Written By Steve Langella

The End of the Conservative SBC. 

The Tale of Two Toms!

Resolution #9 – SBC19 Convention:

“WHEREAS, Critical Race Theory and intersectionality alone are insufficient to diagnose and redress the root causes of the social ills that they identify, which result from sin, yet these analytical tools can aid in evaluating a variety of human experiences”

Tom Buck and Tom Ascol are champions for the Gospel.  
I applaud these men for standing against the demonic Critical Race Theory that the SBC has just adopted and swallowed hook, line, and sinker. Say Goodbye to the SBC.


Hosts Tim and Len are a couple of regular guys who started their ministries on YouTube making videos defending the faith and dismantling the arguments of atheism, skepticism, cults and radical unbelief. The Bible Thumping Wingnut Podcast started April 1st of 2014 to encourage Christians to engage in apologetics, evangelism and polemics, and to equip them with the tools and resources to do so to the Glory of God.

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