This is a Best of BTWN Episode. Originally posted Summer of 2014.

Original Show Notes:
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BTWN As Calvinists we kind of get use to those who oppose it not representing it properly when critiquing it. We came across a video where Pastors Ron Vietti & Jim Crews of Valley Bible Fellowship – Bakersfield, CA give what might be the very worst critique of Calvinism to ever show up on the internet.

Len and Colin explain why the bible verses they use to refute the TULIP of Calvinism are all taken out of context. There are so many mistakes that we didn’t get through them all, we will wrap it up next week.

Colin teaches us about Theonomy, tells us what his understanding is of what the bible teaches on the issue, and helps Len and Tim understand why it’s so important to those who hold the theonomic position.

Last week on “The Dividing Line” James White addressed an article by Post-Millenialist Ken Gentry and he addresses some of the problems that he has with that particular eschatological position.

Colin takes Dr. White to task on what he sees as an inconsistent criticism.

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I think we’re done here.

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