Through Christ’s sacrifice we’ve been freed from bondage to sin. But we’re still waging a constant battle against our flesh and the old habits, temptations, and tendencies that remain within us.

As Paul says in Romans 8:13, believers must be constantly “putting to death the deeds of the body.” We must be ruthless, thorough, and precise when it comes to dealing with indwelling sin.

I am sure you agree with Paul when he says we are under obligation to put all remaining sin to death—to kill it (Romans 8:13Colossians 3:5). But how do we actually slay sin?

The following is a seven episode podcast series intended to teach you how to slay sin.

BTWN Episode #346

Adam Staub of the “Shine As Lights Podcast” joins Tim to discuss how only focusing on the Gospel can effect our view of sin. Click – HERE

BTWN Episode #347

BTWN addressed the christian mandate to be killing sin
Click – HERE

BTWN Episode #348

By God’s grace, by the power of the Spirit who indwells you, you call the shots in your life, you choose what you will and will not think about.
Click – HERE

BTWN Episode #349

Lay aside your old manner of life and adopt behavior consistent with your new nature. Weaken old, sinful habits and cultivate righteous, godly behavior.
Click – HERE

BTWN Episode #350

God Requires Universal Obedience. Filling your mind with Scripture is the most powerful measure you can take against indwelling sin. Click – HERE

BTWN Episode #352

Four keys to victory!
If we are going to slay sin we must make our own  bodies our slaves. Click – HERE

BTWN Episode #353

What do you do when sin plays dead? In other words, how do you know if you’ve successfully slain sin?

This Podcast Drops Monday June 24th

Some segments of these podcasts are derived from the writings of John Owen & Tommy Clayton and/or sermons by Dr. John MacArthur

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