If you know anything about the modern Christianity, you know it’s a dismal thing. Most of what we see today masquerading as Christianity is actually blasphemy. The Word of Faith movement is one of the most nefarious affronts to the true gospel of Jesus Christ–particularly men, like Todd Bentley, who fabricate falsehoods against the Savior and exploit them for selfish gain.

Bentley, of Fresh FIre USA, based out of Pineville, NC has been exposed and dismissed by those within the reformed camp as a godless wicked charlatan long ago. Here , Here & Here

Stephen Powell is a word of faith NAR heretic who loves and has ministers along side Todd Bentley for many years. BTWN has addressed Powell in the past – HERE

Now Powell speaks out about what he has investigated and witnessed concerning Todd Bentleys still unrepentant ongoing sin.

Stephen Powell FaceBook video posted August 22, 2019

Stephen Powell’s full statment concerning Todd Bentley

Dear Church,

As some of you know who have followed my wife and I in ministry these last several years, we’ve had the honor and privilege of traveling with and serving Todd Bentley and Fresh Fire Ministries around the world, along with being involved with Rick Joyner & Morningstar church, attending there the last few years. My connection with Rick goes back fifteen years. He was the first author in the prophetic movement that I ever read when I first began to grow in this stream in 2004. His ministry and his books to this day have had a profound influence on my life in shaping me into the minister and man I am today. My connection with Todd goes back to when I was a kid when I can remember getting his books and teaching cds for Christmas from my parents. Todd’s life and testimony inspired me when I was nineteen years old, fresh out of High School, to take five months off of work, lock myself in my room, and seek the Lord day and night. It was at that time that I had my first visitation of Jesus, and that I first began to move in the prophetic and healing gifts. That was when I really fell in love with Jesus and built a deep lasting bond with the Lord that has remained to this day and affected every part of my life. I’ll always be grateful to Rick & Todd for their positive influence in my life, despite some of the bad things that have happened and regrettable things I’ve become aware of more recently. I’ll always honor them for being pioneers in this generation for revival, the supernatural, intimacy with God, & the prophetic. I love and honor them and that’s why what I’m about to say next is so painful and hard. But I’ve come to the conclusion through much fasting, prayer, and hundreds of hours of counseling with wise counselors over the last several months, that I must do what I’m about to do next. I’m appealing to people all over the world to hear my heart, receive my honest witness of the things I’ve seen and heard, and most importantly, pray for the people involved in this. This breaks God’s heart when things like this come up. These are his children that we’re dealing with here. We want to pray for everyone involved in this, including Todd and his family; that God’s will would be done and the true freedom and deliverance He desires for all of us would be accomplished because of the blood of Jesus.

The information I’m about to present I believe to be true. I have done the best that I can to determine the validity of the allegations that have surfaced in regards to Todd, and have done the best I can to sort through hearsay and separate fact from fiction. This information is based on stories I’ve heard, both written and recorded testimony, as well as hard copy evidence that I’ve gathered such as screen shots from cell phones.

I wish to state right at the beginning of this letter that I do not want anything personally from this other than to see the will of the Lord done, the body of Christ protected, Todd and Jessa helped, and leaders who have failed them and the body held accountable. I’m not seeking financial gain, notoriety in my ministry, or fame. I’m not seeking revenge for ways that Todd has wronged me in the past. I’m just trying to do what’s right before the Lord with the information that came to me.


I believe that Todd Bentley had a genuine salvation experience as a young man. I believe he loves the Lord, is sincere in his desire to preach the gospel, and has a very powerful gift from God. But I’ve also come to believe that Todd Bentley is terribly deceived, and I don’t think He himself fully realizes the depth of his bondage and the consequences of his decisions, not just in his life, but the lives of countless men, women, and children in the body of Christ. I honestly believe that Todd is sick and deceived, and that He needs major help, which I really hope and pray He can find.

As I’ve already stated, I love Todd and I’ll always thank God for how He used Todd in my life. Over the years I’ve tried to the best of my ability to honor Todd, to allow love to cover a multitude of sins as we’re commanded to do in the scriptures, to not judge another man’s servant, to pray for Todd and Jessa and believe for God to do a deeper work of sanctification and transformation in their lives. But to my disappointment and sadness I have not seen my prayers answers up to this point.

Although I ultimately believe that our sins and our struggles do not define who we are in Christ, I believe that in Todd’s deception He has taken on certain false demonic identities and found ways to justify sin in the midst of a ministry culture overrun by damaging hyper-grace deception and sin-enablement ideas. The following I believe to be an honest assessment of this sinful identity and the working of Todd’s sinful nature that has continued to operate in Todd’s life, the true depth of which has only been revealed to me within the last few months.

I believe that Todd has a perverse sexual addiction that He picked up when He was a young man through his dark demonic childhood and through him being abused as a kid. Todd has an appetite for a variety of sexual sins including both homosexual and heterosexual activity. Down through the years Todd has made sexual advances toward (and in some cases engaged in sexual sin with) a number of different men and women outside his marriage, many of them interns and/or students under his leadership care in the church.

I believe that Todd was preyed on sexually as a child, and I believe that that same demonic entity uses Todd to prey on others that have come into Todd’s ministry with their guard down because they felt all was safe being in the presence of an anointed man of God. The bible says that the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked (Jer.17:9). I believe that Todd’s own heart has deceived him and has kept him from understanding what is fully at work inside him. The evidence I’ve gained in my investigation I’ve conducted this summer shows predatory behavior on Todd’s part, where in multiple cases people were taken advantage of by Todd who were in a place of hardship and vulnerability, even financial hardship, being offered money or some form of compensation by Todd in exchange for sexual favors.

I believe that both Todd and his wife Jessa are both complicit in this sexual perversion and have both participated in inviting other sexual partners, both men and women, into their marriage bed. Todd and Jessa’s relationship and marriage began in sexual sin and it appears that that sin has only grown and become stronger in their lives over the years, despite the bond of marriage they share.

I believe Todd is not fit for public ministry. On top of his sexual sins, He has proven to be a compulsive liar, He lacks financial integrity when handling God’s money, and He is a substance abuser that has drawn many others into these sins with him over the years. I believe Todd has proven over more than two decades of ministry, moral failures, and abuse of others that He cannot be trusted with the care of God’s people.


I first met Todd in 2012 when He found me working as a janitor in a small church in my home state of Alaska. He recognized a ministry gift on my life and began mentoring me in ministry and helped me get established as an itinerant. But for the last several years I’ve distanced myself from Todd, as He has from me, because of a fresh holiness message and anointing I began to move in in 2017. I had seen inappropriate behavior for years with Todd and Jessa, which I attempted to inform leadership about to have it dealt with, but unfortunately I saw no real serious action taken on behalf of leadership to discipline and correct Todd & Jessa.

In early June of this year I had a powerful prophetic dream in which I was standing in a heavenly courtroom during a case that was being tried. In this experience, it was given to me to know that major change was coming to the church, and that righteous judgment and justice was being released from the courts of heaven. I was told specifically that leadership in the church were being given a clear and direct charge from the Lord to “start acting more like the Apostle Paul” in matters of righteous judgment. At the time, I had been meditating on scriptures like (1 Cor.5:3,5) where Paul said:

(1 Cor.5:3,5)
“For I indeed, as absent in body, but present in spirit, have already judged (as though I were present) him who has so done this deed… deliver such a one to Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that his spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus.”

Scriptures like these which entail necessary apostolic righteous judgment in extreme cases of unrepented sin in the church, have virtually been outlawed in the church in our day due to what can only be described to me as serious error due to an overreaction to religious abuse in the church. As much as we love the church of Jesus Christ, we as leaders must be bold, courageous, and fearless in the face of sin and abominable practices, and we must be willing and obedient to the Lord when He calls us to handle these matters. This was the charge I believe that was being released from the heavenly courts, and what has followed since then has confirmed this word.

Right after having this heavenly encounter at Moravian Falls on June the 9th of this year, I immediately began to hear reports and allegations of sexual misconduct, drunkenness, substance abuse, lying, cheating, stealing, and even worse: leadership in the church who have known about these sins and have covered it up for years. I had never been made aware of this level of serious sin and what I would call “abominable practices” up until this point with Todd in all the years I’ve known him. My conclusion as to why things are being manifest now is that God is exposing them to be dealt with.

As these stories came to me the information ranged from rock solid evidence to simple testimony and hear-say. Here is a list of some of the evidence and eye-witness testimony that I have gathered over the course of this summer:

– Screenshots of Todd asking a young single online student of his to “send him pictures of herself” on multiple occasions, asking her what she was wearing, on multiple occasions, asking for long hugs when they meet, and numerous other inappropriate and disturbing suggestions and appeals to this young lady who is not his wife.

– Testimony of a male intern who claims that Todd offered to pay him $1,000 to allow him to perform oral sex on the male intern. Below is one of many examples of conversations I’ve had with witnesses like this young man. This is from my notes I took while having the conversation:

2013 Male Intern: there was a time that I was with Todd and I was struggling to get by…. I was living with my sister, working a job, just trying to pay my bills and get by, and Todd was supposed to be my mentor you know, and we’re hanging out and he’s paying for me to eat out, paying for me here paying for me there you know, and always showing off his money you know…. And he was like, “I know you’re struggling so”…. I don’t know how it came up, but He was like, “Can I suck your dxxx for $1,000”. And I’m like, “What?”. I was like, “What the F is your freaking problem… are you Fxxxing retarded”, and I was like oblivious…. And you know, it was not just that…. I saw pictures of His wife naked, fully naked, the whole nine yards.”

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– Testimony by a male intern that witnessed such things, took it to Rick Joyner, and ultimately nothing was done and Todd was still allowed to go on in ministry as if everything was okay. Testimony that Rick Joyner refused to help this young man with his personal restoration after the 2013 incident.
– Testimony of a male intern who claims that Todd offered to pay him $500 to send Todd a video of him masturbating.
– Testimony of a male intern who claims that – – Todd and his wife sent him naked/sexual pictures and videos frequently.
– Testimony that Todd made out with his young female assistant whom he is not married to, walked into a room, closed the door, and stayed in there for at least 30 minutes with Jessa being in the same house and knowing about it.
– Testimony of Todd (or a male leader at Fresh Fire that’s alluded to as Todd) smoking weed with a male intern from 2018 and then offering the male intern sex.
– Testimony of Todd being caught with pornography on his phone, and of Todd being caught watching pornography in his hotel room with his female assistant that he was not married to. Todd’s excuse when He was caught was, “It’s no big deal, it’s just soft porn”.
– Testimony of crazy drunkenness, substance abuse, and crude sexual behavior and speech on Todd and Jessa’s part…. Some examples would be: 1) One former employee of Todd’s told me that one time he was on a plane with him and all Todd could talk about was “how much he wanted to have sex with the stewardess” and that he knew “she would like it rough”; 2) Another example would be from a Pastor I spoke to who saw Todd and Jessa walk into a restaurant… Todd then proceeded to get behind Jessa in front of everyone and act like he was engaging her sexually. The pastor was shocked with what He saw.
Testimony from a pastor who claims that a young couple in his church were approached by Todd to “swing” with them… to have an open sexual relationship and exchange partners at times.

– I myself have seen things over the years that I find very disturbing. I myself have seen Todd preach, pray, and prophesy over the people, only to leave the meeting, purchase hard liquor, and walk into his hotel to party the rest of the night.

– I myself have seen and heard Todd and Jessa speak with unclean/foul speech.

I confess that I myself, at times in the past, have gotten caught up in some of this culture of speech that’s unpleasing to the Lord… what one might call “guy talk” or “locker room banter”, which the Lord has dealt with my heart on and I’ve repented for. But honestly, with the vile culture that has infiltrated the charismatic church, it is extremely difficult at times to have fellowship with other ministers, and build alliances with others for the kingdom, and not be affected by this stuff.

My wife and myself have kept ourselves pure from sexual sin, substance abuse, and all these kinds of sins and abominations mentioned in this statement. But now having been brought behind the curtain by the Lord and having seen some of the abominations being committed in the house of God, I’m astounded and overwhelmed by God’s grace and hand upon our lives to keep us over the last several years that we’ve been in full time ministry with this kind of garbage going on in the church.


At the end of June/ early July, I compiled a 32 page report with my findings concerning Todd Bentley. Todd was presented with the allegations directly prior to the report being written, but he said they were old, exaggerated, and false (which He has maintained up until this point). Following that, more evidence and reports came forward. When the report was completed, I shared it with a couple of leaders at the time in order to have them submit the report to Todd’s main overseer (Rick Joyner) and also others who claimed to be authorities in Todd’s life, (due to the fact that I did not have Rick’s personal contact information). The report was also submitted to apostolic and prophetic leaders at the time because I felt they all needed to be aware of the situation.

The report was successfully submitted to Rick and the others. I asked for a meeting with Rick to discuss and process, but up until this point Rick has not met with me about this serious issue which has been very confusing and disappointing to me.

Some of the witnesses I talked to at the beginning of my investigation have since withdrawn their testimony because they have been threatened by people involved in this network of sin and cover-ups. I’ve come across at least one witness who was paid off and made to sign a legal gag order in order to keep silent about the great sins and abominations he’s witnessed. And in some cases, I personally have been threatened with a lawsuit and violence if I revealed my findings.

The initial report was to only be submitted to leaders who had some level of input into Todd’s life, but somehow that private report got leaked and now it is in the hands of leaders all over the world.

I’m not a trained professional investigator or journalist. I’m just someone who is seeking truth, righteousness, and justice in the church. I’m just someone that wants to see purity and holiness in the bride so that God can trust us with greater glory in the future. I admit that I’ve made some rookie mistakes in this process. I’ve never been involved in anything like this at this level before, and I’ve handled some things poorly. But I tell you today that I’ve done the best job that I know how to do. I’ve tried to the best of my ability to move with love, patience, carefulness, prayer, and wisdom as I’ve received it from the Lord and counselors that He has put in my life.

At this time I am shaken at the possibility of unfounded statements being circulated around the world through my private report. The last thing I want is to be operating in false accusation. But I confess that this is not an easy situation to handle. I felt compelled to compile everything I had seen and heard so that these things could be looked into and addressed. But it seems that they have not been adequately addressed and looked into, and given everything I’ve seen in this process, I have little hope that Todd’s current leadership covering will ever handle this right, which is why I’m presenting my case to the public at this time.

At the end of the day, given the evidence I have and the 100’s of hours I’ve spent on the phone talking to witnesses, I am fully convinced that Todd & Jessa both have lost the privilege to minister to God’s people any longer, in full time ministry. When someone has a record of sexual abuse, sexual misconduct, inappropriate behavior, drunkenness, lying, & cheating going back more than 20 years… and they have repeatedly been offered great mercy and grace rather than disqualification from ministry, yet they continue to behave in this matter…. in my mind and through what I can see in the scripture, they have lost the right and privilege to minister to God’s people ever again, in their own public ministry. I’m still holding onto hope that this level of exposure will facilitate true brokenness and true repentance in Todd and Jessa’s lives necessary for ultimately saving their souls. I still hold onto hope that Todd will stand before us in the coming years having gone through the deepest levels of cleansing and deliverance, a transformed and truly restored man to Jesus. Up until this point there has not been true deep lasting repentance and restoration. But I have hope that there still can be.

To be a minister of the gospel, to have charge of the flock of God, to take into your care young impressionable interns who come in having their guard down, being in a state a vulnerability,… and then to take advantage of the people of God financially, to take advantage of the young impressionable interns sexually,… is in my mind of the highest level of demonic activity… it is of the highest level of spiritual treason in the kingdom of God,… and these things should not be swept under the rug… they should not be covered up… they should not be handled lightly…. They should not be handled by covering up the activity and paying off witnesses to shut up with legal threats binding them. To me this appears more like the mafia than the ministry of Jesus.

In my mind, leaders who have been in Todd’s life, leaders who have had oversight over his life and ministry, have erred in the way of Eli. Eli was a righteous man, but He was held responsible in God’s eyes for not restraining his sons who were vile and full of abominations. He did not stop his sons from committing sexual sins with people at the door of the tabernacle, and because of this his house lost the ark of God. I believe that Rick Joyner, along with other Senior leaders who have had oversight over Todd through the years, have failed the body of Christ in this regard. I believe many lives have been destroyed because of their unwillingness to appropriately discipline Todd in proportion to the seriousness of his sin, offense, and on-going lack of true repentance.


Allow me to explain a little more in depth what I’ve seen over the years, what I’ve come to learn more recently, and why I’m going public now rather than earlier in this process.

Over the years, as I’ve stated above, I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly with Todd and Jessa. I’ve seen a heart for God, for the lost, and for people. I’ve seen a heart for their family and also others like myself who they enjoy helping to establish their ministries, but I’ve also seen very disturbing things. I’ve seen the crude sexual behavior and speech, I’ve seen Todd and Jessa with alcohol many times, I’ve seen some of the lying and extreme exaggeration that seems to have increased over the years. At the time I saw these things my thoughts were that these are signs of some of the damage that hyper-grace has caused to this movement and that Todd and Jessa are no longer embracing a lifestyle of holiness and sanctification as ministers of the gospel. I stayed faithful in serving them and working with them because I felt that it wasn’t my place to correct them, I felt my time wasn’t up there yet, and I had hoped that Rick Joyner would deal with it. At one point I had even submitted a report to Todd’s assistant about an incident involving Todd drinking with his single female assistant alone. I saw them walk into a hotel alone together with arms full of hard liquor in 2017 while on a ministry trip. I heard back about a week later after that that Rick had disciplined Todd on it. But in no time whatsoever Todd was back to his old ways and it seemed Rick’s discipline had no lasting effect.

God eventually separated me from Todd’s tribe due to God’s increased dealings with me on holiness and purity, and for the last few years I’ve been separated from Todd for the most part, except for a few brief meetings here and there.

I never dreamed that the things I was seeing throughout the years were actually symptomatic of such deeper darker issues. But what has been revealed to me recently, which initially came to me unsolicited, has revealed that truly what I saw throughout the years was surface level manifestations of more deeply rooted sin and deception in both Todd and Jessa’s lives.

Since learning about the more horrific sins and abominations of Todd, I’ve gone through a roller coaster of emotions. At first I was angry, upset, & confused… I felt like I had been deceived and taken advantage of. Years ago in Alaska, my wife and I sat in the services where Rick Joyner would come and preach and give the most glowing reports about Todd saying that He was the best person He had ever worked with in restoration. I moved my whole family of 6 from Alaska to South Carolina in 2015 to work with Todd and help him establish his new center, and no one ever told us about the depth of what was really happening behind the scenes.

I’ve gone through all the emotions of deep deep sadness and grieving over this level of sin in the house of God. I’ve prayed out of this burden and deep sorrow for Todd and the body during this process. But now, after walking through this and carrying this burden for months, I honestly feel that God hid this from me all these years I’ve been with Todd. I feel that God’s love was covering the multitude of sins to give time for Todd to repent in private, but now that time is up, and now is the time for exposure so the house of God can be cleansed. May acts like this release the tangible fear of the Lord back into the church that men and women know everywhere just how serious a thing it is to minister in the name of the Lord and lead God’s people.

But to answer this question as to why I’m going public with this today… I would say it is the culmination of months of fasting, prayer, counseling, and also numerous unsuccessful attempts to meet with Rick Joyner and discuss these issues. I’ve tried to the best of ability to exhaust biblical methods of protocol in the kingdom, but it has appeared that leadership has not been interested in doing the right thing with Todd Bentley and protecting the body. It appears that they have only tried to cover this up over the years and not bring appropriate discipline in proportion to the seriousness of these sins against God as well as the body.

I was told by Todd’s assistant in late June that Rick was aware of the “recent” allegations that had surfaced that month, yet Rick still refused to reach out to me directly or meet with me before He went on sabbatical for the month of July. Multiple other leaders can verify this. I waited all of July, saying nothing publicly, saying nothing online, revealing nothing except to a few leaders in private who I tried to go through to get directly to Rick. I waited patiently for weeks expecting a meeting right when Rick got back from Sabbatical, but heard nothing from him or his office. Finally, on August 5th, after 7-8 weeks from when I heard that Rick became aware of the situation, I received a very short generic email response from Rick’s assistant basically saying that Rick’s handling it. Another pastor who has stood by me in this process also emailed Rick early on about this situation and received the very same email response the same day on August 5th, word for word, which made me feel like it was an auto response and couldn’t really be considered an adequate response.

Early on in the process, June/early July, I was contacted by a pastor from Florida who is over Todd’s apostolic network telling me that He had been appointed by Rick to lead the investigation on this matter. I neglected to talk with him or work with him because I did not trust him. I felt like this man was hand picked by Todd because he could be easily manipulated by Todd, which it seems He has been. I could not believe Rick had chosen to use someone who Todd had self-appointed, to be his lead man in the investigation. This man later told my pastor friend over the phone that He didn’t even believe in restoration ministry. He believed that if someone like Todd confessed their sin, that they should be allowed to continue on in ministry as if nothing happened, without even sitting out for a season. This was another reason I was shocked and disgusted that this man was being used in this situation. He seemed so compromised by hyper-grace error, that it seemed very unlikely He could play a just, godly, or objective role in this matter.

Todd recently told the world publicly on a Facebook live broadcast of his event “Revival Harvest America” in California that “Rick and Bill had not even read the report” that I sent. In Rick’s second response to me via email which I received on 8/19/19, He stated that “the things in my report about Morningstar were so far from the truth” that he had “a difficult time believing any of the rest of the report, except for what he knew to be true, and had dealt with concerning Todd several years ago”. I find this interesting since many of things about Morningstar in my private report were told to me by Todd over the years.

But this has seemingly been Todd and Rick’s united position during this whole process: That all of these new allegations are not new, they are all related to 2013 (where Todd solicited a male intern for sex) and before that time. They’re saying that there’s no new stuff, that it’s all old stuff that’s been repented of and dealt with. But we have a lot of new evidence and testimony since 2013, which Rick and leadership have seemingly not wanted to take serious.

– We have a witness which states that they saw Todd and his assistant fooling around in 2017
– We have multiple witnesses who have seen the drunkness, the parties, crude sexual speech & behavior, and the increased lying.
– We have screenshots from a young lady in 2018 that show that Todd pursued this young lady inappropriately online.
– We have multiple witnesses who verify a story we heard about a male intern of Todd’s from last year, 2018, being approached by Todd at a party for sex.
– We have a pastor from this year, 2019, that says that Todd was kicked out of his network in Mexico for “inappropriate behavior with young ladies who are not his wife”.
– We have testimony from a pastor this year, 2019, who claims that a young couple in their church were approached by Todd and asked to “swing”; to swap partners for a night.
– We have a pastor from this year, 2019, who says His pastors in Pakistan will never had Todd again because ladies have stepped forward saying that Todd pursued them inappropriately.

All of this just mentioned is the highlights… There’s so much more testimony and details of incidents happening within the last few years.

So, you can clearly see, these reports are not old, they are not all related to 2013 and before which Rick and Todd have insisted upon. They are current, as current as a few months ago, and they show a disturbing ongoing pattern of unrepented sin as well as a cover-up from leadership.

At one time, the pastor from Florida who was appointed by Rick and Todd, told a group of pastors that He had talked to multiple witnesses and found no truth in my report. But when someone from my team contacted this pastor to ask him about his claims, He admitted to this team member that He had talked to no one yet. This has sadly been the story so far. We’ve seen a coordinated effort from leadership to quickly cover and defend Todd, but little to no action when it comes to taking these allegations seriously and seriously looking into them.


Once again, I’m asking for people to please pray. Pray for my wife and I, for our family, as we continue to carry this burden before the Lord dealing with this case that is being tried in the courts of heaven currently. Please pray for protection, for continued wisdom, for covering, and also for provision during this time of testing and shaking for our lives and ministry. Pray that we will be freshly filled with God’s love and mercy while presenting truth.

I would like to appeal at this time to both leaders in the church and people in the body to not stay silent on this issue and other issues. Go through the proper biblical channels of authority to the best of your ability, do the best you can to love, honor, and handle everything with prayer and sensitivity to the Spirit, but please do not allow the enemy to keep you silent. As a wise man once said, the only way for evil to endure is when good people do nothing.

If you’re an apostolic leader in the body, I’m asking for your help. If there are people out there in leadership that can help with holding people and leaders accountable in this situation, please help. If you have your own story and witness that verifies my witness and story, please come forward and stand with me in this hour. I understand that this situation has the potential to get messy and for false accusation to swirl, and that is not at all what I want. But if there’s legitimate concerns, if there’s unrepentant sin going on in the body, if there’s an apathetic spirit in leadership that refuses to take a stand for righteousness and justice, please awake in this hour and let these things be addressed head on with courage, purity, grace, and love for Jesus and his people. Woe unto the watchman that sees the sword coming and doesn’t warn the people. God will require the blood at the watchman’s hand (Ezek.33:6). I see greater sins coming, greater abuse coming, if this is not confronted with strength and courage now! Stand with me church and let’s see the body cleansed and made ready for the greatest move of glory in history!

Right now, I appear before you fully ready to pay any price I have to, in order to see the Lord’s will done in this time of cleansing in the church. There might be those who file suit against me, or attempt to destroy my ministry, my credibility, my voice – if so, I’m leaning fully on God’s grace to keep me, lead me, and guide me, as I continue to move forward to fulfill the assignment that I believe God has given to me.

I understand that everyone of you who are reading or listening to this letter will have to make up your own mind as to who you choose to believe: Me, Rick, Todd, or others. I’ve done my best to present the facts from my perspective, from what I have both seen and heard during the duration of this process. But I bless you to make up your own mind and judge for yourself.

In the midst of the darkness that is seen in the body, I do rejoice in the multitudes world-wide who demonstrate pure faith and love and who “have not bowed their knee to Baal.” As I walk through this challenging assignment, I must not lose focus on all the good that God is doing in and through His wonderful people in this hour. He is always good, despite these types of things happening in his body.

Thank you for your time today in listening to my heart on this matter, and God bless.

In His Service,
Stephen Powell


Hosts Tim and Len are a couple of regular guys who started their ministries on YouTube making videos defending the faith and dismantling the arguments of atheism, skepticism, cults and radical unbelief. The Bible Thumping Wingnut Podcast started April 1st of 2014 to encourage Christians to engage in apologetics, evangelism and polemics, and to equip them with the tools and resources to do so to the Glory of God.
  1. Richard 3 years ago

    Tod Bentley failed Biblical standards of Holiness from his very beginning. He should never have been vetted to minister which only speaks to the False Ministry network that was his oversight. Bentley has fulfilled the part of False Ministry / False Prophet to a T. Mathew 24:ll And many false prophets shall arise, and shall lead many astray…. and will deceive many.
    This whole cadre of so called Prophets fit into this category. I’m sorry, that is the fact of it.

  2. Jimmy Bedding 3 years ago

    This is nothing new. – God knows those that are his – either live for God – pursue holiness – or don’t bother with it. Just cause people operate in gifts mean nothing in the grand scheme of things – they are the Matthew 7 mob – loveless glory boys – God didn’t know them – what a waste of time. If people are not being conformed into the image of Christ it becomes a farce. No biggie.

  3. Craig 3 years ago

    I have been a believer for almost 50 years and a attorney who has represented churches, pastors, elder boards and victims in all kinds of terrible situations and I offer this: Folks like Bentley should not be supported in ministry. But, the reason I am writing is to warn the real Body of the secondary effects that the enemy uses when these controversies ensue. My experience is that the secondary effects are often worse than the original sins of concern that started the discussion. I have seen many families destroyed because they could not weather the storm or agree on the “post revelation” course of action. The Bible is the guide along with the Holy Spirit. I respectfully urge that appropriate labeling of the sin and sinner and then move on to pursue Christ so that it doesn’t become a hobby that distracts. And pray earnestly for the few who are called to ride out the storm.

  4. Michelle Watkins 3 years ago

    Rick Joyner is a wimpy, pansy, pussy preacher without the balls to deal with Bentley.

  5. Glenn Allan 3 years ago

    Let’s stop playing games here. Todd Bentley has broken the law and the Church is covering it up. Sound familiar?
    Quite frankly I’m sick and tired of it.

    I’m a Survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse, Advocate for Sexual Abuse Awareness & Prevention and I am also a former Law Enforcement Officer, so I do know what I’m talking about.

    The Church seem to think they’re above the law and that needs to change – NOW.
    When anyone is verbally or physically sexually assaulted in Church and they report this to a person in the position of leadership or staff, that person is then required by LAW to report it to the Police. Should that person not report it to the Police, then said person could be charged for not reporting that assault.

    I’ve heard a lot of focus put on Todd and folks worried about him and want to coddle him. Todd, you need a boot in the ass pal. Your entire way of ‘preaching’ is simply attention seeking. It’s time to grow up bud. You’re not a kid anymore.
    I speak to you like this because you remind me of me 25-years ago.
    I’ve been Clean & Sober and walking with Jesus since 1998.
    I’d be happy to talk to ya anytime. Walk with ya as well.

    But where’s the concern for the victims.
    We have males and females who were once Christians, turning their backs on Christ and the Church. If I were Todd, Jessa, Rick and anyone else involved I’d be very concerned for my soul. Ya know? Something about if you chase one of my followers away, a millstone will be tied around your neck and you’ll get chucked into the sea. Any of this ringing a bell.

    Stop playing games…Remember ‘The Truth will set you Free’

  6. Victory 3 years ago

    Thank you Steven Powell and Tim Hurd!!!! I am so grateful and thank you for doing the Lord’s will in this! You are to be commended for taking the stand that every Christian should be taking when it comes to evil and demonic activity in this nation, period. It’s almost like the church can judge the world but when it comes with the hidden sin that so easily besets the soul within the church many, want to sweep it under the rug and “pretend” that they are holy as he is holy. Often there is more work in keeping up “appearances” and keeping your sin hidden than just coming clean, repenting and getting free. People are often afraid they will be found out but it’s God and only God when revealed as His word says, “Your sin had found you out!” Sinning against the Lord and keeping up appearances can only last so long. Sin will take out and consume those who have an un-repented heart.

    I had no idea that this was going on and I almost send one of my children into this den of occult activity! I’m sure there are many others who would have made another choice had they known that the children they raised were being taken advantage of by demon’s with masks…many masks….

    Truly I thank God that he used men after His heart to reveal. I know that my child will be safe from them because of you being the salt and the light! I could have had many regrets but God had me find this tonight because He is love and he loves our sons and daughters!

    * I’m praying for restoration for those who have been tricked, ensnared and trapped by Bently and Jessa.

    * More and more God is exposing and removing the so called Pastors and leaders who harming and leading the flock astray with perverse and un-repented sin.

    * The Bride of Christ is rising from the ashes and the church will be strengthen by those who obey the truth.

    Truly, I STAND WITH YOU!

    I’ll be praying in the Holy Spirit for you.

  7. Mark A 3 years ago

    Hello again, this is the Vietnam combat vet that was homeless.
    The Apostle Paul wrote to a church about a man going to bed with his mother in law. He judged him and stated he should thrown out of the church until true repentance came about. If Todd is not mature enough to see sin than the church needs to deal with this and separate themselves from support and being apart of this ministry. We need to bring back the church to accountability of the Word of God! I don’t make the rules God makes them and gives me grace and mercy if I walk in Jesus truth. He wants a clean Bride. Jesus is my Commander in Chief, King of all Kings. This Vietnam combat veteran lives and walks an arrow road. That Jesus talked about. We all fall short of the gospels and sin we need to live in repentance and go to the cross of our savior light the woman tha fell down on her knees and cried. I was like for what I did in The Vietnam war. He was full of grace and restored me. He is always full of grace and forgives. Love in Christ always , Mark A

    • sharon Bacsu 3 years ago

      Thank you for your service. Thank you also for what you said. It is truth.

  8. Mike 3 years ago

    Everybody calm down, there’s millions of gay people in the world, including this particular guy, it’s just now starting to come out in him. They tend to go through some bizarre behavior at first, even a little craziness or breakdowns, then they eventually Go full fledged gay. That’s what it is the guys gay, y’all act like preachers and astures, are some type of special people, they’re not, they’re just men, flesh, blood, bone. There’s nothing spectacular about them for you too think they are some type of divine entity on planet Earth. They kind of study the Bible, maybe a little articulate, congenial, and they preach, collect money, rinse and repeat. Stop being upset like you eat too much soy products The guys just gay and the story is coming out, somebody else will replace him eventually when he does. He’s not the first, hundreds of holy men, have turned gay suddenly oh, they started out as bisexual, even while married, it’s actually somewhat normal these days., Again he’s nothing special, think of all the thousands of Catholic priests that get busted molesting children every decade, they’re nothing special leader. Just because I cloak themselves and God doesn’t mean their godly so I can get over

    • Victory 3 years ago

      Mike honey, you stand corrected, “Holy men are just that, Holy men!” They do not live by the passions of this world and they do not love the world. They love not their lives even unto death. They stand, yield and submit to a Holy God completely and fully. They are not fickle and they do not play games. They don’t have one foot in the church and one foot in the world. They take God at his word and they trust him completely and obediently.

      “Man shall not live by bread along but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God” and there are quite a few who really do. God is not a man that He should lie and He knows his own.

      Just because there are some really horrible examples of people who forsake their God doesn’t mean everyone does.

    • LV 3 years ago

      Mike @Mike I admire your attempt at trying to understand why Todd Bentley is displaying this behavior but please don’t compare consensual adult debauchery to pedophilia. I see where you’re going with it. They’re all cases of a sexual nature involving religious leaders but the adults in the featured story were willing participants, the catholic children were not. Children can’t possibly comprehend all the consequences of sexual activity enough to give their consent for a sexual act. That’s why it’s illegal.

      No, the guy isn’t special. The focus isn’t on his sexuality but rather his absolute disregard for the responsibility of someone in his position to set an example for the congregation. If he needs to sew some oats or figure out who he is, he needs to step down. It would be the same type of disapproval if an officer of the law was using his career to gain trust so he could burglarize the community he swore to protect. When someone uses their authority to bring down an institution from the inside, members of the institution don’t take too kindly to that. Capisce?

  9. Charlotte 3 years ago

    Mr. Rick Joyner, You are being manipulated by an evil spirit through Todd Bentley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Charles 3 years ago

    Joyner is adamant in saying he has no authority over Todd Bentley, although he did work with him.

    See Rick’s statement:

    • Charles 3 years ago

      PS – I’m not saying Rick is right. Just putting it out there.

    • Laurel 3 years ago

      Joyner’s response video is disappointing, wishy-washy, and yet, enlightening.

      There is nothing in Stephen Powell’s statement that indicated he was trying to manipulate Joyner beyond the basic etiquette of wanting a response.
      There is very little in Joyner’s response that shows he cares a flip about the sheep that Bentley bent.

    • Dvd 3 years ago

      TB has never allowed the “power of the cross” to be manifested through out his ministry….there is no excuse for church leader to do terrible things and still be up front, pretending to lead others out of their misery.

    • JANET MBOGANI WALINGO 3 years ago

      I am shocked. I was just thinking of purchasing a ticket for the 2020 conference after listening to the final quest. where will the church run to. people this are the last days. if they were not shortened, who could stand. Todd obviously joined devil worshiping and is a satanic recruiter. we have several of them in the church now. watch out

  11. Tracy Hudson 3 years ago

    Wow, well, you’ll have your pieces of silver delivered soon enough, all you’ve done is cause more hurt, pain and division to the body of Christ.
    Even if alll were true, to put this out publically has caused great hurt to many.
    Why so shocked? Do you not know your enemy walks around like a roaring lion seeking whom. He may devour ? Ourf fight is NOT against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers and rulers of the darkness of this age.
    Do you even begin to recognise the weight of the attacks launched against ministers who experience, and minister in the Glory Of His Presence?
    You’ve had your two minutes in the media now, I pray that your eyes of your understanding bei enlightened .
    I pray that you find the grace, mercy and love that Jesus has given you and you extend in helping ,& not accusing others.
    There but for the Grace of God go I, and you too.

    • Victory 3 years ago

      WoW! So the lies continue. I think what people don’t understand is that the soul absolutely IS NOT he spirit…that is the soul is the mind, the will and the emotions. The Bible says that the “soul” is an enemy to God. It lives independent of God and that there are plenty of people who just add God to the lives while not being conformed into HIs image. People who live according to the “soul” will never want accountability in the Truth.

      I completely uphold and applaud Tim Hurd and Steven Powell for their courage and boldness. If you remember, was it not Paul who casted out a Spirit of Divination from a woman who claimed to have the truth? More authority is Christ is needed. He’s given us this authority – have you read your bible.

      Thank you men of God for protecting the flock from more harm and danger! It’s truly what real men of God are about in the service to the Most Holy One. God cares and God sees and don’t you think He is the one who is drawing the line???

      If your a Christian honey read your Bible.

    • Glenn Allan 3 years ago

      Yes Tracy,

      Let’s stay quiet so the sexual predators can continue to prey on young male & female interns. You have NO idea how much courage it takes to step forward all alone and call out your so-called leader because your gutless leadership did nothing when advised and by LAW they were supposed to.

      Todd Bentley has dozens of victims and by Stephen going public he will empower and Bless more victims with the strength to come forward and maybe, just maybe come back to Jesus and a Church.

      Again, thanks Tim and Stephen for what you’ve done and are doing.

      Tracey, it seems Common Sense seems to be so very limited in your world.

    • Sherry 3 years ago

      Tracy you are not One Of us nor do you Know the Scriptures. Read your Bible Woman!! Get a Backbone! Your Way Of Thinking is what Allowed Repeated Priest Abuse Of Children for Hundreds of Years. This Man has more Courage to Face Evil than anyone else so far.

  12. Mark A 3 years ago

    Hello brothers and sisters in the Lord
    I am a Vietnam combat veteran who was homeless for many years suffering from PTSD. Jesus Christ gave me amazing grace how sweet the sound, that changed my life.
    Sometimes the road is not easy, like the Apostle Paul spoke of. Jesus our Lord spoke of weeds in the garden, separation of goats and sheep. Tribulations and trials build faith and strengthens our walk in Christ.
    It is not easy and can be painful. Count it all joy that God has chosen us out of the world. You will be judged as you judge, mercy will receive mercy. Forgive as our father forgave us. It is not easy to walk this walk at times, This is the cross we need to carry, but His grace is with us if we walk in His truth and light. Narrow is the gate and wide is the gate for destruction. Todd and Rick will be judged, just as we will be judge in the end by the Great I AM. We need to fast and pray for the body of Christ. So we can finish the race and glorify our King of Kings. Jesus had me write my testimony out for free and I give it to my brother and sisters in the Lord. Please email me your address of your church and I will send you one. We need to carry one another burdens so we can all make it home. Love brother Mark

    • Engedi 3 years ago

      Bless you for a kind hearted comment that warns, instructs and comforts all at once!

  13. Linda G. Egnal 3 years ago

    Lord, we ask for a protective spiritual and natural covering over Stephen Powell and his family; we plead the Blood of Jesus over them all, for no weapon formed against any of them will ever prosper again; we thank You, Lord, that greater are You Who is in them than the one who is in the world; we declare and decree that the Todd & Jessa Bentley’s and Rick Joyner’s of the world come to repentance before You, and all will be exposed of the cover-up and evil-doings heretofore not dealt with; we say that You, Father, will expose and reveal all that needs to be uncovered, in the Mighty Name of Jesus, and that this evilness is bound on earth as it is bound in heaven, cast down to hell never to return; Lord, let them see Your Glory face-to-face, if You so will it, and we thank You for letting the truth come forth, as we pray all this in the Precious Name of Jesus, Amen.

  14. Mary Ann 3 years ago

    These are the things that weaken the body of Christ..
    There is a big difference between someone being restored, and making excuse for sin..
    The mega church pastor who allows money and fame to pull them away from God will be judged..
    Find yourself a small country church were the pastor refuses to compromise.. Charles Lawson of TN is one who comes to mind..
    Beware of those you look up to for teaching and counsel.. if you have a pastor who believes you can live without restrain, your relationship with God will suffer..

  15. Rick Pol 3 years ago

    Stephen, sorry to hear you had to go through this, now you will learn what true grace really is. I would counsel you if you care to call me, I’ve been in the ministry since 1989. You must not get derailed by this. I feel you’re taking on a burden that God hasn’t given you to carry, lay it on the altar and move forward as the Holy Spirit leads you. I really feel that God didn’t give him more time to get right, do you think a habitual abuser should remain in ministry and continue to prey on the weak and feeble? These aren’t sins that should be tolerated like you correctly pointed out about Eli and his sons. He and Rick Joyner have wrongly covered his sin since 2011 or 2012 and so has Bill. This isn’t your fault and if they want to continue to hadel it wrongly then let them.

    “Vengence is mine, I shall repay…” God will only protect you as you walk where He has called you to walk. I’m not saying to drop it altogether, just don’t give it more than a few hours a week as you feel led to. If God has called you to the ministry then what is it He wants you to be doing now? I hear God saying to me, as I never heard of you before, that He has given you an evangelistic ministry, then put your hand to the plow and don’t look back.

    I feel that you did the right thing making it public, I wouldn’t have described details like you have but I understand this was leaked and therefor that was unintended. It’s very important that you just need to make sure that none of the accusations are slander. So you must have 2 or more witnesses to corroborate a sin if you only have 1 witness then don’t make that public. If you have inadvertently done that then make a public retraction, ask all parties for forgiveness and ask God to forgive you. And with anything the Holy Spirit shows you that you did wrong, if public then a public admision, if not just ask God to forgive you, then the burden will be lifted. If they go after you in court you may want to reach out to me if you feel the need to but you should be just fine as long as you have a clear conscience.

    Rick Joyner has the wrong concept of ministry and how it functions from a Biblical perspective. For example, a church isn’t a business with a CEO as the visionary leader, he who wants to be the greatest must be the servant of all, there is no hierarchy in the body of Messiah. Jesus warns His disciples not to allow anyone to call them Pastor Rick Joyner, for you are all brothers. Please look that up, you will never see in any of the Epistles anyone called by any title. You will only see; “I Paul, called by God to be an apostle. No one called him Apostle Paul, never, that is what pagans do, they lord it over, pagans do that. I say that because you say that Rick J. is over Todd and Todd’s assistant etc… we are all brothers and you obviously know what do do when you see a brother caught up in a sin. Take another brother and confront the brother. It doesn’t matter who it is, there is no hierarchy in the body of Messia. And Yashua is the head of His body. Whose body is it? Your’s, Rick’s? It’s Yashua’s. Overseers are servants to the body, not kings, not lords, servants.
    I pray for God’s peace to fill you

  16. […] the last 24-48 hours, alternative Christian websites like the Bible Thumping Wingnut, Reformation Charlotte, and Pulpit & Pen have written about accusations toward Bentley on […]

  17. kimberly ferris 3 years ago

    This is one of the most demonic delusional ministries i have experienced, from Binny Hinn to Bethel Redding. They don’t care if their workers are perverted with no moral if they can produce signs they are hired, witchs, fortune tellers, wizard shamans its all about money. Someone needs to cast their demons out and bankrupt the organization. This generation seeks after a sign and no sign will be given except the sign of jonah. Pray this is a dark evil establishment May God protect you from the retalliation.

  18. Malinda 3 years ago

    Honestly, none of this surprises me at all. I don’t have any experience with Todd Bentley or Rick Joyner other than family members who were in awe of those two back in the days of the Lakeland revival and they insisted I go since it was not far from where I lived. But I have come across the same apathy when it comes to refusing to recognize, and correct sin and gross misuse of power from NAR and Word of Faith leaders. In 2009 I was on staff at a word of faith church and I was being sexually harassed by my senior pastor who was 20 years my senior as well as he was severely abusing his position and abusing myself and others. Since my pastor was well connected I contacted the current Dean of Rhema Bible College and Jim and Kathleen Caseman and spoke to their daughter. I filed a former complaint with both AFCM INternational and Rhema. I was even stalked by my pastor after I left the church and my house was vandalized and our AC unit electric supply was dug up and cut and hidden while we were on vacation a week after leaving the church. I told them about all the inappropriate behavior, the solicitations, the abuse, the forbidding me to have more children or risk getting fired and leaders did nothing. He was never even talked to. The Youth pastor and I left within 3 weeks of each other because of the abuse we had endured.
    Nothing was ever done by higher up leaders. So no this doesn’t surprise me that men like Rick Joyner and other leaders connected to Todd would do nothing. Rich and powerful men do anything to protect their wealth. I learned 10 years ago that men like that are wolves in sheep’s clothing. I left that movement 10 years ago and I’m now watching as one by one these “ministers” in the NAR and Word of Faith movement fall and get exposed. One by One they will all fall.

    • Ann 3 years ago

      Mam, you do not know that they will all fall. Predicting that for all NAR is an evil thing to do. Also, we do not know all that went on concerning Mr. Rick Joyner and speaking for him this way is unfair. He has put out his face book response on the matter. My husband and I are still processing it. To make such grand condemnations is undue process. It would seem Mr. Joyner endorsed and promoted Mr. Bentley to the body of Christ and thereby would be culpable in some way- at least to speak into the matter and warn or caution the body but after listening to his side I see that he may not have comprehended any part he should have contributed to that end. It would appear God has calls endeavors for each person and it falls to each to war and wrestle against satan and with our own short comings to become all we are meant to be. That should go for the NAR and any ministry. If God has called it forth don’t trashing it because it isn’t working will only accomplish satan’s plans. As long as a person is alive there is room to overcome and get it right. Isn’t that what we want for our own kids? If Rick hasn’t gotten it all “right” that does not mean he is disqualified. His heart means well and I can see that listening to him. If there are blind spots I will be praying he discover them. I can understand and see Stephen’s Perspective. But there is room for wisdom on his part. We are not God. Ultimately, God’s word must be the standard. But as we correct it should be done from a place of love. This is the New Testament new commandment given by Jesus. We are to be rooted and grounded in love.

      Definitely, satan must not be allowed to get his way in bringing down sheep through the Shepard’s. It would seem that those who had a voice with Todd must speak and judiciously protect His sheep. God wants the sheep comforted and protected from wolves. Meanwhile Mr. Bentley has God’s call and until He revokes that call we should each fear God and be careful we do not join satan in bringing Mr Bentley down. I pray that our Father in Heaven bring out the ones who will reprove, harness and restore Mr. Bentley; those who will do so in work love and righteousness for the best of His body. Dear Jesus, come!

      • Joe Clem 3 years ago

        AMEN! I have walked with Rick Joyner for over 30 years, having been a Partner with MorningStar for 22 years. I have seen him deal with the good, bad, and ugly in the Body of Christ with integrity, compassion, and truth better than anyone I know. He has surrounded himself with godly counselors and a Board that all other ministries should emulate. Apparently when MorningStar Church took its sabbatical during the month of July as it does every year, Powell was not satisfied with Rick’s delay in addressing his charges against TB, so he released his “accuser of the brethren charges” against both Todd and Rick. This is NOT the way godly men should Biblically conduct themselves, nor address issues such as this within the Church. Rick is now addressing the charges against him in his recent daily “rants” which are far far more godly insight into what’s going on in the news than just a rant. I encourage to listen to what has happened from Rick’s own lips, than his accusers. Blessings in Christ – joe

      • Ed 3 years ago

        Rooted and grounded in love doesn’t mean to love the abusers & allow theses shepherds to eat the sheep!! People are getting hurt in the ‘church’ And people are not seeing Jesus Christ but an ungodly form and the door to salvation is being. Locked for them by greedy & idolatrous people. Who are You loving??? This was prophecies by Ezekiel & it’s what led to Christ’s first coming. It is said in the scriptures that Christ’s ‘indignation’ will be stirred and cause His second coming with His mighty angels. He will come with a fury to protect the ‘little ones’ and to allow them to come to Him. All of these things have happened before. Know who God cates for most!

  19. Brian David 3 years ago

    Please proof read your posts. When introducing Powell to the article you wrote this

    “Now Powell speaks out about what he has investigated and witnessed concerning Todd Bentleys still unrepeated ongoing sin.”

    Did you mean to write unrepeated sin? Spell check would not have caught this. Only proof reading and an editor actually doing their job would have. Same goes for a distinct lack of proper punctuation. As in Bentley’s VS Bentleys.

  20. Michelle Robinson 3 years ago

    Mr Powell your time to leave this deception is now. Join with sound teachers like John Fenn who left this train-wreck years ago. Did you know that believing in Heresies was not fruit of the spirit?

    • Michelle Robinson 3 years ago

      Youve exposed the sin but not the organisation and the heresy of the whole movement. You need to complete what has been started here.

      • Patricia Vaughan 3 years ago

        Amen they are missing the point as to why this sin is so prevalent in this circle.
        Its doctrine of demons that foster these sins.
        They cover for one another like a good old boys club.

  21. Sherry 3 years ago

    Stephen Powell is not a heretic. Bentley has been used of the the devil, you could be too accusing someone and slandering because of your lack of understanding and discernment.

  22. TS 3 years ago

    Jeremiah Johnson from Lakeland just gave a word from the Lancaster CA Prophetic Conference last week (check out on utube session 3) a spirit of perversion was about to be exposed within the body of Christ….powerful word. Well worth the time to give a listen.

  23. Debbie Stevens 3 years ago

    Thank you so much Stephen Powell for your wisdom and courage to do the right thing. I stand with you, I believe you are speaking the truth. I took courses in the Columbus School of Supernatural Ministry. I was required to see Todd Bentley as part of the course when he came to the school for ministry at the church. I took my 40 year old daughter with me. Her husband suddenly had recently left her for another woman. After we saw Todd Bentley, my daughter informed me that she learned by looking online that he had left his wife for a younger woman. I was so embarrassed and confused. Why would my instructors promote this man? I talked to at least one of them and they were aware of the allegations. Yes, I do believe that leaders are held to a higher level of accountability. This experience hindered my family from coming closer to the Lord, something I have been praying for for many years. We have got to have good role models in leadership and ministry! Use discernment and common sense and stop making excuses for these people.

  24. Red 3 years ago

    Hey as a native North Carolinian please don’t give Pineville, NC this bad rap. There needs to be a correction to your article. His ministry is NOT located in Pineville. It’s office and church are located in Fort Mill, SC and Todd has a home in that same area as well.

  25. Frederick F Bruce 3 years ago

    Very explosive allegations. Very Todd’s past behavior, I would not be surprised if true. There will be many, including myself that want to see evidence. Where can we see the evidence?

  26. Dorothie Sundberg 3 years ago

    I just listened to Rick Joyner and I told him he needed to reach out to you. I will have you in continuing prayer. The reason you could not say anything publicly is it wasn’t God’s timing and now it is.. God WILL take down these houses that are supposed to represent Him. Stay at peace dear brother as the Lord our God is with you!

  27. Stephen 3 years ago

    My parents tried to push Todd Bentley when he first started doing the ‘prophetic’ circuit. I watched some footage, videos, etc. and found a lot of false teaching. Yet despite obvious problems my parents kept pushing. It got to the point where they tried to push Todd’s ‘fire’ onto our kid – needless to say I had a very stern talk with the parents. They argued that it had to be true because of all the miracles and revelations that Todd was given by God; BTW if you hear a voice it doesn’t mean it’s God, remember the adversary pretends to be God. Anyway after a few months of them pushing, I put down on paper all the scriptures showing the false teachings of TB. They scoffed at it and said ‘how dare you come against God’s anointed’. I finally left them with a warning that TB’s would crash and burn (but if they wanted to follow him, thats up to them, but as for me and my house, we would not).

    Well, time passed and it came to light that TB was an alcoholic, used drugs, committed adultery, etc. At first he ignored it, then he lied about it numerous times, and eventually the truth came out. TB eventually divorced his handicapped wife, married the adulterous and continued ‘ministry’ (I use that word very loosely). Of course my parents didn’t want to talk about it and they still defended TB. They said that such sin was overlooked and this was from the enemy (so satan made him do it so God overlooked the sins because of all the prophetic things TB was doing).

    I have Rick Joyner’s books which had some good information but Rick, TB and the whole crew have drifted so far off the reservation its not even funny. All the claims of healings and raising people from the dead cannot be verified but that does not stop this prophetic train wreck.

    I can empathize with Mr. Powell but the fact that Rick and all the other ‘leaders’ involved have not done anything shows this entire prophetic ministry is a joke. It is not of God. You might be wondering why nothing is being done? Well it comes down to money. TB and all the others bring in so much money it doesn’t matter how much false teaching, fake healings and continued sin there is… its all about money.

    Sad but true.

  28. […] BREAKING NEWS: Todd Bentley’s Bisexual Open Marriage Exposed From Within Charismania […]

  29. Robert Norris 3 years ago

    I pray that you will be protected by the Lord. Taking on the Mega superstars of deception is a mighty calling and not without a cost. Bless you brother.

    • Jackie Robinson 3 years ago

      This does not come as a surprise because anyone with the true Holy Spirit could have discerned that Todd Bentley is a heretical charlatan right off the jump. What is more sad is that Stephen Powell sounds like a pretty pious man trying to live for the Lord, but he is obviously caught up in the prophetic/supernatural/word of faith NAR movement. The signs and wonders phenomenon is all about money and power and anyone who falls for this New Age demonic prosperity gospel/ revival “holy fire” garbage disguised as the way, truth, and life of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is a soul to be pitied. Throw away your Passion Translation, turn off TBN, stop giving your money to these evil diviners and read the Scripture. Find a Reformed church and repent of your gullibility. We must become strong defenders of the faith and expose these false miracle workers for what they are…Knights in Satan’s service.

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