1. Gina 3 years ago

    JD Hall and Pulpit and Pen
    Please stop harassing me and stalking my Facebook page and screenshotting my posts and posting them on your page. You sad sad false prophets!
    I will be calling the authorities. You Bullied Braxton over his fathers views and a month later he committed suicide. To this day you bully
    Publicly repent 1Timothy 5:20

  2. Brandon 3 years ago

    Anyone who claims Billy Graham lead people to hell I can’t tske serious. My grandfather who was a drunk for a big part of his life and saved late always attributed Billy Graham’s teachings to him trusting in the Lord and getting right with the Lord before he passed away. I can’t take you serious if you actually believe this. Please tell me how many people you’re leading you Christ. That isn’t a question by the way. Judgement in the name of discernment doesn’t work for the lost who have always experienced judgement. I can’t imagine you’re reaching many people with your word. I’m sure you’re word touches your followers who are already (hopefully) believers. We aren’t called to lead the saved. We are called to lead people to The feet of Jesus. By the way, I sent an email a few days ago (which I’ve received no reply to) about how you think it’s okay to judge Clayton’s followers and not allow them to comment on your pages. Anyone who hasn’t aligned with you you’ve either blocked or made it so we can’t even see comments..much less comment our opinion. That is nothing but dictatorship. You aren’t interested in hearing anyone out who doesn’t align 100% with what you perceive to be true. Which is sad

    • Toni Brown 3 years ago

      Brandon – Anyone who says that there will be muslims, Buddhists and people from other faiths “in heaven with us” is a dangerous heretic that rejects the words of Christ who said “No one comes to the Father but by me.” Billy Graham told the heretic Robert Schuller those very, heretical words. Do the research. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btVPQOQvnG4&t=951s

      • steve 3 years ago

        read romans 2 and the sheep and the goats judgment there will be many in the kingdom who haven’t even heard of jesus that followed their consince your the heretic grahm was right

  3. Candace mounts 3 years ago

    I just have trouble not because of just the Clayston stuff but because of many of the other articles I’ve read I think a lot of things Beimg taught are bordering on blasphemy. Such as praise and worship and being lost in the spirit being compared to master bating. Also the Bible also says touch not mine anointed. When you say things against people like Billy Graham Jentzen Franklin John haggey to name a few I think you are treading on dangerous ground. Yes I’ve read the articles myself and yes I’ve heard the preaching and the teaching of all the men I’ve listed and they are men of God. I just think you all should just preach and if you think that someone is wrong , unless they are breaking the law, pray for them Stick to the word

    • Zachary Wade 3 years ago

      So many people bring up the touch not mine annointed these days and they all are misinterpreting that verse. That was talking about the king of Israel and God’s prophets. It does not have anything to do with people today. We who are true believers are annointed with the Holy Spirit. Graham was a heretic and so is this kat! If you cannot see that and undersrand that. Than you don’t have any discernment, nor understand God’s word!

  4. yadira 3 years ago

    You have to understand that most of his followers are not Christians. I do not think he was called to speak to the church, he was called to speak to unbelievers. It is the job of the people who have been called to Sheppard the church to take over once he has lead them to Jesus. Now regarding his personal struggles instead of using a public forum to correct this you should have loved him enough to bring him into repentance. You and JD Hall have children and they are probably not adults yet and you don’t know the future, you don’t know if they will struggle with a sin. How would you want your children to be brought into repentance from others who found them in sin? would you want them to be treated the way you have handled thing with Clayton? Would you write and article about your children exposing their sin to the world? I would hope you would be honest with yourself when answering this questions. Love covers multitudes of sin, it doesn’t leave them uncorrected, but when you correct the person through the eyes of love you tend to handle the situation a bit different. Did he need to be correct YES, but the way JD Hall approached this matter was not Christ like. I have been reading some of his article and honestly i couldn’t find an article that didn’t talk bad about someone. Is that ALL he does spread bad news? I thought we were called to spread the GOOD NEWS!

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