Joshua Fritz, a sinner saved by the grace of God at age 11, lives on Long Island and shares in the leading of worship music at his local church in Yaphank, NY. He has also ministered within his local church’s youth and rest home outreaches for many years.

In 2013 Josh’s life hit rock bottom with the beginning of divorce proceedings the following 2 plus years. Josh knowing his imperfection and failures as a human, a husband, a father, a man now humbled, knew his life would change. 

By digging into the Word Of God, he began listening to the preaching of popular ministers who adhere to Biblical authority, and he corrected his day to day living. 

In the years after the divorce, he came to find Christian apologetics, podcasting, broadcasting on social media a beacon of light to share Christ to a dark world. And as of 2017 he began broadcasting on YouTube and 2018 podcasting on the Biblethumpingwingnut Network. 

Josh currently resides in Long Island, along the coast, and regularly has his two young children with him in his home weekly, and ministers to their friends as well.

Last 10 Episodes of The Godcast with Josh Fritz Podcasts

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