saved so why not that him as such?

  16. Jennifer 4 years ago

    Do you think that you are in the right?? Both of you are acting like rebellious teenagers!
    You can’t stand in the pulpit and try to teach people about Jesus, and then turn around and maliciously attack one another! This is why the Bible tells us not to put our faith in any man, but in Christ alone!! You both are falling into the “wolf in sheep’s clothing”. You both need to get down on your knees and pray until you can feel the peace of God that passes all understanding, then apologize to your congregation and the people who follow you on social media. Your actions are NOT ok!

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