• John Wilkinson posted an update 1 year, 10 months ago

    @tim-shaugnessy made a great point that our goal should be to drive traffic to the BTWN website/Blog. Stats about iTunes downloads really shouldn’t be a big concern. We really should focus on getting our listeners to come to the website and engage with one another. Here are a few tips that may help increase traffic to the site. 1. Create an amazing blog. Give us more freedom to write content. Not everyone here writes like Seth Dunn or Phil Johnson. In fact, it’ll probably won’t be great at first. But let those who desire to write, do so and let them learn how to write well. Instead of writing, ‘here’s my latest work’, write about:
    “Here’s how we can apply this to our lives” – with pictures and/or video. Devote an entire blog post to nailing ONE idea. 2. Borrow someone else’s audience. Linking some of our best work on another’s comment section or blog or Facebook group could very well bring in more traffic. 3. Rewarding those who come to participate on the site. “Participate” is the key word. Give that person a small gift card or T-shirt if they are a positive influence on the site. That’s all I got. Hope this was helpful.

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