JD starts a series on what’s wrong with Tim Keller’s “Theology of the City.” Keller claims that God intended human culture to “build cities” as a part of his plan for human flourishing and JD goes through Genesis in a systematic theology of cities and blows up that idea, along with Keller’s insane Manhattan argument (which clouds his overall theology). Then, he moves on to discuss Pastor Steve Weaver of Farmdale Baptist Church in Kentucky who gave his blessing to Christians to vote for Joe Biden, claiming that the two parties are moral equivalents. Then, he goes on to answer a TON of sincere questions from listeners.

The Polemics Report

Pastor JD Hall of Pulpit & Pen compares what people are saying about God to the Word of God. A podcast designed to train your ability to discern between right and almost right. Highlighting the “downgrade” of modern Christianity.


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