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Episode #361 – Topics include but are not limited to Todd Bentley, Leighton Flowers and Sam Jones.

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Hosts Tim and Len are a couple of regular guys who started their ministries on YouTube making videos defending the faith and dismantling the arguments of atheism, skepticism, cults and radical unbelief. The Bible Thumping Wingnut Podcast started April 1st of 2014 to encourage Christians to engage in apologetics, evangelism and polemics, and to equip them with the tools and resources to do so to the Glory of God.
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  1. A.L. 3 years ago

    England as a constitutional monarchy had to obey the laws as agreed upon by the people. Pilgrims fled persecution and came here. Jesus did mention that we could leave a community due to persecution and the pilgrims did and this tool themselves out from under English rule and authority. Overtime a new government was formed when the monarchy did not obey the laws and became lawless toward the colonists. That said what was their recourse. I disagree with Dr MacArthur and Tim based on scripture. Government can’t do what they want just cause they are government. The question for me is how deal with it biblically. Husbands have authority, but cannot beat their wives or be unfaithful juat cause they have authority. A wife may leave and kids removed. These things need to be handled by prayer and case by case knowing all the details. Scripture comes first. As far as government the Protestants caught Rome to get out from under it’s grip. They were the authority more or less. Were they wrong? Every American owes a debt of gratitude to those who fought against the tyranny of Rome and England. If you have a differing thought have it. I think in fairness to Pastor Jones folks should listen to his series and check historical facts in light of scripture for themselves and come to their own conclusions and let it go. Both sides. Let it go it’s not worth arguing over and podcasting. John MacArthur can speak for himself and doesn’t need BTWN to be his apologist. I think Pastor Jones need not push this issue. If Pastor MacArthur feels this way let him have his opinion. Hopefully people can and will think for themselves on this issue.

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