What is a Jolly Missionary?

Join as I interview pastor and missionary to Uganda, Nathaniel Jolly. Find out what motivates Nathaniel and his wife, Jen, to move to Uganda to preach the gospel, plant a church, and battle charismania.

The Jolly Missionaries

I encourage you to donate to help this couple do this work for Christ. Here is another article about the Jollys with some details: https://thingsabove.us/a-jolly-missionary-report/

Donations to https://Patreon.com/jollymissionaries

You may still send it to us directly to our PayPal (jollynathaniel@paypal.com) or if you would like a tax-deductible receipt, you can donate through our local church, which is our sending agency, at https://covbap.org/giving/.

Our email for contact or newsletter is: Jollymissionaries@gmail.com

Twitter and Facebook name: Nathaniel Jolly 


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