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    Hey @tim-shaugnessy was that your voice I heard calling in to challenge Hank Hanegraff on BAM regarding his EO conversion and statements on Rome? If so, that segment was featured on The Dividing Line a few days ago.

    • LOL yes it was. I talk briefly about it in our next episode. I was naïve I think I could have a discussion with him and I got really nervous because I didn’t have my notes in front of me. It was a great learning experience. I now have a recording of Hank Hanegraaff saying he’s not interested in my podcast and James White saying I was bouncing all over the place because I was nervous.
      Thanks for the shout out Mark.

      • Lol it was a good attempt to discuss with him and also to plug the show but man he smelled that plug coming! Haha, I appreciate the work you’re doing, bro. I came out of a RC background, too and my family is all still in it. Can’t wait for the BAM clip to be added to your intro at some point.

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