Len Pettis, JD Hall & Seth Dunn Join BTWN to discuss and review Clayton Jennings recent behavior.

Read this article for more context – https://biblethumpingwingnut.com/2019/03/02/clayton-jennings-is-not-ok/

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  1. Tamara Shepherd 4 years ago

    Clayton was angry and acted out of ‘the flesh’. He saw one too many negative word and threat about him and his family, and as a man with a newborn daughter, became ‘offended’. He came out swinging so-to-speak, acting out of anger. He appeared to lose control, but as a human that GOD CREATED and that the enemy fouled up (everything the enemy touches or affects turns to crud unless we remain in Christ) he took on a few arrows and became weak. Clayton still very much believes in God, but he is willing to confront anyone who brings threats against his family. He almost lost his daughter in South Africa and that appeared to be a breaking point upon many threats he had already received. But then, that’s how evil people think (i.e.- people who send curses threats in this instance) and work under the guise of satan – oh what joy anyone has who is clueless and allows that one to come into your life. Pure ignorance. I’ll take intelligence any day and stay with the winning team, weak and fleshly or not. No one is ‘perfect’ in Christ – you take your mistakes and imperfections to the Lord, ask forgiveness, then get back up, dust yourself off, and keep walking with the Lord. Only he will make your paths straight.

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