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Hosts Tim and Len are a couple of regular guys who started their ministries on YouTube making videos defending the faith and dismantling the arguments of atheism, skepticism, cults and radical unbelief. The Bible Thumping Wingnut Podcast started April 1st of 2014 to encourage Christians to engage in apologetics, evangelism and polemics, and to equip them with the tools and resources to do so to the Glory of God.
  1. A.L. 2 years ago

    I agree with JD’s position. The US Constitution is our Caesar and we have authorities per that document. We are a constitutional republic with a Democratic process. We believe in Lex rex not Rex lex. All authorities pledge to uphold the constitution and if they don’t we have things in our documents (federal and state) to remove them. 2nd amendment is there for us to be able to resist and defend against a tyrannical government. We are to be governed and not ruled. I think many years of dumbed down public school education, immigration without assimilation, and erroneous teaching on Rom 13. JMac holds the position that our nation came about through sinful rebellion which is not true. England was breaking its own laws in dealing with the colonies. England had already established lex rex before us and broke it. We have got to get back to our roots as a nation especially since many are seeking to undue the foundation. Though not intentional evangelicals like JMac is helping. He doesn’t mean to. He is giving his editorial on our founding. That is how he regards it and many who regard him have adopted his position. People need to search out all things. Be Bereans in scripture and in secular things. Know the truth for yourself. Think for yourself.

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