In today’s Intelligence Briefing, we have sad news – Phil Haney has been shot dead in what mainstream media are calling an “apparent suicide” (we don’t think so), Peter Buttigeig’s Christian brother-in-law rebukes Peter publicly, a “transgender” woman (man) is transferred to a female prison where he immediately rapes a female inmate, we hear about disgraced and self-disqualified “pastor” Greg Locke, and we begin to have serious doubts about Julie Roy’s journalistic integrity…

Phil Haney shot dead after exposing Obama’s DHS, Islam

After claiming believers can’t support Trump, Buttigieg’s Christian brother-in-law rebukes him

Liberals put “transgender” into women’s prison: He immediately rapes women

Anti-Social-Justice Conference featured disgraced “pastor” Greg Locke

Julie Roy’s journalistic integrity in question after referring to fringe feminist as “SBC Insider”

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