BibleThumpingWingnut Episode #340

Len Pettis Joins BTWN to discuss a plethora of topics. Enjoy!

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ScreenShot of Jennings Post referenced within this episode.

  1. kevin 2 years ago

    you guys were Johnny-on-the-spot there. thanks

  2. kevin 2 years ago

    can you screen reference the instagram post that you shared? It doesn’t appear on his page that I can see. (i’m not very insta-savvy)

    • Author
      Tim Hurd 2 years ago

      Which one? How did we describe it?

      • Kevin 2 years ago

        the one where he mentioned his daughter and that he would personally fly out to whatever country/city to face the people that made the comments.

        • Author
          Tim Hurd 2 years ago

          Sure, I added it to the bottom of this post.

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