What Do You Confess to the Plants in Your Life?

On this episode of Polemics Report for September 18, 2019, JD answers an email about leaving someone’s SBC church. Then, he addresses two articles, one about a lady who was terrified of her neighbor having guns, and another about Union University confessing their sins to plants.

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The Polemics Report

Pastor JD Hall of Pulpit & Pen compares what people are saying about God to the Word of God. A podcast designed to train your ability to discern between right and almost right. Highlighting the “downgrade” of modern Christianity.

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  1. Mike Yonce 2 years ago

    I just finished mowing my lawn. I started feeling deep guilt and knew I had to do something. There was only one thing I could do. I went out and asked the grass for forgiveness, in tears even. It didn’t reply so I don’t know if I have been given forgiveness or not. But I did what was right, and that is all anyone can do.

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