On today’s episode, JD provides a commentary on the demise of Joshua Chavez (Servus Christi) in regard to his moral disqualifications from any form of ministry, and then goes on to discuss Tim Keller and denominationalism.

The Polemics Report

Pastor JD Hall of Pulpit & Pen compares what people are saying about God to the Word of God. A podcast designed to train your ability to discern between right and almost right. Highlighting the “downgrade” of modern Christianity.

  1. Tom 2 years ago


    Well i read several comments on this venue. The one thing that seems to stand out to me is where is the fear of God? not necessarily with those who commented, but with the article itself. We are called to work out our salvation in fear and trembling. People suppose to know the truth or believe that somehow believing they have the truth is a license to throw away everything Jesus and the Apostles said concerning walking holy before the Lord, purging out the old leaven, etc. There is a reason we as true believers in Christ are to speak the truth in love (kindness and benevolence ). Steven just before his death stated that they “the people he was addressing” were just like those who killed the prophets. Well I do not want to get into doctrine per sey. But it seems seems that our reformed friends, not all mind you, but at least the one who wrote this article has the same spirit as Luther and Calvin, perceived pillars, yet history clearly shows, both sanctioned murder, Luther was anti semitic and totally disregarded the poor by giving the green light to have the peasants massacred. there are others I can point out. What I am saying is when we disregard the word of God, we become no better then the unbeliever. History shows that the protestant’s followed right in the foot steps of pagan Rome. The bible i read does not place those men in a good light as far as their eternal fate. I leave with this; John 14:15 , i the least in the kingdom Tom

  2. TirzahYahrushalium 2 years ago

    Well he served you up, good. The infiltration of satanic agendas within Christianity are in full force. Praise YAHUSHUA FORM CALLING THE ELECT OUT WHILE YOU TELL THEM TO SERVE A BIBLE CHURCH RATHER THAN LOVING JESUS FIRST. Projecting much, bud? Spirit and truth blood bought YISRAEL /called and chosen are not in your Christian box, we got out. https://youtu.be/AkUvPWiCZn8

  3. Trevor 2 years ago

    Where do you get the idea of “discernment ministries” being in the Bible? All these discernment ministries tend to have online shops to help turn the church into a marketplace. I am not sure whether SC also sell merchandise online?

  4. Trevor 2 years ago

    Sounds like this speaker is upset and bitter about SC being in “competition” with him?

  5. Cal 2 years ago

    If you are going to accuse this man of what he has done, you, according to God’s Word, need to prove and reveal the specific’s of the accusation’s against Servus Christi and to do it justly.
    If you support John MacArthur, Washer, and Justin Peter’s then you are just as false as Christi. Because all of those men are of the Anti-Christ spirit.
    You are not a man speaking total truth. I do like Christi in part, but I do support the truth about what he said concerning the men mentioned because I learned about these wolves in sheep’s clothing years before I heard Christi speak out against them. Persons in glass houses should not be throwing boulders.
    You are a wolf………..plain and simple………

    • Rusty Costner 2 years ago

      The Pope will be upset that you gave his title to MacArthur, Washer & Peters. While I don’t agree with much they say, they are actually believers at least.

  6. Shaun 2 years ago

    Firstly, I am not writing to defend Joshua Chavez/Servus Christi (SC) as I don’t know him nor his lifestyle or the charges against him from this woman. I also am not writing to attack BTW/JDH and do a drive-by, but I do feel compelled to write as your program seemed very biased.

    Lastly, as a final caveat, I do NOT agree SC’s hammering on Doreen Virtue nor his railing on Justin Peters. I’ve met Mr. Peters, spoken to him and heard him speak and believe he is a believer of the highest integrity and humility. With that said, I think you missed the mark on a few items.

    1. The six degrees of Kevin Bacon is not in any way accurate to assess SC’s video of Doreen Virtue’s conversion testimony. He was speaking to her testimony of her conversion and how it was based on a vision of Jesus. She spoke to this multiple times and I heard her own words in claiming how Jesus visited her. This was the basis of her conversion testimony. She even had a painting done depicting the “Jesus” she met replete with long, curly hair. I believe any discerning Christian would be very concerned about this especially those who believe faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God and not by supposed visions of Jesus.

    Likewise, SC’s concern regarding Justin Peters (not Biblically expressed in love or grace) was his support of Doreen’s conversion and how it contradicted with Mr. Peter’s cessationist beliefs. Justin addressed this with humility and grace and his answer stands as to a testimony of his beliefs/knowledge which was in contradiction to SC’s charges and railings.

    2. You make claims that Mr. Chavez based his website on PNP and that he is modeling his discernment ministry based on your work and that of others such as Chris R, etc. It is one thing to make a claim but what proof do you have of this? And say for his website, if he did (not knowing one way or the other) model his website off your style, so what! Anyone who does IT work (which I have for over 30 years) knows that developers/engineers constantly borrow ideas/designs from other websites, use common code, etc. Happens ALL the time and is part of the job. I’ve done it professionally and personally because as the saying goes, ‘why reinvent the wheel?’ To me it seems to border on hubris to rail on him for this as if PNP is the be all end all that everyone wants to copy. And more so since it is totally unsubstantiated and bears nothing to the matter being discussed (i.e. the supposed abandonment of his wife).

    3. You should have reached out to him to get his side of the story; any good reporter would do this and our jurisprudence system is based on the premise of innocent before charged. As believers our standards should be ever higher. But it seems you bear a deep animosity towards SC and deemed him guilty based on the woman’s story before he was given a chance to defend himself. It felt like the faggots were already gathered with SC being tied down only needing the match to be lit.

    Finally, if Mr. Chavez has done what this woman charges him with, then most assuredly he has a lot to answer for with the hope of any Christian being his repentance and brokenness. But I still think the matter could have been addressed in a better fashion.

  7. Dee 2 years ago

    Ok if this is true then good work jd BUT there is more to this story eh?!
    Come on we need some hard core facts about this South African chick don’t you think N that would be true reporting cmon now

    Interesting stuff reading comments ..😏

    Give us the honest full story Or you
    Just going after folk coming after you
    But jd come on now you endorsed Doreen too? 🙃you cessasionist boys will endorse anyone who comes in your camp eh
    Wonder if you would have turned blind eye if that Jesus apparition appeared to a now contiuationist
    Course not!
    But by coming by her side you just won her heart and her followers
    Mmm,, Smart move👌

    And btw we are all called to discern
    You think the Holy Spirit wouldn’t warm us sooner or later of false teachers
    Yes we learn lotsa info from y’all like detectives would uncover but there is lotsa embellished stories from y’all too even a child can spot..

    If all these “discernment “ Ministries would be banned tomorrow the saints would be fine n even better off
    Cuz much like fighting for faith followers just love another vid to mock n scoff ( just read comments) it’s all a big show for bored Christians

    Tell folk to
    Get on with life as days are short n get into word n prayer n praise more n get out from
    Pc n go out n
    witness ..

    Cuz this looks like huge gossip fest by men both Chavez n you cessasionists .. the back n forth drama speaks loads about y’all
    Bickering like Teenage girls
    Mais voyons donc!

    Come up higher!

    How long is P&P going to deny the evidence of this woman’s deranged behavior? She steals other women’s identity and causes strangers who comment on Servus Christi to deal with her mental health issues. P&P is aware of this yet does nothing? This woman needs counsel and deliverance, not a front page news story.
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    Jordan Hall
    The only person to steal a woman’s identity is Chavez, who uses a sock puppet account named “Lydia.” Also, blaming the woman makes you **awful**
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    Jordan Hall no JD. You can convince yourself of that all you want. I tried to show you real evidence and you just played it off and resorted to gaslighting me. You’re pathetic.
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    Jordan Hall last night you told me to stop being awful because I have forgiven my abusers. If you continue to dig a ditch for yourself, don’t be surprised when you’re buried by honest journalists.
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    Jordan Hall
    Sie I said you’re awful because you don’t name them, giving them a pass to abuse others.

    So yes, you are awful.
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    Jordan Hall i had hundreds of abusers, many of whom I don’t even know their names. It would continue to traumatize me with each predator I go after… so instead I was saved by the Blood of Jesus Christ and my sins were washed away. I was made white as snow and forgave my abusers. “For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you: But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.”
    ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭6:14-15‬ ‭KJV‬‬
    You can me awful because I trust in the Lord. Vengeance is His
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    Keith Heeley
    Sie That sure put an end to the discussion. I think hear crickets on the other side. Don’t know everything about this woman’s purported relationship w Joshua but I’m sure there’s two sides to the story. Since Jordan and Joshua have sparred over theological disputes and sharp wranglings in the past I don’t trust the objectivity of Jordan’s reporting and accusations here at face value. A lot of times when people get frustrated with a critique or an attack made against them they attack the messenger instead of the message with ad hominem. The article reads like tabloid journalism meant to incite an emotional response from readers eager to hear news about some salicious scandal. It presents no information about this woman or her background to establish her credibility, and doesn’t offer any information about Joshua’s account of the relationship. Your testimony about past abuse and the biblical approach to dealing with it is redemptive and powerful. It doesn’t fit too well with the objective of the author of the article and probably explains the negative response you received.

    Keith Heeley the woman who gave this story to P&P has stolen my identity and been stalking me for months. Upon her first contact she told me she was Chavez’ wife and called me a whore. I brought it to Chavez attention and he told me his side of this convoluted story months ago. He told me of her mental health issues that are going untreated. Mental health is no foreign topic to me and we had a healthy conversation like a brother and sister in Christ would have, for the glory of God. JD Hall responded to this news like someone in the world would. He offered time for more victims to come forward by using a countdown tactic and when I came forward as a victim of this woman’s crazy behavior, he called me names and rejected any evidence I had that contradicted his already established opinions. Pathetic attempt at journalism. And this guy is a pastor? Scary

    There was no marriage. Where is the scripture for what to do when a crazy person is stalking you and will resort to just about anything to get what she wants. She is a Jezebel

    Even tckhawaii seems to discern this South African chick may be craftier than a serpent

    I’d like more info
    On her before farting first stone

    Tell her to come forth n explain
    Her side , once n for all

    august 27, 2020 at 3:52 am
    It’s an interesting article to try to reason through. To start with, although much of the information comes from “friends” of the woman, much of the apparently corroborating information comes from the woman herself indirectly through her comments on Facebook groups, as seen in the screencaps of hers in the article which broached the topic of human trafficking, being ghosted by Chavez, and her being a “hindrance” to his ministry in his opinion albeit stated by her.

    This means the friends weren’t entirely necessary in breaking the story, if the picture in the article can be confirmed as being of the same woman as who posted the comments, albeit the story would have been much shorter and would have relied entirely upon speculation in its conclusion-making. Because of the “friends” the amount of speculation was transformed into not quite fact, but ‘possible’ fact, or in this case, a series of partially-substantiated allegations.

    The fact that the woman didn’t apparently involve herself directly in the article gives credence to her hope that she’ll somehow be reunited with Beavis, but in itself doesn’t help us understand if she is normal, crazy, or crafty, as a normal, crazy or crafty person may choose not to help with an article and maintain hope she’ll be in a lasting relationship with Beavis. But what gives greater insight into what she’s like is the fact that she posted from Summer 2019 to this month on various Facebook groups about marriage issues whilst not directly drawing attention for much of that time to who her ‘husband’ is/was. A crazy person is highly unlikely to invest that time doing that and would be more likely to invest immediately in attention-seeking behavior in public (such as helping with an article). A cunning person, however, may certainly play a long game, but then a cunning person who has invested in careful planning for a year in laying a groundwork for somehow snaring Beavis isn’t then going to be likely to rely on “friends” to present the evidence apparently without her involvement, as the craft of a year may be undone via Chinese whispers that “friends” utter, and erroneous conclusions they may speak.

    It could be the “friends” of the woman are in fact the woman herself, which would be crafty behavior, and would enable her to present her views directly and absolve her from blame if it doesn’t all conclude the way she wishes.
    Claudia Ludwig knows the woman in question and says she is to some degree crafty, yet ultimately is it crafty to do all this to win the attention of Beavis Christi or bring him down when it pretty obviously isn’t going to work in the former case, and what’s the motivation for her bringing Beavis down?

    If “the simplest explanation is most likely the right one”, as Occam’s Razor states, then is it simple to believe someone would go to all this trouble of posting for a year, pretending to be “friends”, shipping a story, all to get someone’s attention which will never succeed? The simplest solution seems to be that Beavis Christi was in some sort of relationship with this woman, and she engaged in what was presented as a form of marriage to him, and when the relationship ended a year ago, she pined for her partner, and wished to be reunited with him, and so posted about it for a year on various Facebook groups, as the article pretty much says, minus the article’s sordid details.

    There is also the element of embellishment, for she, through the “friends” may have presented herself as rather saintly when reality may have been that she wasn’t saintly, and has added various religious fronts to the various deeds she and Beavis committed to present a general truth only with some bells and whistles. For instance maybe she and Beavis had some type of home church blessing with his family, and in hindsight, to escape a feeling of sexual sin, states to “friends” a year+ later she believed it was a wedding ceremony, or was led to believe it was, etc.

    With embellishment you then have to run a battery of tests on the possibilities and work out what is most likely/simple. If she isn’t crazy, which the year of commenting indirectly about it all on Facebook suggests is likely, then it would be verging on crazy to believe a blessing or something to be a marriage, and it would be even crazier to persist in the self-deception by adding various other layers of beliefs/misunderstandings about the ghosting, the being sent home etc. And when you embellish a story about a quasi public figure with a YouTube channel, you are likely to be embarrassed by the YouTube response if all it will be dismantled, so persisting in too much embellishment would be crazy, thus it is more likely the claims by the woman are to a large degree truth albeit with a probable spin to present herself as more saintly than she is.

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