On this episode of Polemics Report, JD addresses Joe Thorn, who took time in his podcast to tell people to not give Pulpit & Pen any attention (which is about the dumbest thing ever). Then, JD reviews James White’s claims that Rosaria doesn’t endorse preferred pronouns and tackles tweets from Rich Pierce supporting preferred pronouns. After that, JD answers a question, discuss KSP’s claim that Jesus broke the Sabbath, and then gives a summary of the forthcoming accusations against Apologia.

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The Polemics Report

Pastor JD Hall of Pulpit & Pen compares what people are saying about God to the Word of God. A podcast designed to train your ability to discern between right and almost right. Highlighting the “downgrade” of modern Christianity.

  1. Karel 3 years ago

    JD Hall lives in different world. James White refuted most of the claims presented by that childish article. Problem with fundamentalists is that they cannot discern categories. JD, in his behavior and delusion, is like atheist who thinks that won intellectual debate, when in fact he is not even aware (it does not click in his blinded mind) the argument that other side has presented. JD looks like lost man to me or he is in very dark place. He thinks that he is serving God, but in fact – he is attacking the real church alongside with heretics.

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