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Clayton Jennings has repeatedly claimed on multiple social media platforms that Pastor JD Hall is responsible for “bullying a teen to the point of suicide” Jennings posted the following today March 7th 2019 on his FaceBook Page. I could post a bunch more but this will suffice.

But is this true? What really happened? Is Clayton Jennings telling the truth?

Listen as Pastor JD Hall responds to Clayton Jennings’ accusation that he cause Braxton Caner to commit suicide . This clip is from episode #436 of the “Bad Christian Podcast

For a complete background and history of Clayton Jennings current meltdown watch BTWN’s review of the Jennings broadcast HERE .

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  1. robert matthew meade 2 years ago

    No one is responsible for someone’s suicide.I have had enough of these cowardly little brats who commit suicide over bullying.That young man wasn’t bullied he was witnessed to.Period.I am a child of God and I walk like a man and I speak like a man.The devil has given us a nation of little boys running around in their vehicles playing their devil worship and fornicating like little teenagers.I can converse with police officers and military personnel because I am a man!God did that for me!Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Andrew 2 years ago

      Listen to how Jesus speaks. Jesus spoke to the woman at the well and when he did he called her loved. You claim you are a child of God , but you claim that a 15 year old that you don’t know is a “cowardly little brat.” That’s not Jesus! Read 1 Peter 4:8 and I want to see how you justify your words as biblical.

  2. Doris 3 years ago

    I think all of you are going to have an uncomfortable moment when you’re standing before God.

  3. Derrick 3 years ago

    Clayton is right, JD and all his thugs are fakes, he deserves to be convicted of the suicide of Braxton, yea Clayton has mistakes but everyone sins, no one is perfect, unfortunately JD is close to the antichrist

  4. phil Goodman 3 years ago

    Be sure your sins will find you out Clayton

  5. Jordy 3 years ago

    JD Hall has operated this way for years and years –
    Not just through his own accounts but also through his fellow childish thugs whom he directs to do these things on his behalf.

    Clayton Jennings is an amazing man. With an amazing family. Who has only preached of love. Which is quite the contrast from the hate pushed by little JD hall and his soulless minions. That seek no other path but to cause destruction and find ways to ruin the lives of people and their families that don’t believe in what he believes (I believe this is more about an ego thing with him, he wants to attack people that just don’t support him personally, but who knows)

    Unfortunately, his insane public trolling rants after starting fights with more successful religious people, have made his little site gain even a small amount of followers (which 1 additional follower is to much). In his mind, his rants and bullying have worked, he sells ad space on his websites and “tries” to sell merchandise.

    We can not let this man believe that this type of abuse will lead him to successes. Can he not gain success solely by his “ministry” or his “preaching” …. why stoop to such harm?

  6. Tracey Morris 3 years ago

    We all love Clayton Jennings. So, that should tell you something about what is thought of you…

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