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Listened to #JesusIsKing by @kanyewest a few times. 10 quick thoughts:

1. I LOVE that the album is called “Jesus is King”. No better title for an album. God decided to flex His Son’s glory at the top of the charts and trending- for all to see.

2. Like many, I’ve watched Kanye closely and been praying for him. Based on what I’ve seen, it appears that Kanye is a new believer. Praise God! #JesusisKing has the aroma of someone who’s had an encounter with the Lord and wants everyone to know it.

3. Much could be said about the artistry on #JesusIsKing. The soulfulness, how he pulls from traditional gospel in fresh ways, the catchy melodies, the passion, etc.- All that is dope. But what I love is that His aim is so clear. To give praise to the God who saved His soul.

4. It seems clear to me that it’s not a “strategy” on Kanye’s part. He’s not focused on appeasing a particular crowd or “market”. He’s sharing His love for the Lord and letting the chips fall where they may. No one made him do this content. “Out of the overflow…” #JesusIsKing

5. There’s a beauty in the simplicity of the messaging on #JesusIsKing, perhaps epitomized on (maybe my fave) “Water”- “Jesus, please help/ Jesus, please heal/ Jesus, please forgive/ Jesus, please reveal” Refreshing to hear such childlike faith and dependence on the Lord.

6. Tbh, I was listening to #JesusIsKing in my car going to pick up my son and I wept. Ugly tears, y’all. Of thankfulness to the Lord. That He’s still in the business of saving. That He takes blasphemous lips and turns them into instruments for His praise.

7. Kanye said in a recent interview that he used to go hard for culture, now he’s going hard for God. Amen. This is exactly why many of us started doing CHH. To “proclaim the excellencies of Him who called us out of darkness into His marvelous light.” (1 Pet. 2:9) #JesusIsKing

8. #JesusIsKing exposes the notion of hiding Jesus to reach the culture for the foolish philosophy that it is. It also exposes hearts like mine- tempted to grow complacent & lack the zeal we once had as new converts, before we had all our theological i’s dotted and t’s crossed.

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9. Overall, I’m really encouraged by #JesusIsKing . It’s not perfect, but that’s ok. Justification comes before sanctification. Let us not despise the loud, passionate cries of a newborn. May God grow Kanye in His faith and protect him from the many snares unique to his calling.

10. And to those still devoted to proclaiming Christ through hip-hop- Don’t stop! The Lord may be pleased to use your sharing the gospel in your music to save (or strengthen) the next Kanye or Cole or Cardi. Keep Lifting Him up! #JesusIsKing


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  1. DY 3 years ago

    God is in the business of saving sinners. I believe Kanye is saved and those who want to trash him should remember only God is the judge. Paul killed Christians and God saved him and gave him authority to hold services and preach. Peter was just a fisherman and He had authority to preach. God can work through anyone and God bless Kanye and ALL OF US who have been forgiven. Kanye has the blood of Jesus Christ forgiving him and he like all of us have been given a great commission. And Kanye is obeying the great commission. What other authority does he need?

  2. A.L. 3 years ago

    Born again people get baptized, join a new testament church, and get discipled. Many people are arguing on the genuiness of Mr. West. I ask why? Why have discord over someone I am sure most of us do not know and will never meet. Satan is busy letting this trip up believers. I say continue with your walk with God. Pray for the nation, share the gospel, and be the salt and light Christ wants us to be. Pray Mr. West stops playing church as he has no biblical authority to have services. Many people are being lead astray by his celebrity status.

  3. Timothy 3 years ago

    Shai Linne should talk to Kanye West about the Gospel and music.

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