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Hosts Tim and Len are a couple of regular guys who started their ministries on YouTube making videos defending the faith and dismantling the arguments of atheism, skepticism, cults and radical unbelief. The Bible Thumping Wingnut Podcast started April 1st of 2014 to encourage Christians to engage in apologetics, evangelism and polemics, and to equip them with the tools and resources to do so to the Glory of God.
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  1. Mike Yonce 3 years ago

    To be highly regarded as a theologian by some, Dr. Brown sure does botch 2 Peter 3. In verse 8 Peter swings the bat both directions:

    But do not let this one fact escape your notice, beloved, that with the Lord one day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years like one day.

    Dr. Brown conveniently leaves out the second half of that verse. And besides that his exegesis is poor. Peter is making the point that God, within His deity, is timeless, and, therefore we see the “I Am” construction at times when speaking of Himself, for example. But time IS a creation of God, along with the entire universe and all that is in it, including us. We are inextricably tied to time. And God has set down a schedule for this earth and its inhabitants, and to us it sometimes it seems like forever before the Lord will keep and perform His promises. But even 2,000 years ago Peter was warning believers not to get complacent or unbelieving concerning God’s promises. Indeed, when they come to pass they will be sudden, quick, and sure. Peter’s warnings are even more applicable today as we are closer to the fulfillment of these things. And yea, come quickly, Lord Jesus.

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