1. Seth continues his review of 1 John 2, examining antichrists.
2. Seth responds to a listener submission about Amish baptist.
3. Seth discusses asking people if they want to get saved.

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  1. Author
    Seth Dunn 2 years ago

    Have you read my article about Jeff recording people?

  2. Sung Kim 2 years ago

    First, I did enjoy the podcast about baptism and the differences between the Amish, but then you had to say something about Apologia and Jeff. Granted you have every right to your own opinion and have a right to share them but my question is, why now? Why here? And what reason? Forgive me but I don’t care about what your opinion about them! I came to listen and learn! Secondly, you said you have someone “inside“ with Jeff Durbin and what he is doing is causing harm? Okay, bring him on and let us hear the claims! Bring him on and tell me what’s going on! Is that fair? Because what I heard is just a second hand account that means nothing and you sir, are spreading rumors! So please, teach and leave you second hand accounts at your door step and not mine. Thank you and God bless

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