1. Seth continues his review of Hebrews 9 examining the single sacrifice of Christ.
2. Seth responds to a listener submission about Jewish prayer.
3. Seth asks for help in confronting Beth Moore.

I need your help reaching a group of people who are being deceived.

There is perhaps no more popular and influential Bible teacher in America than Beth Moore.  This is a huge problem.  While claiming direct-divine revelation, Beth Moore consistently fails to demonstrate biblical exposition and application that is faithful to the meaning of scripture.   Instead she manipulates her well-meaning audience with emotive stories, eisegesis, and charismatic claims.  In between folksy stories about herself, jokes, and claims that God is giving her visions, Beth Moore absolutely butchers the presentation of God’s word.  To make matters worse, Beth Moore promotes and partners with the worst of the worst of in the evangelical complex, including such dangerous prosperity teachers such as Christine Caine and Joyce Meyer.  Despite the reality that Beth Moore as utterly unqualified as a Bible teacher, Christian women buy her books by the thousands and church groups flock to her Living Proof conferences.

Over the past few years, along with men such as Matt Slick, Justin Peters, Phil Johnson, and Todd Friel, I have been one Beth Moore’s most vociferous and constant critics.  My blog posts and podcasts have reached thousands of people, helping many to break free of the spell of Beth Moore.  There are many, many more who do not read my blogs are listen to my podcasts.  Now, I have an opportunity to reach them…in person.  In its seemingly never-ending and shameless effort to profit off of the worst the Evangelical Industrial Complex has to offer, LifeWay is now offering cruise packages: with Steven Curtis Chapman, Christian Caine, and Beth Moore.

Put me on the same boat, for nine days on the New England coast in October of 2020, with Beth Moore and her biggest fans.  Being a paid passenger on her LifeWay cruise will not only give me the opportunity to interact with Beth Moore but to provide a biblical witness to her biggest, most deceived fans.  Church groups are scheduling these cruises.  Put me there with them with the evidence that their favorite Bible teacher is not just a theological dilettante but a dangerous deceiver.

I am seeking to raise $2,500 for my travel to Boston (where the cruise will disembark) and to book my passage on the Beth Moore cruise. 

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