In today’s Intelligence Briefing, we se the Trump administration defend religious liberty, about Pete Buttigieg’s misconceptions about his own stated religion, about Ted Cruz apparently having fun at Ocasio-Cortez’s expense, about Ed Stetzer being put in charge of the SBC 2020 Resolutions committee (though he doesn’t work in an SBC church these days and worse), and about the SBC Woke “church planter” that is facing 15 years in prison for…you got it…road rage. So Elder-like…

Trump defends religious liberty! Justice Department supports Christian photographer!

Buttigieg says Christianity “harms people”

Ted Cruz humiliates Alexandria Ocasio Cortez in Twitter Battle: What is a Y chromosome?

SBC chooses “woke” non-SBC Pastor with female leaders to chair 2020 Resolutions Committee

“Woke” SBC/NAMB “Church Planter” facing 15 years for road rage shooting

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