In today’s Intelligence Briefing, we hear the ERLC argue for a totalitarian regime (literally), we hear about the Dems wanting to class passing COVID-19 as domestic terrorism and ease up on charging people who do the same thing with HIV, we feel a slight return to the normal hell-in-a-handcart attitude with Nickelodeon, the Cartoon Network, and the State of Idaho, and we hear and give commentary on the crackdown we see now against brave pastors choosing to meet in the midst of threats of arrest…

ERLC leader says “totalitarian state would serve us better” in crisis

Spreading coronavirus classified as “domestic terrorism” but Democrats want to decriminalize spreading AIDS

Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network promote “transgenderism” to kids in “Transgender Day of Visibility”

Idaho blocks men from competing in women’s sports

The crackdown has begun: Another prominent pastor charged for church service

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