Recently I saw a Facebook post that showed a pic of a Jory Micah tweet:

Think about what Jory Micah is doing with this tweet. If that is the type of God you believe in, then you can count me out. I will not serve that sort of God. What modern feminists do not seem to appreciate is that man is not special because of his “manhood” in and of itself. Maleness is special because God created it from himself. Since man is created in the image of God, you should know that to offer general criticism of maleness is likely to offer general criticism of God. Men have the status and role they have because God created them to have that status and role. Masculinity is something we should admire, appreciate, and elevate because that is how God designed things. To be a man is to be a leader, a protector. It is a certain kind of human that ought to be appreciated because God made it that way. You see, when Jory Micah says “count me out” she is blaspheming God. That the Bible depicts God as masculine is clear. That Jory finds masculinity deplorable means that she finds God deplorable. That is blasphemy.

God became a man in the person of Jesus Christ. God did not become a woman. This is God’s business, God’s work, God’s design. It should be celebrated. Isn’t it interesting that we are told that we must celebrate homosexuality, gender dysphoria, and all sorts of other perversions while at the same time being a man is one of the worse possible things one could be today according to this culture. And as the pseudo-Christians always do, Jory Micah is importing her God-hating paganism into the churches. Husbands, do your duty and disciple your wives.

How many times have we heard an Arminian say if that is the kind of God that exists, I will not worship him. That God is a moral monster. What are these people doing? They are doing exactly what Paul said they did in Romans 1. “Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for an image resembling mortal human beings or birds or four-footed animals or reptiles.” Men are by nature, God-haters. The natural man is an enemy of God. The mind that lives according to the flesh is hostile toward God. In other words, the unregenerate mind hates the God that the Bible claims exists. This is an unambiguous fact of God’s revelation.

Feminists pervert God’s description of himself in masculine terms. Homosexuals are not saying that Jesus suffered from identity dysphoria of his own being confused about being God in a man’s body as if this is anything like being queer. It is an outrageous blasphemy that deserves the most intense scorn and ridicule one can deliver. Black Protestants who have crept into our evangelical camps are claiming that God is notcolorblind after all. God does not just look at the inward man, contrary to the clearest teachings of Scripture. These men have pushed the core teachings of reconciliation in Christ through faith in the gospel to the fringes and have replaced true reconciliation with a surface level reconciliation that is tied to reparations, apologies for slavery and racism ad nauseum and have extended their greed and power-hungry vapes to affirmative action as an addendum to 1 Tim. 3:1-7 in the Christian qualifications for being an elder. Diversity has been elevated far beyond its true place in the scheme of things to being a virtue in and of itself.

Modern evangelical feminists hate the masculine descriptions of God in Scripture. This God they want nothing to do with. If God only calls men to leadership then he is not worthy of their worship. This is the rejection of the divine design of the sexes. Homosexuals hate the God who damns homosexuality. Such a God could not be loving. This is a rejection of the divine design of human sexuality in its most depraved expression. Black protestants hate the God who does not guarantee liberty for oppressed and the poor in the here and now. Such a God must be the creative invention of white theology. This is a rejection of divine reconciliation in Christ. As far as these folks are concerned, reconciliation with God is not possible until there is some sort of reconciliation with and payment made to all the black people whose ancestors were enslaved or oppressed through the sin of racism.

Rejection of God’s sovereignty in preference for a God who is not in control is a serious theological error that can only lead to other serious theological error. We must work hard to purge this error from our churches. While Arminian theology does not damn from my perspective, it is still a serious error that we should purge from the body. We should work diligently to help people think better concerning divine sovereignty.

Rejection of the reconciliation work of Christ at the cross by hanging the guilt of Americans who sinfully captured and sold slaves on the backs of every white American and on every evangelical in present day is a sober and serious heresy that cannot be permitted to survive in our churches. Any teaching that negates the reconciliation work of the cross and attaches works-requirements to it is outright heresy. It does not matter if proponents frame that work requirement as a fruit of faith or as a requirement of repentance. We cannot allow such an egregious teaching to flourish in our churches. Both the teaching and its proponents should be dealt with in all seriousness.

Written by Ed Dingess at ReformedRant.

The Reformed Rant

The Reformed Rant focuses on real world issues taking place in real time, examines those issues in light of Scripture so that we may honor Christ and glorify God both in how we think about them and by what we do about them.

  1. Darren 2 years ago

    God was created in man’s image. Get the facts straight.

  2. Kent 2 years ago

    Gen 1:27 And God created the man in His own image; in the image of God He created him. He created them male and female.

    This is what we often do not see or understand. Man/ Adam created in the image of God is not just the male, but is both the male and female.

    Adam means male, or mankind. The full statement here makes the definition of adam to be mankind and not just the male. Humans are not just male.

    It required both genders of mankind to express the image of God.

    This being the scriptural truth, God as expressed in his creation of mankind, is both male and female. I think it better to say that God is not the same as the image. God’s being is not human, he is other, as declared, “spirit”. God is neither male or female, but to fully express God’s image in the creation is to require both male and female.

  3. Henry D. Chambers 2 years ago

    Sorry this is in reference to may 26 2019 podcast and the comment concerning proselytizing at work. I cannot agree with the statement without compromising the mandate of scripture.Are we to not speak out at work if to not speak is to compromise to keep the peace and our jobs/money? I think not as a Christian we are given that luxury.

  4. Tom Griggs 3 years ago

    God is a man, because Jesus is a man. We should not waste our time rebelling against the obvious and rather invest our time discovering why Jesus Christ is a man and not a woman.

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