In today’s Intelligence Briefing, we hear how a woman was busted for selling her abortion drugs online to teenagers and considered it god’s work, we hear the faux-rage of leftists at the “racist” term “Wuhan Virus” (never mind the Rocky Mountain spotted fever), how Bethel Church has closed its’ “healing rooms” because of the coronavirus, how MO is suing Jim Bakker over his fake “coronavirus cure-all” snake oil, and how a former nurse said COVID-19 would clear hospital beds as victims died. *sarc* Nice… */sarc*

Woman busted for selling abortion drugs online says she was doing “God’s work”

Leftists claim “Wuhan Virus” is a “racist term”

Healing rooms cancelled due to coronavirus fears

Missouri now prosecuting Jim Bakker over his snake oil coronavirus “cure”

Former nurse makes offensive COVID-19 comment towards hospital patients

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