Written By Steve Langella

In light of the recent SBC Resolution 9 fiasco. I think it’s safe to say that as responsible Christians who love the Gospel and the church, we need to start protecting God’s sheep by steering them away from people who refuse to sign the Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel due to their aggressive promotion of Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality. Todd Friel names names, and so will I. 

I would steer people away from the following men, all who did not sign the statement, and all who either are aggressively promoting or are tolerating their leaders and peers who aggressively promote this heretical Cultural Marxist ideology. 

We need to steer people away from the following men and anyone else who promotes Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality and are dividing the church:

Pastor Paul Tripp
Mark Dever of Capitol Hill Baptist Church and 9Marks. 
Russell Moore the President of ERLC. 
Jonathan Leeman of 9Marks.  
Thabiti Anywabili, Pastor of Anacostia River Church. 
David Platt, Pastor of McLean Bible Church. 
Matthew Hall, Dean of Boyce College. 
John Onwuchekwa, Pastor of Cornerstone Church
Curtis Wood of SBTS
Jarvis Williams of SBTS
Matt Chandler, Pastor of The Village Church. 
Danny Aikin, President of SEBTS.  
J.D. Greear, Pastor of The Summit Church and SBC President.

Pray for these men. I am not writing them off as heretics. They do have some very solid resources. And people can benefit from the works of these men. But it is a crap shoot and you just don’t know what they are going to say next. 
Paul warned us about a little leaven. And I personally would not want to be responsible for introducing someone to these men only to find out that they embraced Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality. 

These men once stood as stalwarts for Biblical truth. But now they are no longer trustworthy. You just don’t know what you might hear from these men. And to protect young believers from embracing false doctrines and ideologies, the only option that seems viable is to steer people away from these men and ministries until they repent. 

Here are some better options for those who do not sympathize or buy into the heretical Critical Race Theory/Intersectionality/Social Justice Movement. 

I would recommend the following ministries:

Founders Ministry as an alternative to 9Marks and the Gospel Coalition. 

G3 Conference as an alternative to T4G. 

I would also recommend the following pastors, authors, and teachers as an alternative to the men mentioned above:

Voddie Baucham
Pastor Tom Ascol
Pastor Tom Buck
Dr. James White 
Pastor Josh Buice  
Emilio Ramos
Pastor John MacArthur
Phil Johnson 
Todd Friel
Tom Nettles
Conrad Mbewe
Paul Washer
Costi Hinn
Steve Lawson
JD Hall

And anyone else who adheres to sound doctrine and adamantly rejects Critical Race Theory/Intersectionality/Social Justice/Cultural Marxism. But as with all men, always practice discernment and listen with an open Bible. 

Let’s pledge our alliance to Christ and His Gospel and not men and their false ideologies.


Hosts Tim and Len are a couple of regular guys who started their ministries on YouTube making videos defending the faith and dismantling the arguments of atheism, skepticism, cults and radical unbelief. The Bible Thumping Wingnut Podcast started April 1st of 2014 to encourage Christians to engage in apologetics, evangelism and polemics, and to equip them with the tools and resources to do so to the Glory of God.
  1. Leland Kendrick md 1 year ago

    Critical race theory
    Created by lawyers and the so called elite in the liberal arts division of a college
    Not exactly a bastion of intellectual
    Liberal arts
    Social workers
    Very weak if any mathematics
    Compare to
    Degrees in which they teach us how to
    Think for ourselves
    Not easy to propagandize these degrees and students because we have to be able to think for ourselves
    Not spoonfed
    They call themselves scholars
    And of course who can challenge a scholar
    They call it a theory
    And have no studies
    Hypotheses to back it up
    These so called elites in universities
    Who gave them that positio
    To accept the CRT without questioning it is
    Is for the low IQ non thinkers
    An sheeple
    As a Christian who practiced pharmacy 8 years and family medicine for 30 years
    CRT is socialism leading to communism and Marxism
    Nowhere in the Constitution of the United States of America does it talk about Equity
    The constitution guarantees equality. Which means that all of us are the same and equal under the law. The rich have no more rights than the poor. We do not have kings and queens
    This means that we all have the opportunity under equality to pursue life liberty and happiness. It guarantees nothing.
    Equity on the other hand is. Nothing more than redistribution of wealth. So who are going to be the decision-maker on read distribution. Washington DC. Our constitution starts out with the preamble where the people
    And actually I am very beautiful opening statement. The rest of the constitution is meant to establish our government and define the way we run our country with federal rate being very restricted and States I have the greater rights.
    Actually federal government cannot dictate what our schools K1 through K 12 teach as education is a state right and who pays to teachers, the state not the federal government.
    Until we as a people take the time to learn and study our constitutionThen we will forever be thinking that things that come down from Washington DC or state cannot be challenged.
    We the people they said Cindy United States are the ones who pay the taxes and all of this country
    Bureaucrats and elected officials work for us and not vice versa.
    Critical race theory is also unconstitutional as the constitution if you care to read it states that we cannot discriminate based on race, sex, creed/religion.
    Critical race theory. Propagandist would have us believe that just because we are white that we are guilty of racism strictly based on our color. And somehow we owe them reparations. What about the 600,000 that died in the Civil War to give freedom to their slaves.
    The past is the past
    I will not feel guilty For being a white person.
    Sorry if you have a problem with that he will have to take it up with God as God made me and she made everyone. There is no such thing as race except the human race as we all come from Adam and Eve and reset at Noah and of course they tried to stay at the Tower of babel but he made them speak different languages thus I’ll have a common ancestry beginning with Adam and eve.
    There are different cultures but no different races
    I personally divide the rest of us Between Christians and Non christians
    And only Christians go to heaven
    Christians don’t hate only love
    CRT is meant to divide
    Teach hate and not hate
    I might add that we have the greatest country in the world and we Americans are strong people. Who are always willing to stand up and defeat our enemies.
    Japan I learned that the hard way.
    We have never been in our country except under weak leaders like jimmy carter
    As Regan said peace through strength.
    President Trump also gave us peace thru strength
    Even under the second President Bush where we attacked at the twin towers because of perceived weakness. Well we stood up to them they were not. Now we have a stolen election from and an elected president that is very weak and putting our country and our people in danger because The rest of the world is perceiving teesk
    But as Red blooded American China and others think we are weak
    No we will stand up against anyone who threatens our country
    We always have and always will
    But we need a Hugh revival in USA and turn back to god
    Faith in god not man
    People don’t rust everything’s to come to our country
    They come because they want what we have
    Do you known anyone trying to break into Iran Russia China Cuba Venezuela
    Enough said
    Gif bless America
    And don’t fall for all the lies of CRT
    And socialist agenda
    As George Washington said I would rather die standing than bowing my knees to tyranny
    So would i

  2. Kathi Davis 1 year ago

    Can you explain to me why Paul Tripp is listed here. I have his writing and I don’t see why he’s listed here.

  3. David 2 years ago

    Flawed is the thought that people who don’t sign something, endorse it.

  4. Nal 2 years ago

    Thank you for the list. The heresy MUST be called out and corrected. Respect for your courage and conviction. The true church MUST stand with you, not cower in the corners. We know from history where silence leads.

  5. SM 2 years ago

    Further to my comment today on CRT, I should have said I would suggest cautious use of James Lindsay’s website New Discourses. Although not a professing Christian, he and others do a good job at ripping CRT apart to expose it’s vicious racism and anti-white appeasement of those who would, as they might see it “Right historical wrongs” and a whole lot more). Many good things are coming from lampooning of CRT by James and others, as well as scholarly and serious debate during the last year that I had not noticed before. James Lindsay writes in New Discourses, and is on Twitter at @ConceptualJames. I certainly recommend his very useful breakdown of Woke World and all its abuses of language and it’s attempt to subvert what remains of our Christian culture and heritage.

  6. Cal 2 years ago

    I have to say, I would not agree with the “lists of names” you state are more preferable, when they are not.

  7. david charles 2 years ago

    Go to church, love the people, read your Bible, trust God, grab your Bible trust your pastor. Leave off the celebrity-driven cult.

  8. Amy Musick 2 years ago

    I see a lot of Calvinists in your list.

  9. CBM 2 years ago

    “I am of Paul; I am of Cephas; I am of Dever; I am of JD Hall”
    is this really your solution to the problem?

  10. Joy 2 years ago

    It is very sad, to see a separation among these men. I personally listen to Pastor Platt, and helped me through my walk with God. However as social issues has risen or resurface here in north america, I was confused as why there he(ptr platt) standing, injecting CRT. I pray that every men may see what is happening within the body of Christ, only through the lens of the Word of God. And lay down all pride, and wrap humility within us. Not fall into false humility. In Jesus’ holy name.

  11. Jim 3 years ago

    Tim, read the resolution. There is nothing unbiblical in it. Stop being led down the primeose path of anger and dissension by those who claim a superior understanding. That is all.

  12. Joe 3 years ago

    Of course, knowing what “Critical Race Theory” and “Intersectionality” and how the dreaded 13 preach it are nowhere to be found.

    Credibility score: 0.

    • SM 2 years ago

      Dear Joe, When examining whether a theology, sociology, or a theory of man-made origin can have any relevance, or should have any support during the preaching of God’s word, we need to understand what these things are. I would urge examination of the CRT and it’s related ‘intersectionality’ doctrine (and else besides) by reference to both non-Christian sources (which will verify Christian sources), and Christian teaching. If you believe CRT could be compatible with Biblical teaching, I feel you perhaps might need to re-examine what you know of both. Knowing from what minds the CRT came from will alert you to possible problems with it. The diabolical nature of the divisive, hatefulness and resentment engendered by the CRT is all the evidence I need to know that none of it could have been developed with the blessing of Almighty God. It is set to cause another deep rift in the modern world, especially the West, at a time when the darkness of some totalitarian empires needs to be pushed back, not given support as our civilization once again tries to tear itself apart with future race, false religion, and poverty wars. These WILL come, if we do not deal with CRT and it’s Marxism.

    • Jeff Smith 2 years ago

      Joe, your one-sentence comment is indecipherable. The second half of your sentence doesn’t know what the first half of your sentence was trying to say. Proofreading is always a good thing.

      I can make these categorical statements (in case any of them apply to you or might enlighten you) :

      1) Marxism is Satanic — and nothing less.

      2) Anyone who is a Marxist has a diseased mind and is, to use Nostradomus’ line about Hitler, the enemy of the human race.

      3) Critical Race Theory is Satanic — and nothing less.

      4) Anyone who can’t see that CRT is Stanic and evil has no moral or spiritual discernment credibility whatsoever. In fact, any one who agrees with CRT is already a gonner : they are so far to the looney Left that there’s no hope for them. Only people who are already hyper-propagandized, fully indoctrinated Leftists agree with CRT.

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