As the church declines in numbers, Evangelical & Catholic leaders embrace open borders.

Michelle Malkin: “What will turn your stomach and boil your blood is how much of your own money is being used to rob you, your children, and grandchildren of the blessings of liberty.”

Over the last four years, we’ve detailed the dangerous political game unfolding in evangelical churches. With special focus on the Southern Baptist Convention, we’ve reported the link between George Soros funded organizations promoting open borders and the perversion of biblical teachings on nations, sovereignty, immigration and hospitality. With increasing frequency through Bible studies, podcasts and open letters on immigration, the corruption of Big Eva (institutional evangelicalism) is apparent. If you want to know how it happened, how it continues and why it happened, Michelle Malkin provides the answers in her latest book: Open Borders, Inc.: Who’s Funding America’s Destruction?.

I found the book thanks to a recommendation from Sara A. Carter on Twitter.

The book doesn’t disappoint. It covers the business, the political and the ecclesiastical corruption. It examines the dollars used to influence these entities from conservative business leadership, Libertarians like the Koch brothers and progressives like George Soros.

Michelle Malkin penned an extraordinary book exposing the economic roots of American’s immigration crisis. The book summary provided by the publisher hits on something happening in the church. It declares, “Politicians want cheap votes or cheap labor. Church leaders want pew-fillers and collection plate donors. Social justice militants, working with corporate America, want to silence free speech they deem ‘hateful,’ while raking in tens of millions of dollars promoting mass, uncontrolled immigration both legal and illegal.”

When it makes a claim, it delivers the evidence with useful footnotes. And there are many, which show the financial games at play. It took a significant amount of research to prepare something this thorough.

Nothing less than control of the United States is at stake. “Globalists are doing everything in their power to deny President Donald Trump reelection in 2020,” Malkin explains. She continues by pointing out how this happening, which includes online censorship, “Cultural Marxists and Big Tech social justice warriors cannot compete on a level playing field of ideas, so they are rigging the game to prevent online Trump supporters from influencing voters and correcting false narratives.

Malkin outlines the situation, “National sovereignty is an ‘obstacle’ to be ended, not defended. Walls are ‘un-Christian’ (except for the centuries-old fortifications that surround the Vatican and hallowed churches around the world, of course.) Border-trespassing is a human right. Dissent is ‘hate.’ Chaos and destruction are the ultimate goals.”

Of interest to Christians is what is happening in the church. Malkin provides the details of how the Globalists are changing the church:

“Step Two: Infiltrate the churches. Use guilt to pressure good people to abet the Vatican’s pursuit of power around the world. Twist the words of the Bible to defend reckless sanctuary policies and the lucrative refugee resettlement racket. Rake in billions of dollars to help Catholic operators of shelters across Mexico and Central America. Keep the Church’s books closed and the borders open.”

Malkin’s focus is on the corruption of the Roman Catholic Church. It is understandable. She was raised Catholic, and the church is powerful and run by a thinker corrupted by Liberation Theology.

Malkin is careful to point out the differences between the open border fanatic Pope Francis and other Catholic leaders. Malkin writes,

“The late archbishop Cardinal Giacomo Biffi called for careful vetting of immigrants in Italy to preserve its national culture and character. “The criteria for admitting immigrants can never be just economic,” he argued in 2000. “It is necessary to concern oneself seriously with saving the identity of the nation.” No one has a “right of invasion,” he told two hundred priests, in response to a wave of illegal Muslim immigrants and other non-assimilating foreigners. He warned an Italian minister at the time, “If you really have the good of Italy at heart, and want to spare a lot of suffering, then you can’t allow all the immigrants in.”

However, Malkin doesn’t stop with the infiltration of the Catholic Church. She examines the “infamous” Evangelical Immigration Table and its association with the Soros funded National Immigration Forum. She writes,

“Moving forward, NIF allied with religious conservatives to put a holy glow on open borders. Swartz propped up a faux grassroots initiative of religious conservatives, dubbed the Evangelical Immigration Table, to lobby for the infamous Gang of Eight immigration expansion bill.249 NIF’s newly branded initiative, ‘Bibles, Badges, and Business’ (BBB) lobbies for protecting and expanding refugee resettlement, allowing illegal aliens in the military, and expansion of foreign worker programs to maintain the flow of cheap labor to Big Business. While BBB pays lip service to the federal government’s need to enforce our immigration laws, NIF’s executive director Ali Noorani condemns construction of meaningful border walls and traveled to El Paso, Texas, to declare that ‘our southern border is more secure than ever.’”

We’ve detailed a bit about the Bibles, Badges and Business initiative.

So, why are churches embracing open borders? Malkin’s answer is remarkably similar to what we’ve argued. She writes,

“One answer: in North America, the Catholic Church is losing members at a faster rate than any other denomination, which means less money and less political influence for the Church. Another factor is that illegal alien Catholics in the U.S. earn higher wages than they would at home. Their donations in American collection baskets—and their remittances to family members—mean more money for the Church.”

Previously, we’ve argued that Bible Study materials from organizations associated with the Soros funded National Immigration Forum believe the answer to America’s church decline is to import more immigrants. According to the Ruth and Naomi Project Bible Study Guide (produced for Evangelical Christians),

“Immigrant congregations are growing faster than any other segment of Bible-believing churches in the United States. As the National Association of Evangelicals president Leith Anderson says, ‘Church historians will look back to the beginning of the 21st century and say that immigrants saved American Christianity from decline. And they will observe that Hispanics were the majority and epicenter of that historic renewal.’”

This is something frighteningly like what Sovereign Nation’s reported on its The Causes of Things podcast. According to Michael O’Fallon, church planting experts told the Southern Baptist Convention as far back as 2010 that the future of the SBC would not be rural, white congregations, but rather, hip urban congregations serving immigrants. According to the O’Fallon,

“Way back in 2010 at the Southern Baptist Convention at the Rosen Center Hotel, in a meeting I was part of, and picked up the check for a dinner of prominent Southern Baptist men was where I had first heard of the strategy being hatched that would cooperate with the new Open Border Policies of the Barack Obama Administration,” O’Fallon recalled. “The culture was changing and we the church must be relevant in the coming age if we hoped to exist…More importantly illegal migration was happening in unprecedented numbers and it was only going to increase. There was nothing we could do about it….so we might as well participate.”

Why participate? The benefit of new members to offset the decline of the denomination. It is the same message being spread today to the wider church through the Bible study.

This is chilling.

The Roman Catholic Church is run like a big business. That isn’t shocking to us—the descendants of the Reformation. The business of indulgences outraged Luther.

However, now the big business mentality desperate for numbers and more tithes describes Big Eva just as much as the Roman pontiff.

And that love of lucre is corrupting our theology.

Malkin, Michelle. Open Borders Inc.: Who’s Funding America’s Destruction? . Regnery Publishing. Kindle Edition.

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